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Here you will find good movie and book cataloging software, smart duplicate removers, ultimate webcam software, and excellent video editing software developed by Bolide®.

All My Movies v9.2 - Movie Organizer

All My Movies by Bolide The best way to archive, organize, track and maintain your movie collection
Whether you're looking to catalog your collection or track the movies you've watched, All My Movies has the tools you need to begin building your own movie database. Our flexible, user-friendly interface makes archiving, organizing, and tracking your movies faster than ever. With access to all the major online movie repositories like TMDB, adding your first movie is as simple as typing in the title. AMM will work behind the scenes; automatically gathering information about that movie! See firsthand how fun it is to build your own movie database! Similar to what you've seen at your local library and movie rental shop, AMM is even better because it's based 100% on your own unique collection.

All My Books v5.5 - Personal Book Catalog

All My Books by Bolide Digitize your collection and begin building your personal library
The only cataloging software you'll ever need. All My Books helps you archive, organize and track your collection through an easy-to-use, flexible interface. Whether you're working with printed, audio, e-books — or a combination of all three; All My Books has exactly what you need to catalogue your entire collection. If you've ever imagined how cool it would be to have access to a book cataloging program as powerful as your local library, there's no need to wonder anymore. Take your private collection to the next level through familiar functionality and dozens of fun features.

AlterCam v6.3 - Webcam Software

AlterCam by Bolide The virtual webcam program
You can broadcast anything you want to the virtual webcam. For example, you can add special effects to the live video stream from the main webcam. Dozens of filters are available. You can overlay images, text, and other overlays on the video stream and change the background. Automatic background detection without a green screen is available. In addition, AlterCam can split webcam videos to several programs at once, so you will no longer see the error that the webcam is busy.

Bolide® Movie Creator v4.2 - HD Video Editor

Bolide Movie Creator A simple, yet powerful introduction to the world of video editing
The perfect video editor for both amateur and advanced videographers. Making your own movies has never been simpler or more fun. Most video editing software come with a high learning curve - not Bolide Movie Creator though! Featuring all the tools necessary to begin editing videos, the BMC lets you join, split, and trim videoclips. You can even add text commentaries, photos and background music. Choose from dozens of transition effects and begin creating your own videos today! No previous video editing knowledge is needed to take advatage of our user-friendly interface. With support for AVI, FLV, MP4, MKV and WMV the Bolide Movie Creator is ready to help boost your video projects to the next level.

Bolide® Slideshow Creator v2.2 - Free

Bolide Slideshow Creator Create beautiful video slideshows
Why spend hours setting up a slideshow when our program can help you do it in minutes? All you need to do is drop photos onto the timeline, choose your transitions, add some music and you're ready to go! Our easy-to-use interface makes creatign slideshows simple, fast and fun. Capable of handing resolutions ranging from 128x160 to 1920x1080(FullHD) the Bolide Slideshow Creator lets you work with just about any image format you can imagine. Featuring dozens of transition effects and audio support, the Bolide Slideshow Creator is ready to help you take your slideshows to the next level!

Audio Comparer v1.7 - Duplicate Song Remover

Audio Comparer by Bolide Clean up your drive by removing duplicate audio files
With the Audio Comparer you'll soon be organizing your digital audio collection faster than you ever dreamt possible. Using unique recognition technology, Audio Comparer doesn't just scan your files; it actually "listens" to them and is capable of comparing different audio files note for note. Able to work with MP3, MP2, MP1, WMA, AIF, WAV, WavPack, FLAC, APE, AAC and OGG, the Audio Comparer offers unprecedented file comparison abilities. You will never experience the hassle of duplicate audio files again!

Image Comparer v4.1 - Duplicate Photo Remover

Image Comparer by Bolide Save space by searching for and removing duplicate images
No more having to slowly sift through huge image collections; taking notes on which photos to keep or delete. Image Comparer scans your image collections, analyzes their content and locates the files that look alike. With the newest version of Image Comparer you can even highlight image differences! If you need a tool that will help you clean up your hard drive, organize your digital photos, and detect/remove duplicate images all at the same time — then look no further.

Duplicate Video Search

Duplicate Video Search by Bolide Rescue drive space by removing duplicate video files
You might think that a 4Gb video file is a difficult thing to lose track of, but these days it happens all too often. It isn't just the big files either. Hundreds of small video files build up over time; eating up our free hd space. When space is precious, it's time to start cleaning up your drive(s) and the last you think you want are dozens of duplicate videos. The Duplicate Video Search tool can quickly locate any video duplicates and delete them in just a few clicks. Scan your drive based on bit-rates, formats, and resolutions. Look for converted, scaled, cropped, low and high quality videos, and so much more. Wherever your duplicates are hiding, the Duplicate Video Search tool will find them!