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100% Trouble-Free Video Editing with Bolide® Movie Creator

Enjoy filming? Always carry a camera with you and ready to start filming any good moment? No wonder. The unheard-of booming of modern technology has done its work. Our hard drives are overloaded with videos, countless photos, and other stuff. Unfortunately, these homemade videos are often pretty chaotic and contain unnecessary scenes. In other words, they need modification and improvement. But how to do it if you're not a techie?

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The First Video Editing Software for Non-Techies!

Yeah, most video editing software seems to be a tough nut to crack for a non-techie. It is sure to take plenty of time and effort to learn how to use it. But it's all changing with Bolide Movie Creator! This HD video editor is here to sort out your problems and is specially designed for non-techies! Yeah! It is so easy to use that even a first-grader would cope! It offers effortless video editing and saves your time. So focus on being creative and imaginative instead of racking your brains on how to start using it.

You are sure to love Bolide Movie Creator if you:

Blue-Chip Features for You!

Although this multilingual video editor is meant for non-professionals, even a professional would envy the fantastic set of functions offered by Bolide Movie Creator.

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With the super easy-to-use Bolide Movie Creator, you can:

What Do You Get as a Result?

As a result of using the HD video editor Bolide Movie Creator, you get a high-quality video with great visual effects and transitions, with excellent music and photos, captions, and you and your friends in the lead. You can even get a full HD video and enjoy watching it on the big screen. And to do that, you don't need any prior technical knowledge. Just go and do it! It's easier than riding a bike! ;)

(installation file for Windows Vista/7/8/10/11)