Image Comparer what's new

version 3.8

- added: favorite folders for automarking feature when results are in tree view mode
- added: Swedish and Romanian translations
- added: ability to rename selected image in the gallery or in the "Top 10 similar" list
- added: automarking wizard for the "Results as a tree" mode
- fixed: wrong time estimation while compare within a gallery
- fixed a bug that brings an error on some multicore CPUs

version 3.7

+ multicore CPU optimization
+ Bosnian translation
* rare bug that caused wrong comparison results
* slow multi image selection
* rare error when checking image in tree

version 3.6

+ Finnish translation
+ Finnish help file
+ an ability to disable delete confirmations
+ mark images with lower quality automatically in additional to automarking images with higher quality
* icons were changed
* DNG files loading problems
* minor Vista issue
* batch delete images with Unicode file names

version 3.5

+ displaying comparison results as a tree. You can switch display mode using menu item "Compare-View results as"
+ "Do not compare in the same folder" option to the Preferences
+ option to create gallery much faster (using embedded thumbnails) but a bit roughly
+ option to display high quality thumbnails (slower loading)
+ French translation
* now default parameters are optimized to the fastest processing
* RAW format processing. Now it is 2x faster at least

version 3.4

+ "Compare-Check new images..." menu item. You can compare new images with images from the gallery before adding them
+ Hold CTRL key while setting a filter by similarity degree for results to filter pairs with selected per cent value similarity ONLY
* auto mark images by quality applied for the filtered range only, not for entire results
* "Save results as..." menu item was disabled after changing the gallery sort mode
* sudden second image from result pair disapearing just after comparison among the gallery
* several minor issues

version 3.3

+ differences highlighting feature
+ ability to select image file formats to work with
+ gallery sort modes: by duplicates found, by file name, by file size, by file date, by image width, by image height
* several minor bugs

version 3.2

+ Ukrainian and Korean translations
+ English and Russian help files
+ ability to set similarity filter for opened results
+ ability to switch gallery display mode between previews and table mode. Use menu item "Gallery-View"
+ ability to delete opened gallery or results database. Menu items "Gallery-Delete gallery", "Compare-Delete results"
+ new file confirmation window for the file operations. Now you can be sure, IC will not delete wrong files
* function "mark images with higher quality"
* looking for image modifications while using comparison wizard
* some other minor bugs

version 3.1

+ comparison process optimized for speed. It runs up to 3 times faster now
+ advanced comparison options - looking for rotated and flipped images
+ Spanish, Dutch, Turkish, Lithuanian, Czech, Macedonian, Portuguese(Brasil), Hungarian, Italian, German, Bulgarian translations
+ all select folder dialogs are saving their initial folders now
+ ability to add folder with images to the gallery
+ Close button added to the fullscreen mode
+ key shortcuts for copy, move and delete marked images
+ default image viewer launched when double click on image previews in gallery
* fullscreen main window state is saving and restoring now
* corrupted and small (less than 32 pixels dimension) images are bypassed
* now no marks are set automatically in case of equal image resolution but different image formats
* time estimation for comparison among one gallery
* large galleries opening optimized for speed
* Vista compatibility increased
* Win9x compatibility

version 3.0

+ the program has been written completely from scratch
+ full Unicode support including Unicode file names
+ works with galleries (set of images) now
+ multi language user interface
+ shows Top 10 similar images for the selected one
+ completely new interface layout
+ comparison wizard implemented
+ Firebird used as a database engine

version 2.3

+added: "Exclude files" button instead of "Delete records";
+added: ability to select comparison thread priority;
+added: ability to save results and exit IC when comparison is done;
+added: ability to save results and shutdown PC when comparison is done;
+added: About dialog, Bolide Software logo added;
*fixed: slow mark/unmark pairs when the database is large enough;
*fixed: comparison process optimized and works a bit faster now;
*fixed: minor bugs were fixed;


version 2.2

added: additional check for 100% similar images. Will be good for small images comparison like icons;
added: main window can be maximized and resized now;
added: main window size is saved and restored when restarts;
added: recently opened databases list for quick opening;
fixed: found bugs were fixed;


version 2.1

+ skinnable user interface. Supports WinXP themes;
+ Fullscreen mode support. Now you can mark images and navigate the comparison results when the image pair is displayed in fullscreen mode;
* found bugs were fixed;


version 2.0

+ new improved image comparison algorithm. You can change the priority for speed or for quality of comparison;
+ accelerated image loading;
+ implemented sorting by similarity percentage;
+ shows how much disk space will be freed after deleting marked duplicates;
* some minor bugs was fixed;


version 1.5

+delete images using Recycle Bin supported now and turned on by default
+Ability to save and open comparison results
+File size displayed now in the main window
+File rename feature in right click menu menu
*some bugs fixed


Our customer say

Image Comparer - Worked great!

"I can say that Image Comparer has become just indispensable now for me since I started using it a year ago it seems to be so for all people dealing with images. It works lovely you just set the similarity level and launch the search nothing more to do!"
- Rating: 4.5 -

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