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version 4.0

This version is re-worked a lot. Increased multi-threading stability, fixed hang issues, etc. Requires new 4.x license.

version 3.8

version 3.7

version 3.6

version 3.5

version 3.4

version 3.3

version 3.2

version 3.1

version 3.0

version 2.3


version 2.2


version 2.1


version 2.0


version 1.5


Our customer say

Image Comparer - Highly recommended

"I'm a lensman for several years already. I work for a well-known magazine and love my work a lot!!! I enjoy taking photos of nature, animals, and what not... Yeah, it's true photos are often very similar to each other and need a lot of hard daily work... Some time ago I even thought of an assistant, but you know what a headache it is to find a qualified one! But now I have it - it's Image Comparer!!! Many thanks for the developers!!! Highly recommend it to all people professionally dealing with lots of images!"
- Rating: 4.8 -

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