Virtual bookshelf view mode

Starting with 1.6 version, All My Books has a virtual bookshelf collection view mode. You can switch view mode (title list, virtual bookshelf) in the "View" menu. Below are several variations shown. As you can see, All My Books is a very flexible program and you can tune it in any way you want.

brick virtual bookshelf vertical

Below is a stone virtual shelf skin shown. The previews are zoomed in while you move the mouse pointer over them. Looks very impressive, try yourself, download trial version.

stone virtual bookshelf vertical

Horizontal shelf layout is also available. Can be switched in the Preferences (menu item Tools-Preferences) or with the CTRL-Z key shortcut.

wood virtual bookshelf horizontal

Acid green virtual bookshelf. Quite modern, don't you think so? ;)

acid green virtual bookshelf vertical