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All My Books™ app for iPhone/iPod Touch

The app is effective for All My Books for Windows® users only!

The news you've been waiting for! All My Books is now available as an app for your iPhone or iPod Touch. So, from this moment you can take full use of your book collection any moment you need it: in a bookstore, at university, in a cafe wherever you are. Look how beautiful it's going to be on your iPhone or iPod Touch device:

All My Books for iPhone screenshots

Benefits You Get Using All My Books™ for iPhone

  • Your book library is now always with you - no need to part with it even for a second!
  • No more buying books you have already own! Looking through your Wishlist has never been easier!
  • Easy-to-perform synchronization process makes your book collection up-to-the-minute

All My Books™ for iPhone Allows:

  • looking through your collection of books as a list of titles or cover thumbnails
  • searching the book catalog using the Quick Search box (by title or author's name)
  • grouping your collection by Binding type, Year, Author, Subject or Location field values
  • reading extended book details like the synopsis, binding type and publisher
  • sorting your book database by Original title, Title, Book Number, Date read or Year
  • locating a book fast using Location and Book Number fields
  • filtering book database by Unread, Wishlist or your personal marks
  • viewing full-screen cover images. Just swipe to come over to the next one!
screens of All My Books for iPhone

Sync Your Book Library with All My Books for Windows®

You can transfer your book collection to a mobile device in two possible ways - using the Internet or using a local file. Using the first method, your book database is uploaded to our server and then you download it to your mobile device using our mobile app. The second way is mainly needed in case you have troubles. The book collection is exported to a special file. Then this file is transferred to your device and All My Books for iPhone app imports it then. As simple as that.

All My Books for iPhone works in horizontal mode too!

All My Books for iPhone - cover thumbnails
All My Books for iPhone - book list
All My Books for iPhone - book details
Get the app for $9.99 $4.99

All My Books for iPhone in AppStore
Requires iOS 5.1 or higher
All My Books for Windows®
book catalog
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