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Archived Bolide Software News

Nobody read this page... Just a history


· December 26, 2013 All My Books 3.8 is available for download! Happy Holidays!

· November 09, 2013 All My Movies 7.7 is live!

· November 04, 2013 A good day to release All My Books 3.7 ;)

· September 22, 2013 All My Books 3.6 - new version!

· August 07, 2013 Today we released All My Movies 7.6! Happy downloading!

· August 04, 2013 Bolide Slideshow Creator 2.0 is live and still FREE!

· July 31, 2013 We released Bolide Movie Creator v1.3 enjoy our HD video editing software!

· July 29, 2013 Download All My Books v3.5! It's already available!

· May 24, 2013 Today we released All My Movies v7.5!

· May 06, 2013 Are you ready to catalog your books? All My Books v3.4 is waiting you!

· April 05, 2013 We released All My Movies v7.4 with "Live Search" feature!

· March 22, 2013 Long-awaited All My Movies for Android is live!

· February 05, 2013 All My Books HD for iPad is live too!

· January 16, 2013 You asked it, we made it! All My Movies HD for iPad is live!

· January 16, 2013 Well, only 10 years had passed before we made a decision to change a bit the design of our site :) Yes, we have a new design now!

· January 05, 2013 Another two great news! We released All My Books for iPhone and All My Books 3.3!

· November 30, 2012 Two great news for today! We released All My Movies for iPhone and All My Movies 7.3!

· October 23, 2012 Get All My Movies 7.2 now! It is waiting for you!

· October 03, 2012 All My Books 3.2 with new book card templates!

· August 03, 2012 Catch All My Books 3.1! It is already available!

· July 28, 2012 All My Movies 7.1 is waiting for your download :)

· June 03, 2012 You waited it? We released it! All My Movies 7.0 release!

· May 10, 2012 We proudly announce All My Books 3.0 release!

· March 13, 2012 All My Books 2.9 has been released!

· February 15, 2012 All My Movies 6.9 has been released! Now you can tag persons on the screenshots.

· December 29, 2011 All My Books 2.8 is ready for download! Happy Holidays!

· December 24, 2011 It is XMAS and we are releasing our new product. Get it now, it is free! Slideshow Creator 1.0

· December 8, 2011 Today we released All My Movies v6.8

· October 28, 2011 Today we released All My Books v2.7

· October 17, 2011 Whew! New All My Movies v6.7 is ready!

· September 27, 2011 Catch the new All My Books v2.6!

· September 25, 2011 All My Movies v6.6 with better TV series support has been released!

· August 04, 2011 All My Books v2.5 has been released

· July 28, 2011 All My Movies v6.5 is live! Get it while it's hot!

· May 31, 2011 All My Books v2.4 is live! It is much easier to select the correct book with the cover image previews in the search results dialog in v2.4

· April 17, 2011 All My Books v2.3 is available for download! Now with advanced filters.

· March 30, 2011 Image Comparer v3.8 is available for download!

· February 14, 2011 Hurray! All My Movies v6.3 is live!

· January 31, 2011 All My Books v2.2 has been released

· December 14, 2010 All My Movies v6.2 has been released

· October 22, 2010 All My Movies v6.1 is ready for download. Get it now!

· September 27, 2010 All My Books v2.1 is available. Enjoy!

· July 26, 2010 All My Movies v6.0 - a major update for the great DVD/Blu-ray movie organizer!

· July 07, 2010 All My Books v2.0 is live! Finally, the major update has been released with some useful new features.

· February 25, 2010 All My Movies v5.9 has been released. Check the changes.

· January 19, 2010 All My Software is freeware now

· January 11, 2010 We hope you had a great holidays! Meanwhile, All My Movies v5.8 is available for download :)

· November 25, 2009 All My Books v1.9 is available for download

· November 14, 2009 All My Movies v5.7 is available for download

· October 26, 2009 We got more than 10,000 registered All My Movies users! Hurrah!

· September 10, 2009 All My Movies v5.6 has been released!

· August 27, 2009 All My Books v1.8 has been released!

· July 04, 2009 All My Movies v5.5 has been released!

· June 08, 2009 We have started a Movie Lottery! Now you have a chance to win All My Movies license!

· June 08, 2009 All My Books v1.7 has been released!

· April 20, 2009 Image Comparer v3.7 has been optimized for the multicore CPUs!

· April 18, 2009 All My Books v1.6 now has a virtual bookshelf view mode!

· April 10, 2009 Compare Suite is available for download and purchase now!

· April 02, 2009 All My Movies v5.4 has been released. Now with virtual shelf view mode!

· February 27, 2009 All My Books v1.5 is ready for download. New fields, new features.

· January 28, 2009 Image Comparer updated to v3.6

· January 24, 2009 All My Movies updated to v5.3

· January 15, 2009 We started a great Affiliate Program - earn up to 50% of the sales generated by your website!

· January 05, 2009 Audio Comparer - check out our new project!

· December 05, 2008 All My Movies v5.2 is live! With multilevel automatic backup feature.

· November 16, 2008 All My Books v1.4 - check out our book inventory software update! Now it supports audiobooks cataloging.

· October 20, 2008 All My Movies v5.1 has been released! New collection view mode - as a cover image thumbnails.

· September 22, 2008 All My Books v1.3 has been released! Now with the extended author's details in Author Directory

· September 01, 2008 All My Movies v5.0 has been released! Built-in print manager with editable templates at your service. Already registered? Wait several days for the update notice arrived in your e-mail.

· July 22, 2008 All My Books v1.2 has been released! Organize book collection with All My Books™!

· May 29, 2008 All My Movies v4.9 has been released! Make your DVD catalog today!

· May 07, 2008 Image Comparer v3.5 has been released. Now it can display copmparison results as a tree.

· Apr 24, 2008 Collect books with All My Books™ v1.1! New version has been released.

· Apr 17, 2008 New All My Movies version is availble for download.

· Apr 04, 2008 We just released the first version of All My Books! It is a home library organizer.

· Mar 27, 2008 We started RSS announcement. Subscribe now.

· Feb 29, 2008 Image Comparer ™ v3.4 has been released!

· Feb 15, 2008 All My Movies ™ v4.7 has been released! Now with TV Series Support!

· Jan 07, 2008 New Image Comparer v3.3 has been released! Now with image differences highlighting!

· Dec 14, 2007 All My Movies v4.6 has been released! Read the changelog for changes.

· Nov 20, 2007 Image Comparer v3.2 has been released! Now with the help file! Read the changelog for other changes.

· Oct 28, 2007 All My Movies v4.5 has been released! Now with the extended friends details.

· Oct 13, 2007 Duplicate image remover (Image Comparer ™) has been updated to v3.1! Up to 3 times faster! Looking for flipped and rotated images as well!

· Sep 13, 2007 Our image comparison solution has been updated to v3.0! Get your copy of Image Comparer ™ now!

· Aug 17, 2007 New version is available for download All My Movies™ v4.4

· Jun 18, 2007 Have fun with updated All My Movies™ v4.3!

· Apr 07, 2007 One of the best DVD catalog software is updated to v4.2!

· Apr 02, 2007 Another short article. Advanced video playlist with All My Movies™.

· Apr 01, 2007 All My Movies™ tutorial. How to use barcode scanner to get your movie collection organized quick and easy.

· Feb 17, 2007 Get also movie actors, directors and scenarios details with All My Movies v4.1! Hot release!

· Jan 4, 2007 Another 25% discount offer for All My Movies™. Follow me

· Dec 4, 2006 Traditional Christmas Discount Offer has been started! Get All My Movies™ license for $26.95 instead of $34.95! Save 25%! New price valid until 25th of Dec.

· Nov 4, 2006 All My Movies™ v4.0 has been released today! It is a great major update! Download now!

· Jun 26, 2006 Many fixes in just released All My Movies™ v3.95

· Mar 05, 2006 All My Software™ has been updated to v1.6!

· Feb 19, 2006 All My Movies™ v3.9 has been just released!

· Jan 15, 2006 AMM plugin API has been updated to v1.3! New plugin type added, now you can easily add the new online database support with a bit of Delphi knowledge.

· Dec 23, 2005 Image Comparer™ has been updated to v2.3 Even faster!
Bolide software team wishes you happy holy days!

· Dec 8, 2005 All My Software™ has been updated to v1.5 Now with autoscan for installed software and with the special price until the 1st of Dec, 2006. Don't be late!

· Dec 7, 2005 ManualSearch plugin for All My Movies™ has been updated.

· Nov 27, 2005 XMAS discount 20% for All My Movies license! The price is $23.95 instead of $29.95. This offer valid until 25th of Dec

· Nov 16, 2005 Many sleepless nights... And the long-awaited update is out! New version of All My Movies™ 3.8 is available for download! We hope you enjoy it

· Sept 25, 2005 New version of All My Movies™ 3.7 is available for download.

· Sept 10, 2005 We are proud to announce new product from Bolide Software! All My Software™ - You will never lose your registration details now

· Sept 10, 2005 All My Movies™ site part has changed its structure. Update your bookmarks

· August 9, 2005 All My Movies™ 3.6! No more words, just download! :)

· July 22, 2005 Image Comparer™ has been updated to v2.2!

· May 11, 2005 All My Movies™ has been updated to v3.5!

· Apr 05, 2005 New version of All My Movies™ v3.4 is available!

· Mar 10, 2005 MassPlugin for All My Movies™ has been updated!

· Mar 1, 2005 All My Movies™ has been updated to v3.3! Enjoy!

· Feb 7, 2005 MassPlugin for All My Movies™ has been updated!

· Jan 11, 2005 All My Movies™ v3.2 has been released! Now with search DVD by barcode feature!

· Nov 24, 2004 Image Comparer™ v2.1 has been released! Now with skinnable interface!

· Oct 30, 2004 All My Movies™ v3.1 has been released! Enjoy the new customizable user interface!

· Sep 04, 2004 All My Movies™ v3.0 has been released! Enjoy!

· Aug 29, 2004 All My Movies now has a Serbian translation! Thanks to Bracko Nemanja for that!

· Aug 11, 2004 Image Comparer™ v2.0 has been released. Faster! Smarter!

· Aug 08, 2004 All My Movies™ v2.95 has been released. With Polish support now.

· Jun 23, 2004 All My Movies™ v2.9 has been released

· May 29, 2004 All My Movies™ now has French translation too! Thank to Pierre-Alain Bluewin.

· May 22, 2004 Image Comparer ™ v1.5 has been released!

· May 15, 2004 All My Movies ™ v2.8 has been released!

· Apr. 27, 2004 All My Movies ™ now supports Dutch! Help us to translate All My Movies™ to your native language and get free license!

· Apr. 17, 2004 We are happy to announce new software title! It is Image Comparer™ - utility for ease locate similar images!

· Apr. 12, 2004 All My Movies™ supports German language now! Thanks to Bjoern Amherd for translation!

· Apr. 04, 2004 All My Movies™ supports Greek language now! Thanks to Giorgos Kontostergios for translation!

· Mar. 28, 2004 With All My Movies™ v2.7 you can use HTML templates for export your collection. You also have an ability to create your own templates!

· Mar. 9, 2004 And again new version :) All My Movies™ v2.6 has been released! Now with statistics and importing Russian movie details from film.ru

· Jan. 31, 2004 All My Movies™ v2.5 has been released! We are working hard for your pleasure! Check changes here

· Jan. 11, 2004 All My Movies™ v2.0 has been released! Check changes here

· Jan. 8, 2004 We translated our site to Russian

· Nov. 23, 2003 All My Movies™ v1.3 has been released! Check changes here

· Oct. 22, 2003 All My Movies™ v1.2 has been released! Now with support of importing movie details from IMDb.com. Registered users can upgrade free.

· Oct. 19, 2003 Now You have a chance to get a free All My Movies™ license. Just find any bugs, grammatical, spelling or stylistic mistakes on this site or in the software's help and user interface. Send a full bug report to us using our feedback form

· Sept. 6, 2003 All My Movies™ v1.1 released

· Aug. 28, 2003 New site design!

· Aug. 27, 2003 The closest encounter between Mars and Earth in recorded history!

· Aug. 26, 2003 We have a new hosting now

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