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We really appreciate your opinion about our software!

We are genuinely happy to get user feedback and advice about our software products. All software always starts out as a programmer's idea of what they think you need. With your feedback, we can really improve our software - making it truly user-friendly. Without your feedback, we have no idea how our software is working for you!

Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask us! If you are a registered user, please don't forget to include your registration information. We'll reply to you by e-mail as soon as possible.

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Before you report the problem, please make sure you have the latest program version installed. Use menu item "Help-Check for updates..." for this.

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Why do people choose our products?
· Our software company is not a giant like Microsoft - so here are our advantages
· We take care of EVERY customer of ours, including you!
· Our software products are flexible and we can create a special version for you! Just let us know about your wishes.
· Since our products do not depend on the work of many people, we can do your job faster and more accurately.
· Most of our customers become our good friends ;)
· We love our job and we love making the world a better place!
Join us!


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