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   The latest available installation file of All My Movies - All My Movies v9.2 Build 1476

This software is designed to better manage your movie collections. All My Movies, with online movie databases lookup support gives you the ability to capture stills from your movie files. The trial version is free for 30 days and the download size is approximately 16 MB. For Windows Vista/7/8/10/11

Sample movie collections to download

   Top 100 action-thriller movie list

   The list of best 50 animation movies

   Top 50 best movies of 2015

   Top 50 horror movies list

   Top 50 best TV Series list


TOOLS for All My Movies

   AMM Database Manager from Dmitry Stakhov aka datasource

Multi-functional utility for managing All My Movies databases. For experienced users only. Implemented as MS Access Application, thus requires for it's operation installed MS Access ver. 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013. The main purpose of this utility is batch manipulation of the movie records in AMM Database, including Genres Merging, Merging and Splitting Countries, Find and Replace, Copying Fields, Covers and Screenshot Export, Copying movies to a different database, Excel Export, finding and removing duplicates of movies and actors, batch deletion of movie and actor records, statistics and much more. Includes built-in movie card viewer with similar to AMM interface but having extended grouping, searching and filtering capabilities.
Download version 2.12 (Approx. 3 MB)
If you are getting an error "ActiveX component can't create object", download and install the latest version of Microsoft Data Access Components. For the modern x64 Windows, download and install this pack.

PLUGINS for All My Movies

To install the plugin you should unpack downloaded file contents to the "plugins" folder of All My Movies' installation path. Typically, it is "Program Files\AllMyMovies\plugins". After that restart All My Movies.

   Delphi Plugin API v3.2 (12 Jun 2016)

You need this if you want to make a plugin for All My Movies with Delphi.

  Import from MovieTrack plugin

Use this plugin to import your movie collection from MovieTrack to All My Movies. For those who want to migrate from MovieTrack as it not supported anymore. Approx 40 KB.

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