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All My Movies 8.9 what's new

version 8.9 build 1446

- added the ability to scale fonts in HTML template. You can do this either in Preferences or with CTRL+Plus and CTRL-Minus keys
- added alternative Excel export function. The old export is available as a separate menu item
- added the ability to export to RTF, ODT, ODS formats. Check "Tools - Export to" menu item
- added folder history in "Scan drive for movies" menu
- added the ability to import collection from dying Personal Video Database program
- added the ability to copy cover image and screenshots to the clipboard with the popup menu
- fixed getting movie details from MovieMeter.nl, Filmweb.pl, Kinopoisk.ru
- fixed getting a video bitrate for DVDs
- fixed: delete movie in a "group by..." mode deletes the movie from the tree too
- sharper images in "cover thumbnails" view mode
- fixed a dozen of minor issues as well

version 8.8 build 1442

- added a field for the personal movie rating
- added the ability to sort movies by date added and date modified in the "Append from..." dialog. Click with the right mouse button on the list and use popup menu to change the sort mode
- added statistics chart by File type. Press F5 to open
- added the ability to export Seen and Wishlist field values to CSV, Excel, simple HTML table
- improved quick search by title. When you type anything in the main program window, the program will try to jump to the movie title that starts with what you typing
- fixed grouping collection by custom fields using a button on toolbar
- fixed Last 10 opened video files list for Unicode file names
- several minor fixes and improvements

version 8.7 build 1441

- bigger buttons on the toolbar, new panels added for quick sort/group the collection and more
- added the ability to import movie details from Kodi .nfo files
- added the ability to group movies by Scenario
- group by director and scenario now possible with the popup menu when you click on person's name in the movie details area
- plugin for import from Ant Movie Catalog updated to support 4.x databases
- fixed several issues with treeview view mode
- fixed getting movie details from Moviemeter.nl
- improved function of parsing title and year from the video file name
- batch add by barcode now can accept comma-delimited barcodes
- minor fixes in getting person details from IMDb
- minor fixes in getting movie details from blu-ray.com

version 8.6 build 1440

- added the ability to batch update media info from the linked video files in menu item "Tools - Batch update movie details..."
- batch movie files rename feature now can create folders and can use "Quality" field value
- added generic parser for unknown URLs
- person popups now includes the movie amount (in brackets) with them in the current collection
- fixed clearing personal marks from the popup menu
- fixed a bug with program start after turning off the skin support
- improved DVD Cover print template
- fixed getting movie details by Australian barcodes
- fixed getting movie details from IMDb.com (cover image, rating)
- fixed several minor issues

version 8.5 build 1439

- improved module for getting images from scanners. More devices are supported now
- added the ability to tune hue and brightness for the current skin (Preferences, "Display area" tab)
- added a button to paste image from Clipboard as Screenshot ("Screenshots" tab in the movie card)
- added an ability to set filter by name in Friends directory
- added an ability to continue batch update of the movie details process that was cancelled or aborted due to an error (menu item Tools - Batch update movie details)
- added the option to get first search result in batch person details lookup
- now you can setup a folder list (instead of just one folder) to scan for new video files on program start (menu item "Movie - Scan drive for movies...")
- now it is possible to add movies to the collection from person filmography (for the persons, updated with this new build from IMDb or Kinopoisk)
- now the program can rename the existing movie titles when you turn on/off the option of transferring the articles on "Expert options" tab in the Preferences
- a dozen of minor issues were fixed

version 8.4 build 1438

- added the ability to get tv series details from TheTVDB.com
- added dropdown lists with the possible values for almost any field in the "Movie Search" dialog
- improved navigation with the keys in "group by" modes (tree view mode). Use cursor keys, Home, End, PageUp, PageDn, Space to navigate
- added the ability to sort persons by their birth Country
- added https links support
- added "Select all" and "Deselect all" buttons to "Append from..." dialog
- "Search by any field" now includes search by video and audio stream details too
- a lot of minor issues were addressed

version 8.3 build 1434

- added new db field named "Quality" in the MediaInfo tab of the movie card dialog
- added dropdown lists with the possible values for the most of the fields in the movie card. Press "arrow down" key in field to activate.
- added a button to open the folder with the backup copies in the Preferences
- added the ability to set Dropbox folder as a backup destination in a single click
- added the ability to edit custom fields in the movie card dialog
- fixed several bugs

version 8.2 build 1433

- "generate playlist" function now works for TV Series too
- now you can resize movie card window
- fixed search movie details on filmaffinity.com
- faster upload to web server during export to the mobile device
- added the ability to save scanned image as a screenshot
- some improvements in batch tv series file renaming tool
- "scan drive for movies" dialog now resizeable
- added "process one current movie only" option to "Export to images" tool
- when you open "append from" dialog, only movies that doesn't exists in the current database are selected by default
- fixed real time search on Moviemeter.nl, switched to new Moviemeter.nl API (unfortunately, less info available now)
- fixed getting movie and person details from Filmweb.pl
- fixed plugin for getting movie details from blu-ray.com

version 8.1 build 1432

- added ability to search substring in any field in "Search movie" function
- added ability to search for movies that doesn't contain substring, just enter it as !substring in the "Movie Search" dialog
- added ability to use AND and OR logical operands for Genre field in advanced movie search (menu item Tools-Movie Search)
- added new background for the virtual shelf named "Carbon". Switch with "View-Virtual shelf" menu item
- added ability to set new sequentail numbers for every movie in the database with the special button in "Expert options" tab
- added "Replace spaces to underscores" option to the batch file renaming function
- added ability to sort persons by last name in the Names directory
- added ability to group movies by the director's last name
- added: click on the statusbar scrolls to the last movie, click on empty space over the movie list scrolls to the first movie
- replaced local IMDb databases with corresponding Amazon sites in Batch update movie details function
- a lot of issues were fixed

version 8.0 build 1430

- added batch movie edit feature. Select several movies and click on Edit toolbar button to change almost any field in the selected movies
- added a button to clear the search field and to cancel a filter (if set)
- added new collection view mode - Cover Flow. Good for Windows Tablets
- added an ability to batch rename movie/episode files using templates. Check menu item "Tools-Batch rename movies files..."
- IMDb.fr, IMDb.de, IMDb.es, IMDb.it were replaced by Amazon.fr, Amazon.de, Amazon.es, and Amazon.it, because regional IMDb sites no longer exists
- fixed a lot of minor issues

version 7.9 build 1420

- added batch movie details lookup by movie title (and Year, if available). The function is available with menu "Tools-Batch movie details lookup". Check "Unfilled only" option there
- added checking for write permissions for the database folder when opening the collection
- added unicode file names support
- added "Delete movie with file(s)" menu item to the popup menu with Shift-Del shortcut
- when you add movies from video files, All My Movies now tries to find the cover image near the video file and available meta-data (movie.xml)
- improved the way person details popups are shown
- some improvements on "Screenshots" tab in the movie card dialog
- fixed getting person details from IMDb (death year, filmography encoding issue)
- fixed the bug with adding file size when using "Next media" button
- fixed search on Filmweb.pl
- fixed plugin for getting movie details from blu-ray.com

version 7.8 build 1419

- added "do not import movie number" option to the "Append from..." dialog
- "Your movies" in the person details are sorted by release year now
- added chart statistics by custom fields (press F5 to check)
- CTRL+click on the movie title in "Your movies" in the person details closes Person directory and goes to the movie details you clicked on
- the movie cards for TV series with the large amount of episodes now opens faster
- improved search German movies by barcode
- a smarter (we hope) way to display the online search results
- added an option for high quality images for PDF export function
- added ability to use "star rating" in the print and export to PDF templates
- now rating value (received from the online database) is not rounded. Also, we added the hint with numeric rating value when you move the mouse over the rating stars
- added new template for printing and export to PDF (named "Album Compact")
- fixed import of Description and Comments in "Restore database from amm.zip or online" function
- fixed import movie details from IMDb, Cinemovies.fr, Filmweb.pl
- fixed getting person details from IMDb

version 7.7 build 1417

- added "Chart" tab to the Statistics. Press F5 to open
- now All My Movies can store the correct order for actors, directors and scenarios
- Main genre is the really "Main" now, it will be the first in the genres list
- when use Movie Search (F3) function, the search substring now highlighted in the movie details area
- the movie details in the online search results are displayed in several strings now
- the program is adapted for running on systems with larger system font
- added ability to search by "Local path" field value using menu item "Tools-Movie search (F3)"
- added filter inverse for menu "Quick filter-Personal marks" when holding Shift key
- fixes in functions for getting movie details from IMDb, Filmweb.pl, Moviemeter.nl
- fixed removing from the list in "Scan drive for movies..." function
- fixed getting movie details from IMDb (person filmography and full cast list)

version 7.6 build 1413

- added ability to select episode to play for TV series when clicking on "Play" button on the toolbar
- now the number of folders is displayed in the status bar for all "group by..." modes
- restored functionality with pasting the link to the movie page to Original Title field in order to fill the details
- now you can print and export to PDF grouped book list too after using menu "View-Group movies by..."
- holding Shift key while selecting menu item "Tools-Suggest a movie" will cause the program to propose watched movies as well
- fixed export to different formats when movies are grouped by some field
- fixed "cannot make visible window modal" error when opening names directory
- fixed getting movie details from Filmweb.pl, FilmAffinity.com
- added "live search" feature for moviemeter.nl and filmweb.pl
- fixed a rare but serious bug where the movie details can be saved to a wrong record

version 7.5 build 1411

- added an ability to restore the database using amm.zip file or online copy that were made with "Export to mobile device" function
- fixed program hangs during image downloading using external plugins
- better hint handling in virtual shelf and cover thumbnails view modes
- now you can set ranges for year and movie number when using menu item "Tools-Movie search". For example, 1997-2003
- now the program remembers the movie you closed it on and starts with that movie selected
- added the buttons to the movie card for quick editing of genre, media type and media location directories
- downloading of the screenshots is much faster now!
- fixed getting movie details from blu-ray.com, filmaffinity.com

version 7.4 build 1409

- added "Live search" feature for IMDb.com and Kinopoisk.ru! Search results appears when you type the movie title you are going to add
- now you can drag&drop the video file to All My Movies window to link it with the current movie
- added checking for the new update available before writing to the support team
- now you can paste URL to the IMDb movie page to the Original title field and press Enter to fill the movie details for that movie
- fixed getting movie details from Filmweb.pl, OFDB.de, getting cover images from DVDEmpire.com
- fixed movie add/edit/delete opeartions while in "Group by" mode (treeview)

version 7.3 build 1406

- added new Export to mobile device feature and new app for iPhone and iPod Touch! Check menu item Tools-Export to-Export to mobile device or just press CTRL-M in the program
- new "Standard" template for the person details are. Check menu item "Directories-Names" and then "View-HTML template"
- added "Do not update ratings" option in the batch movie details update dialog. Useful for those, who set personal ratings
- added new HTML template for the movie details, named "Rusty Art"
- new movie HTML templates were improved a bit according to your feedback
- fixed a bug with automatic checking for updates
- fixed add/edit/delete movie while grouped by Date added
- fixed getting person details from IMDb, filmweb.pl, cinemagia.ro
- fixed getting movie details from IMDb, blu-ray.com

version 7.2 build 1404

- added new print templates - Covers, Covers Only, Covers Small. Check menu item "Movie-Print collection..."
- added new movie card templates - Art, Flower Sketch and Standard. Check menu "View-HTML template"
- added ability to group movies by Add Date divided by years and months. Check "View-Group movies by" menu item
- fixed Cover image download from Bing (new API)
- now you can use cursor left and right keys to navigate between the screenshots
- better navigation with the cursor keys in virtual shelf and cover thumbnails view modes
- fixed "advanced filters" function in "Cover thumbnails" and "Virtual shelf" view modes
- fixed getting rating values from IMDb.com
- fixed getting movie details from Filmweb.pl, cinemovies.fr

version 7.1 build 1403

- added popup hint for the cells with longer text than cell size ("Title list" view mode)
- added the button to mark all the episodes as seen or unseen in the "Episodes" tab
- export and import actions are grouped now in the Tools menu
- "scan drive for movies" was improved for better DVD handling
- CTRL-A now works for text fields in the book card to select entire field's content
- fixed movie list drawing with the larger font sizes
- "Append from..." function works correctly with episodes now
- fixed several episode handling issues
- fixed "loan/return" function in Cover Thumbnails and Virtual shelf view modes
- fixed printing collection in "Cover Thumbnails" view mode

version 7.0 build 1400

- added import and storage of the character names for the actors
- added an ability to display actors in columns (turned on by default)
- batch movie details update (menu item "Tools-Update movie details") now works for all IMDb sites, Kinopoisk.ru, and Filmweb.pl
- new visual control is used for the movie list now(fixed scrolling related problems)
- added new template "Compact2" for printing and export to PDF
- added an ability to display Genre, Director and Price fields as an additional column in the movie list
- added an ability to export and print collection sorted by Genre and Director
- episode details are available on additional click in the movie details area - for faster browsing the collection
- getting movie details from film.tv.it was replaced by imdb.it
- "Old style" view mode removed
- fixed several "Group by" mode issues (scrolling, rare error message on tree expanding)
- fixed getting episode details from IMDb.com (loading more than 10 seasons)

version 6.9 build 1322

- added an ability to tag a person on the screenshots. You can see that screenshots on the person's page in Person Directory
- new way of empty cover image displaying
- added getting actor details from IMDb.es, IMDb.de, IMDb.fr, Filmweb.pl
- added ability to export Price field to MS Excel, plain text and simple HTML table
- thumbnails view mode drawing style changed a bit
- fixed getting actor details from cinemagia.ro, cinebel.be
- fixed getting movie details from IMDb
- fixed a bug with refreshing Media Type, Media Location, Genre directories
- several minor reported bugs were fixed

version 6.8 build 1319

- added progress displaying for adding movies after scanning the drive.
- added an ability to cancel batch movie add process after scanning the drive
- http links are clickable now if they are in "Comments" or "Description" fields
- added subtitles as a search criteria to "Tools-Movie search" dialog
- fixed opening movie card dialog while displaying movie details is turned off
- fixed plugin for importing the collection from Ant Movie Catalog
- fixed getting movie/actor details from Kinopoisk.ru
- fixed getting movie details from FilmAffinity.com, FilmWeb.pl, IMDb.com(trailer link), IMDb.es, film.tv.it (screenshots)

version 6.7 build 1317

- added an ability to scan in the background for the new video files on program start. The option is available in "Scan drive for movies" function
- added buttons for fast switching between the screenshots
- added an ability to turn off the movie details and display cover images in full screen. Check "View" menu
- fixed "find deleted" and "remove existing" functions in "Scan drive for movies" dialog for the case of relative paths used
- fixed resolution and framerate detection for DVDs
- fixed getting link to trailer from IMDb
- fixed getting movie details from film.tv.it
- fixed displaying bug in the cover thumbnails view mode

version 6.6 build 1316

- added an ability to quickly restart playback for the last 10 movies with the special button near the Play button on the toolbar
- "episodes" tab in the movie card was improved. Now you can find tree-like episode list divided by seasons
- added a small but very handy button to the "Episodes" tab of the movie card. Now you can assign many video files to episodes at once
- "scan drive for movies" function now doesn't require confirmation for the each movie
- added an option to delete linked video files upon movie deletion. Turned off by default, of course
- added an ability to add screenshots or cover images from BMP file format
- added: relative file paths are supported for the episode files as well
- added: custom fields are clickable now in the movie details area. You can filter and group by those fields directly from the movie details
- fixed movie details import from IMDb.com, IMDb.fr, IMDb.es, IMDb.de, Film.tv.it, cinebel.be, blu-ray.com

version 6.5 build 1314

- added CTRL-TAB and CTRL-SHIFT-TAB hot keys for tab switching in all dialogs with tabs
- added an ability to search cover images on Bing.com
- added Media Location field to the Movie Search dialog
- added "Reset dialog" button for clearing all fields in the Movie Search dialog
- added: "hide toolbar" option to the "Display area" tab in the Preferences
- "Group movies by" view mode improved (tree updates)
- added the link to All My Movies page on Facebook in the Help menu
- added an ability to delete transferred movies from the source database in the "Database-Append from..." menu function
- added an ability to search by tv series episodes in the Movie Search (F3) function
- after clicking on the "Seen" icon for the episode, the movie details area doesn't scroll to the beginning now
- fixed: import price from CSV and MS Excel files
- fixed: batch update unfilled actor details when some filter is applied
- fixed: rating import from IMDb. Plot keywords are in Comments field now.
- movie suggestion function became a bit smarter
- fixed a bug that caused a wrong movie details deletion in some rare cases

version 6.4 build 1311

- added "Advanced Filters" feature. Now you can create your own filter for the database in Book Search function and then access it quickly from Quick Filters menu
- added ability to change the sort column by clicking on the column's header in the statistics
- changed the program's logo and the main icon, don't be afraid, it is still your good old All My Movies :)
- added: actor's photo is clickable now (in menu Directories-Names)
- added: now the program displays the movie titles in the delete confirmation dialog
- added: "genre" criteria to the movie search dialog (invoked with F3 key)
- added: ability to download missing cover image with one click from the movie details area
- added: ability to delete movies with non-existing video files in the "Scan drive for movies" dialog
- added: ability to export Trailer field to MS Excel, plain text and simple HTML table
- "remove existing" button in the "scan drive for movies" dialog now removes the files listed in Episodes as well
- fixed actor details lookup on IMDb, allmovie.com
- fixed movie rating import from moviemeter.nl
- fixed getting movie details from imdb, cinemovies.fr, film.tv.it

version 6.3 build 1308

- added: seen, wishlist and personal marks criterias to the Movie Search (F3) function
- added: ability to batch update the details for unfilled persons only
- added: ability to import price and media count from MS Excel and text
- added: "media count" is clickable now in the movie details area
- added: "media count" field is available for export to HTML table, MS Excel and plain text
- added: "death year" field to the person's card
- added: ability to change screenshots order in the movie card dialog
- added: new catalog for Dune players divided by first title letters. Also trying to use Media Label field as a storage_name:// link
- added: ability to edit custom field names in Preferences with double click
- fixed: minor IMDb import issue
- improved import from kinopoisk.ru
- fixed: import custom fields from MS Excel and CSV
- fixed: getting movie details from Filmweb.pl

version 6.2 build 1306

- added an option to shrink a huge images (they usually comes from IMDb) in Preferences
- added: 4 nice movie card templates (Golden, Popcorn, Short and Webious). Use menu item "View-HTML templates" to select them
- added: Enter key selects the movie from the online search results
- added: ability to import custom fields from MS Excel
- added: cover image previews for OFDb.de search
- added: movie database import from MBase2 and EMDB
- another fixes for tne new IMDb design, actors photo now loads fine

version 6.1 build 1303

- added: new "Select your movie" dialog, now with cover thumbnails preview
- added: Paste button to the batch add by barcode function
- added: new movie card template named "Black Page". Use menu item "View-HTML template" for switching
- fixed: problems with person's photo adding/displaying in some cases
- fixed: several issues related to the new IMDb design

version 6.0 build 1300

- added: network mode. You can use one shared database file from several computers at once
- added: ability to set password for database changes. If the password set, the database opened in read-only mode by default
- added: getting movie details from IMDb.fr, IMDb.de, IMDb.es
- added: displaying movie titles that hasn't cover images in the virtual shelf mode
- added: new help file
- added: "Get more details" option to Preferences, "Online databases" tab
- added: an ability to download better movie plot summary from IMDb (with "Get more details" option)
- added: "set up marks" menu item to all "personal marks" menus
- fixed: movie details import from moviemeter.nl
- fixed: plugin for getting movie details from blu-ray.com
- fixed: movie details import from filmweb.pl
- fixed: getting cover image from DVDEmpire.com
- fixed: movie details import from film.tv.it
- fixed: movie details import from filmweb.pl
- fixed: import movie details from IMDb

version 5.9 build 1293

- added: Blu-ray support (use menu item "Movie-Add DVD/Blu-ray" to use this function)
- added: m2ts files support
- added: MediaInfo.dll to the instalation package
- added: relative paths support ("Expert Options" tab in Preferences)
- added: Blu-ray support for "Scan drive for movies..." function. Just add "m2ts" to file filter
- added: SaveMovieCardImage to PluginAPI for saving current movie card in JPG, PNG or BMP image
- added: "Export to image" preferences are saving separately for each HTML template
- added: switching HTML templates in the "Export to image" function preferences
- added: "put poster in a plastic box" option for Dune player icons in "Export to image" function
- added: getting _full_ movie cast from IMDb
- added: "Tools-Create catalog for Dune players" menu item
- added: Person and Friend directory windows size and position are saved now
- added: "Local path" field to MS Excel Export/Import functions.
- added: "Export to image" - when file name is TVIX, the program will generate folder.jpg automatically (for TVIX player owners)
- added: plugin to import movie details from blu-ray.com
- fixed: import Local path from text(CSV) bug
- fixed: import movie details from filmaffinity.com
- fixed: plugin for import movie details from cinemovies.fr
- fixed: person details import from IMDb
- fixed: some problems with thumbnails displaying while adding the movies to the empty database

version 5.8 build 1290

- added: Up and Down keys moves to previous/next match while cursor is in quick movie search field
- added: Enter key pressed in the movie list is equal to double click on movie, either starts the movie playback or opens the movie card window, depending on Preferences option set
- added: "Generate dune_folder.txt file" option to "Export to image" function for Dune mediaplayer owners
- added: an option to display low resoultion screenshot previews while browsing to "Expert options" tab in Preferences
- added: CTRL-Q shortcut for setting an input focus to quick locate by title field
- added: Studio field to the list of the fields for searching the movie (by F3 key)
- fixed: import MPAA rating from IMDb
- fixed: import from FilmWeb.pl
- fixed: mass deletion for the persons
- fixed: movie search by person now searches in alternative names as well
- improved: import from Kinopoisk.ru

version 5.7 build 1288

- added: "Show New" option to "Quick Filter" menu
- added: Batch person's details import in Names directory. Menu item "Directories-Names...", then "Names-Batch details lookup..."
- fixed: Unseen Episode details displaying
- fixed: movie details import from FilmAffinity.com
- fixed: movie details import from film.tv.it (cover images)
- improved: updating movie details from IMDb

version 5.6 build 1287

- added an ability to export movie cards to images under Tools menu
- added: "seen" property for episodes
- added: personal mark dependent color highlighting for the movie thumbnails (menu "View - Cover thumbnails")
- added: an ability to update movie details from IMDb for the selected movies only (menu "Tools-Update IMDb details")
- added: ability to export movie screenshots to HTML with [amm:screenshot] shortcut. Refer to readme.txt file in "templates" folder for the details.
- fixed: cover image download on Amazon
- fixed: add DVD by barcode feature
- fixed movie and actor details import from kinopoisk.ru
- fixed IMDb screenshots import
- fixed "Share with friend" feature

version 5.5 build 1284

- added Loan history. "Menu item Tools-Loan history"
- added an ability to add covers and screenshots from GIF and PNG files as well
- added Rating field for Names (Actors, Directors, Scenarios)
- added Sort Names by their Rating
- added: new visual style named Water Color
- added: MPAA rating import while lookup the movie by barcode on Amazon sites
- added: "Bar code" field to the list of available fields for export to MS Excel, plain text and simple HTML table
- added: personal marks to the list of fields available for export to Excel, plain text and HTML simple table
- PluginAPI has been updated
- Import by barcode has been improved
- compatibility with KMPlayer improved
- several Virtual Shelf issues were fixed

version 5.4 build 1281

- added: new collection view mode - VIRTUAL SHELF with several predefined skins. You can change view mode in the View menu
- added: total collection value calculation in the statistics
- added: an ability to select a range of the episodes in the Episodes tab for deletion
- fixed and improved: large cover images search on Amazon
- changed: double click on the movie title or cover thumbnail in the list will start the movie playback if it has "Local path" field otherwise open movie card

version 5.3 build 1278

- added: an ability to assign a video file for each episode in series. Small "Play" button will appear near episode details in the movie card if the file name is assigned.
- added: export to PDF feature
- added: seen and wishlist movie counters to the statistics
- added: statistics for custom fields and personal marks - new tab in Statistics dialog
- added: ability to switch Seen and Wishlist flags from the popup menu
- fixed: "comments" field printing
- fixed: "add movie from file" function
- fixed: plugin for movie details import from cinemovies.fr
- fixed: IMDb movie search function
- fixed: person details import from kinopoisk.ru
- fixed and improved: import movie details from film.ru
- fixed: Print Collection function
- fixed: set backup folder button now works
- some speed optimizations while building a tree ("group by" modes)

version 5.2 build 1275

- added: "Genres" and "Media types" items to the "Directories" menu. They were moved from Preferences to this menu
- added: multilevel automatic backup feature
- added: when you press Enter key in the fast movie search field they are filtered by title
- added: AudioInfo field to the list of fields available to export to MS Excel
- added: an option to replace underscores with spaces while taking movie title from video file
- added: several fields has been added to the list of printable ones (custom defined fields, Total movies and MovieID)
- added: column titles corresponding to "sort by" fields are in bold font now
- added: "suggest a movie" feature - selects a random existing unseen movie for viewing. Menu item "Tools-Suggest a movie"
- fixed: import movie details from kinopoisk.ru function
- fixed: search by custom fields using menu item "Tools-Movie search"
- fixed: autocrop screenshots while capture them, no more black empty stripes now
- fixed: minor improvements to thumbnails mode
- fixed: selected movies export to text(CSV)
- fixed: wrong movie select in thumbnails mode, when clicking on partially visible thumbnail
- fixed: program locking up in Thumbnails mode when some movies has no cover images attached
- fixed: movie number import from MS Excel
- fixed: episode description displaying which consists of several paragraphes
- fixed: file size and video duration summing up when adding next media using MediaInfo.dll

version 5.1 build 1272

- added: new view mode - Cover Thumbnails. Use menu View to switch view mode
- added: ability to skip files from the same folders while scanning drive for movies (menu item Tools-Scan drive for movies)
- added: new print report template - "Compact". Up to 270 movies per standard A4 page
- added: special button to Episodes tab for quick episodes removing except the selected season
- added: <!--#localpath --> shortcut for the movie card template
- improved: visual component for rating change
- fixed: previous movie cover image printing for the movies that have no cover assigned
- fixed: import from IMDb was adapted for recent changes (rating, TV series, person details)
- fixed: import from Kinopoisk.ru (MPAA)
- fixed: import from film.tv.it (country, genre, year, rating)

version 5.0 build 1270

- added: new sort modes by Actor popularity, Director popularity, Scenario popularity in the Names directory
- added: built-in print manager, menu item Movie-Print collections. Allows you to print your collecion using several reports. You can create your own reports or edit existing ones with the built-in report editor.
- added: special template for printing DVD cover art for your movies. Just print a page, cut it and insert to the DVD box.
- added: template switching feature for Names directory
- added: Indian template for Names directory
- added: Articles are moved to the end of the movie title, The Terminator becomes Terminator, The. Made for correct sorting
- added: popup menu items "Group movies by" and "Sort movies by" are replicated under "View" main menu item
- added: you can turn off "Move articles to the end of title" option in the Preferences, "Expert options" tab
- fixed: better Vista compatibility
- several minor issues were fixed

version 4.9 build 1255

- added: MediaInfo.dll support for better handling MKV and other video file details import. Download DLL and place to the program folder
- added: an option to auto check for updates weekly. Enabled by default
- added: two new filters to Names directory - "show person for the selected movie only" and "show unfilled person profiles"
- added: an option to not render video files through DirectShow to the Expert preferences. For troubleshooting only
- added: an option to not use drop down values for custom fields to the Expert preferences.
- added: episodes support to the Plugin API
- fixed: import movie details from FilmWeb.pl function was adapted for recent changes
- fixed: several countries import from IMDb
- fixed: minor bugs in filmaffinity.com import function (Spanish)
- minor fixes

version 4.8 build 1253

- added: editable screenshots list to the movie card dialog
- added: group by custom fields feature
- added: screenshots import from filmweb.pl
- added: shortcuts for the HTML export templates [amm:episodes] and [amm:strepisodes]
- added: an option to assign maximum movie number instead of the first free one. In the Expert preferences
- added: ability to automatically update all empty fields from IMDb, not only the rating
- fixed: movie details preview while import by barcode
- fixed: import from filmweb.pl function (titles, description)
- fixed: 3.x databases conversion
- fixed import from OFDB.de function (titles, UTF8 decoding)
- fixed lookup movie by German barcodes function (Region 2 DVDs)
- fixed saving state of "auto set movie number" checkbox
- fixed a bug that sometimes caused some fields reset while using plugins for the movie details import

version 4.7 build 1251

- added: TV Series collection support! New tab "Episodes" in the movie card. Auto import episode details from IMDb
- added: Price and Trailer fields to the database
- added: "Show series" quick filter
- added: progress indicator to Import from MS Excel dialog
- added: persons with the extended details available are highlighted bold in the movie card
- added: import Company (Studio) field from IMDb
- fixed: Australian DVDs search by barcode function improved
- fixed: import from MS Excel (Audio and Video streams bitrate and codec)
- fixed: a bug that caused exception when no orphan persons found
- fixed: export to plain text (Audio and Video stream details)
- small improvements in description import from FilmWeb.pl
- fixed: import from ofdb.de
- fixed: screenshots import from IMDb

version 4.6 build 1249

- added: popup hint for all external links in the movie detail area
- added: new icons
- added: ability to set and remove personal marks for the selected movies using popup menu (over movie list)
- added: XLXS (MS Excel 2007) format support for import your movies from
- added: warning if you don't assign any fields for the columns (MS Excel and text import)
- added: ability to group movies by Studio. Right click over the movies list and select "Group by - Studio" menu item
- added: "View-Orphans" menu item to Names directory. Shows only those persons, who didn't assisted in your movies
- added: CTRL-A shortcut for all persons selection in Names directory
- added: playlist generation. WPL, M3U and PLS formats are supported. Menu item "Tools-Generate" playlist
- fixed: IMDb import function (Director field, person biography)
- fixed: to avoid duplicate persons adding, now checked both original and alternative names
- fixed: if actor picture is large it displayed at a reduced size in popup hint window
- fixed: a bug that caused a wrong representation of the movie details area in case "Show empty fields" and "HTML templates" options are turned on
- fixed: multiple persons deletion
- fixed: several MS Excel export issues
- fixed: plugins for new online databases support are works in trial mode too
- fixed: person's details import from IMDb.com
- fixed: "Append from..." function
- fixed: some minor bugs
- minor improvements to "add from file" function

version 4.5 build 1246

- added: extended friends directory
- added: loan history displaying
- added: new HTML template for the movie card named "Indian"
- added: persons, friends, media locations and countries merging in the corresponding directories
- added: predefined style named "screenshots" for the movie card HTML templates usage
- added: ability to set a short hint for any screenshot or cover image. Use popup menu item "Modify hint"
- first start language autodetection improved
- fixed: screenshots and cover image files deletion when the images are stored outside the database
- fixed: IMDb.com person details import function
- fixed: Windows Vista compatibility improved once again
- fixed: Large cover import from Amazon.com
- fixed: stars rating in HTML export preview mode, CHM export. PNG used instead of ICO for stars images
- fixed: restoring cursor position after merging the records
- fixed: minor bug in "Append from" function

version 4.4 build 1244

- added: press CTRL-ALT-C to save cover image with [MovieID].jpg default name
- added: dropdown lists for the user defined fields with auto-complete feature
- added: additional filter panel for the persons directory. You can quickly filter persons by the first name's letter
- added: abilility to manually enter URL of the person's page to parse in case it was not found
- added: press CTRL-ALT-S to add screenshots from an existing video file written in Local path field
- added: an option to Expert preferences to check for duplicate movie title while adding new movie
- added: if persons alternative name is not filled AMM will display original name in the persons directories. And vice versa
- added: Scenario import from film.ru
- added: Movie Number field import from Ant Movie Catalog base
- added: #screennumX shortcut for the movie card HTML templates for the screenshot with the given number X
- added: Vietnamese translation (beta)
- fixed: last used online database for the movie details lookup is saved now
- fixed: film.tv.it import function
- fixed: amazon.com large cover import function
- fixed: screenshots import from imdb
- fixed: alternative person's names disappearing
- fixed: several person detail import plugins issues
- fixed: person's and movie details import from IMDb are adapted for recent changes
- fixed: fields clearing when adding the new movie with help of a third-party plugin
- updated: sample database

version 4.3 build 1242

- added: if the person additional details are available they are shown as a hint when you move the mouse over the name
- added: Expert options tab in Preferences dialog
- added: ability to store all the images in a separate folder instead of the database
- added: keyboard shortcuts for the movie list: CTRL-A to select all movies, CTRL-SHIFT-HOME to select all movies before the selected one and CTRL-SHIFT-END to select all movies after the selected one
- added: MPAA field import from kinopoisk.ru
- added: two modifier shortcuts for the movie card templates: <!--#orig_names_only --> and <!--#alt_names_only -->. Refer to readme.txt in "moviecards" folder
- added: ability to sort by first genre while export to simple HTML table, MS Excel or CSV
- added: select several genres and media locations at once in the Preferences window and delete them
- added: ability to edit genre and media location values in the Preferences window
- added: movie count for each branch in the treeview mode is displayed
- added: some changes in "your movies" displaying in the names directory
- added: persons with the extended details available are highlighted in the person list of Names directory
- added: "Don't import cover at all" checkbox to Preferences
- added: "Display alternative person's names" to the Preferences. If an alternative name available it will be displayed in "Original Name/Alternative Name/" format if the option is active
- added: ability to edit file types when scanning drive for movies
- added: Slovak translation
- added: logo images to the installation
- fixed: HTML export preview images
- fixed: some issues with the persons when they has empty "original name" value
- fixed: auto assign movie number while adding movie from file
- fixed: cover download when running in Windows Vista
- fixed: amazon.com cover image import function
- fixed: non-English names are imported from internet databases correctly now
- fixed: getting cover from scanner or other TWAIN-compatible devices
- fixed: import function from videoguide.ru. Now persons are stored correctly
- fixed: sorting movie titles when using "Group by" function
- fixed: selected movies and the current one are of different highlight colors in the movie list now (for multiselect mode)
- fixed: minor fixes in moviemeter.nl import function
- fixed: autoassigning of the movie number was optimized for speed
- fixed: Amazon.com has changed their format. New cover import function (beta) implemented
- fixed: for better Vista compatibility, database files are stored in My documents folder now
- fixed: no administrator privileges needed when run in Windows Vista
- fixed: rating and cover image import from moviemeter.nl
- fixed: "online movie list" template ratings
- fixed: film.ru import function
- fixed: MS Excel, text, simple HTML table exports sorting when only several movies are imported

version 4.2 build 1238

- added ability to highlight flagged movies with the given color in the list
- added Dacal DC300 CD Library device support
- added new tag to the movie card templates - #playbutton - inserts Play button if the movie file is available
- added little trick: hold Shift key while clicking on Play button and you'll get a folder with your video file instead of the video file playback
- added German DVD barcodes lookup support (ofdb.de)
- added Portuguese (Portugal) translation
- added videoguide.ru support for the person details lookup
- added: ability to turn off screenshots import in the Preferences window, "e;Online databases"e; tab
- added: Chinese simplified translation
- added: great new HTML export template. Thanks to Maarten van Duijvendijk.
- added: Movie Number and Scenario fields to the list of search by fields (F3)
- added: screenshots import from IMDb.com (when available)
- added: currently selected online database is shown in the movie card's caption
- added: cinemagia.ro to the list of the known person databases
- fixed IMDb and kinopoisk.ru person details import functions
- minor fixes are in "e;Scan drive for movies"e; function
- fixed huge file size detection (more than 4 GB)
- fixed: wrong item delete in the Countries, Friends and Media Locations directories
- fixed: last used database for the person's details lookup is saving now
- fixed: some changes in Import from text routine. Added checkbox CSV for true CSV format import

version 4.1 build 1234

- added: new field Scenario
- added: fast movie locate by barcode
- added: ability to edit country, media location, friend directories. Check new menu item "Directories"
- added: extended actor, director and scenario details - birth date, birth place, filmography and biography with a photo. Can be downloaded automatically from the internet.
- added: CueCat barcode scanner support
- added: Movie Number to the list of available fields for export to MS Excel, HTML grid and plain text
- added: Plugins versions are shown in the About dialog
- added: press CTRL-D to add an exact copy of the current movie. Will not work in tree view mode
- added: custom fields export to text, MS Excel and to HTML simple table
- added: ability to use screenshot as a cover. New menu item in the popup menu
- added: ability to not add existing movies when "scan drive for movies"
- added: copy to clipboard popup menu item in HTML display mode. Also works with CTRL-C shortcut
- added: "movie number" to the list of "group by" fields
- added: batch rating update from IMDb feature. Find it in the Tools menu
- added: preview online retrieved details before pressing OK button in the movie card.
- added: MediaType and MediaLocation to the available additional columns list
- added: new movie card and HTML export template - Lite gray
- fixed: Play button works for the movies on network mapped drives too
- fixed: movie list font is set correctly now
- fixed: auto number feature when Add movie from DVD
- fixed: export to MS Excel, plain text and HTML grid when sort by media type and media location
- fixed: columns titles are always shown
- fixed: fullsize image viewer is closed now when you switch to another movie
- fixed: user defined fields TabSheet visibility in the movie card
- fixed: movie add when filter is set
- fixed: get name from folder in "scan drive for movies"
- fixed: small mouse wheel list scroll improvement
- fixed: kinopisk.ru - full description import and director import fix
- fixed: multiple countries import from imdb
- fixed: export to MS Excel sort by
- fixed: auto assign movie number when "Next Movie" button is pressed
- fixed: empty branches are not shown in the treeview mode now
- fixed: "not defined" genre are not added to the genres list anymore
- fixed: preferences are saved before compressing the database
- fixed: AMM remembers default online database added as a plugin
- fixed: sorting by column's title click. Movies sort is stored now
- fixed: barcodes should be saved now when using menu item Movie-Add by barcode
- fixed: Original title is shown in HTML mode only if it differs from Title
- fixed: Auto assigning of the movie number when new movie being added.
- fixed: when filter is active, editing movie details causes jump to the first movie
- fixed: some other minor bugs

version 4.0 build 1230

- New database structure. Loads faster and takes less memory to operate.
- HTML templates support for the movie details area. Switch them with "View" menu.
- Special field - "Movie Number", with the option to auto-assign first free value.
- Bar codes are stored in the database now.
- Ability to edit "Date added" field value
- Ability to print movie card
- Some database and collection view preferences are stored in the database now
- added a plugin for French online database cinemovies.fr
- Many minor fixes.

version 3.95 build 1211

- added: rating import from moviemeter.nl
- added: Croatian translation
- added: one-click filter by media location and media label
- added: studio and screenshots import from film.ru
- added: shortcuts for HTML templates [amm:seen] and [amm:wishlist].
- added: trick: you can avoid auto screenshot adding by holding ALT key while "Loading file" even if batch mode is turned on
- added: Bulgarian translation
- many many minor fixes

version 3.9 build 1205

- added: export to CHM (compiled HTML) format
- added: CHM format is also used for "Share with friend" feature
- added: unlimited amount of custom personal marks. Look "Custom fields" tab in the Preferences
- added: ability to show overdue movies
- added: selected movie count written to the status bar
- added: support of Description field when using CSV format for the import/export
- added: movie lookup results panel is now movable
- added: wishlist, seen and MovieID fields to the list of available additional columns
- added: grid columns preferences are very flexible now
- added: [amm:movieid] to the list of available shortcuts for HTML templates
- added: fast sorting by the column's title click
- added: ability to save the exported file for the mobile device locally
- added: ability to save all screenshots at once for some movie
- added: for Media Center PC users. With your remote control you can navigate movies and playback them if Play button is enabled.
- added: ability to change movie list font. Special for those who wants to increase font size for the TV output. Use button "Movie list font" in the preferences, "Display area" tab
- added: new plugin type - special for easy new online database adding
- added: French database support - dvdfr.com. Realized as a plugin. Sources are available.
- improved: rating stars drawing
- FIXED: database backup routine
- fixed: auto screenshot capture when adding from file and "Batch mode" is on
- fixed: Media Type reset to the first available media type when editing the movie with the empty Media Type field
- fixed: collection navigation buttons works from the movie card window in tree view mode too
- fixed: imdb.com import bug relating to quotes in the movie titles
- fixed: font setting for the MPAA field now works
- fixed: import from MS Excel now import title to the both Title and Original title by default
- fixed: Play button is active for the shared network files too. Those, whose Local path starts with \\
- fixed: plugin issue with SetDuration
- fixed: movie multiselection preferences state saving
- fixed: Media Label autodetection
- fixed: rare cover miss when query sent amazon.com
- fixed: Next media button bug with next DVD parsing
- fixed: minor bug with duration import from IMDb.com
- fixed: additional genres loss when edit movie record on another computer or from another user account
- fixed: missed web site link added to the About dialog box :)
- fixed: first column title now shows
- fixed: mp4 was added to the supported extensions.
- fixed: 20 last media locations saved instead of 10. As requested on forum
- fixed: additional columns width saving
- fixed: long field values now don't damages the grid lines
- fixed: screenshots count now updated when use collection navigation buttons inside the Movie card window

version 3.8 build 1202

- added: ability to add additional columns to the movie list grid. See the Preferences
- added: ability to select main window layout. You can set the movies grid to the top and to the left. See the Preferences
- added: ability to export collection to the mobile devices with Windows Mobile installed.
- added: SPANISH online database support - filmaffinity.com
- added: Spanish language file
- added: ITALIAN online database support - film.tv.it
- added: several movie on one DVD support. You can select the specific VTS chain (movie) when "Add from DVD"
- added: ability to hide needless online databases from the list. See the Preferences, Online databases tab
- added: new main icon
- added: scrolling with the mouse wheel in the tree-mode
- added: Play button works for CD and DVD-based movies too, not only from HDD
- added: ability to delete all screenshots at once for the selected movie. Use right click popup menu.
- added: ability to select default online database to download large covers from.
- added: auto movie details window closing when using menu "Get large cover" and cover was downloaded successfully
- added: another trick. CTRL-D shortcut duplicates the current movie. Do not work in tree-mode.
- added: [amm:strloan] and [amm:loan] shortcuts for use with HTML templates
- fixed: imdb.com import routine improved. Tagline import added.
- fixed: amazon.com import routine improved.
- fixed: videoguide.ru import routine improved
- fixed: kinopoisk.ru import routine improved. Now the fastest search in Russian
- fixed: minor plugin loading bug
- fixed: barcode lookup routine
- fixed: amazon.com cover import bug when only one movie title was returned
- fixed: HTML export. When rating is 0 and stars rating is not used, outputs "N/A" instead of "0/100"
- fixed: minor fixes in the import from kinopoisk.ru routine
- fixed: minor fixes in the import from film.ru routine
- fixed: possibly, non English titles will be seek better
- fixed: minor fix for fast filter by country
- fixed: OK button in the "edit movie details" window is enabled when only one title variant is filled

version 3.7 build 1198

- added: Batch screenshot capture function. You can auto capture specified number of movie frames;
- added: ability to input direct URL to the movie details page in case of search failure;
- added: Play Movie button to the toolbar. Works when Local Path is valid and the movie has Media Type of HDD;
- added: ability to select and add several screenshots at once when adding them from files;
- added: sort movie list by rating;
- added: now you can invert filters by holding Shift key when applying them For example, hold Shift and use menu Quick Filter-Show Unseen to show all seen movies;
- added: Defaults button to the preferences window to reset all preferences to default values;
- added: if Description or Comments has an URL inside the text, these fields are clickable and URL will be opened in the default browser;
- added: menu item "Download more plugins". Menu item "Plugins" moved to the top level menu;
- added: [amm:urltext] and [amm:urltext] shortcuts to HTML templates. For text values instead of hyperlinks for these fields;
- added: [amm:rating] shortcut now supports stars in HTML export. Use added shortcut [amm:ratingtext] to get rating as text;
- added: sample.amm rewrite warning when update is available. Help-Check for updates;
- added: [amm:straudinfo] and [amm:audinfo] shortcuts for HTML templates;
- added: now selection of the movie from the online database lookup results happens after _double_-click or navigation using cursor keys and pressing Enter key;
- added: keyboard shortcuts in the edit movie detail window: CTRL-Enter to accept changes, ALT-right arrow - accept changes and edit next movie details, ALT-left arrow - accept changes and edit previous movie details;
- fixed: found bugs

version 3.6 build 1196

- added: ability to return movie with double click from statistics window
- added: ability to copy selected movie titles with CTRL-C
- added: plugin API extended
- added: mouse wheel movie list scrolling
- added: Next Movie and Previous movie buttons in the Edit Movie Details window
- added: Moviemeter.nl Dutch online database support
- added: Filmweb.pl Polish online database support
- added: ability to paste screenshot or cover image from the clipboard
- added: Esc key cancels any filtering or grouping
- added: zero value to stars rating ComboBox
- added: Media Labels as a field for fast filter at the top of the main window
- added: special ordering process for Poland. Works when Polish translation is active.
- added: movie list width is saved now
- added: [amm:strlocalpath] and [amm:localpath] shortcuts for HTML templates
- added: movie details preview appears before OK button pressed when import from online databases
- added: pressing a letter key in the main window will locate movie with this first letter in title. Don't works in the treeview mode
- fixed: many minor bugs

version 3.5 build 1192

- added: new checkboxes in the movie card: Seen and Wishlist
- added: optional ability to display rating with stars instead of numbers. By default it is on
- added: database field Studio
- added: another Russian online movie database support - KinoPoisk.ru
- added: Swedish interface language
- added: media count is shown when exports Media Type to MS Excel if count greater than one
- added: ability to turn off feature of marking loaned all movies with identical MediaLabel.
- added: loaned movies are additionally highlighted
- added: cursor keys navigation in TreeView mode works too
- fixed: database queries speed optimization
- fixed: many minor bugs. Thanks for reports!
- fixed: import movie details from videoguide.ru a bit improved
- fixed: only unfilled fields are imported from online databases now
- fixed: URL saving when import from IMDb
- fixed: Default DVD-drive now saving
- fixed: several (not all) movies exporting to plain text, Excel and simple HTML table now works correctly
- fixed: DVDEmpire.com cover image import routine

version 3.4 build 1190

added: Online database selection button to "Add new movie" window
added: large cover import from DVDEmpire.com
added: new HTML templates! Including templates for CD and DVD covers printing
added: new online database support: cinebel.be (Dutch and French)
added: HTML templates are translated to supported languages
added: when export to HTML - splitting by given movie count per page
added: [amm:lastupdate] tag in the HTML templates
added: Media label field for searching using F3
added: Finnish and Lithuanian translations
fixed: all bugs collected with the new bug handling system was fixed

version 3.3 build 1187

added: German OFDb.de online movie database support;
added: batch mode for Add by Barcode... command;
added: www.upcdatabase.com and www.dvd-subtitles.com (DVD Region 2!) are also used when searches by barcode;
added: quick filter enchanced with a popup menu. Now you can select to quick filter by genre, year, media type, media location, aspect ratio and country;
added translations: Ukrainian, Macedonian, Romanian, Norwegian, Czech;
added: hidden feature :) press CTRL-F10 to get list of movies with empty URL field (not imported from online databases yet);
added: Press CTRL-F11 to get movie list with an empty LocalPath field;
added: Updating Local Path now will update audio and video streams details;
added: List of recently opened databases added in Database menu;
added: Loan manager marks all movies with identical MediaLabel at once. For medias with multiple movies;
added: plugin API extended;

version 3.2 build 1179

+DVD search by barcode feature;
+ability to scan cover images using any TWAIN compatible device like a scanner;
+import from excel file;
+RMDb.ru online database support;
+fields moving with doubleclick implemented (export dialogs);
+WMV support;
+group by first movie title letter and by media label;
+export screenshot to jpg;
+ability to sort reports by genre;
+fields to include in export are saved now and will restore in the next export operation;
+user defined fields are available for HTML templates now;
+several new HTML templates;
*some serious and many minor bugs were fixed;

version 3.1 build 1170

+new skinnable user interface. You can use standard Windows XP themes as a skins;
+MPAA rating support added;
+now you can choose field to sort by when exporting;
+ability to append movies from another database;
* found bugs are fixed now;

version 3.0 build 1160

+third party plug-ins support added;
+plug-in for importing movie collection created with an Ant Movie Catalog;
+import from text files (CSV) added;
+easy DVD adding implemented;
+database extended with fields: user comments, date added, aspect ratio, subtitles, country, media label, URL.
+Scan drive for movies ability added;
+tree-like database view added;
+up to 10 user defined fields supported now;
+new HTML export template;
*a HUGE amount of small improvements and bug fixed;


version 2.95 build 1149

+new user interface language added: Poland
+ability to save screenshots to files. All of imported from online databases and captured from movies;
*some minor bugs were fixed


version 2.9 build 1146

+new user interface languages added: French, Latvian
+You can choose more than one file when adding movies from video files now
+New improved algorithm for movie details import from videoguide.ru
+Database backup ability added
+"Share with friend" feature implemented
*many small bugs were fixed

version 2.8 build 1141

+new user interface languages added: Greek, German, Dutch, Belorussian
+search for Loan field implemented
+database navigation using keyboard is implemented
+debtors statistics added
+checking for updates is implemented now
+now you can select group of movies to perform any operations, not only one
*cover images import algorithm amended
*and off course some bugs were fixed

version 2.7 build 1136

+ HTML templates support when exporting! You can make you own ones!
+ two sample HTML template included. Thanks to Mario Emmenlauer.
+Field "Loaned to" is exportable now
+Now you can group movies by original title too
*fixed some bugs including some memory leaks

version 2.6 build 1133

+Connection through proxy-server support
+Movie list column has an ability to resize now
+Statistics added
+now you can import movie details in Russian from film.ru
+new program protection and activation algorithm
*as usual previous bugs are fixed now

version 2.5 build 1127

+Database extended with fields "Media count" (for 2CD movies) and "Media location"
+Added support movies occupied 2 or more medias
+New fields available when exporting database
+Added russian movie details import from videoguide.ru
+Added import large cover images from amazon.com
+Added fullsize cover image displaying
+You can group your movies by media type, genre, year or director
*as usual previous bugs are fixed now

version 2.0 build 1125

+Now full cover image support including edit, delete, set from file
+Added multilingual support. At this moment program supports English and Russian but can be easily translated to other languages
+Fully customizable display area. Now you can set background color and your font for each field of base and toggle on and off showing any field of the database
+Extended database with new fields such as rating.
+The ability to edit ALL of the fields (including duration and other fields normally filled in by the IMDB search)
+Now you can add your own media types
+Average bitrate of audio and video streams from AVI are now calculated and stored in the database
*fixed really annoying bug with incorrect import special symbols in text from IMDb
*some more bugs are fixed

version 1.3 build 1120

+ Now you can store up to 40 screenshots in the database (instead of 10 as in earlier versions)
+ Movie list can now be displayed by original movie title or local title. Switch in Tools->Preferences menu.
+ Password protection of the database.
* New customizable toolbar
* New menu and toolbar images
* some bugs are fixed now

version 1.2 build 1116

+ Added help
+ Added sample database
+ Import movie details including cover from the online movie database IMDb.com
+ Added cover image support, not only the screenshots
+ Now you can simply add movie and add movie from file with screenshots
+ When you adding movie from an AVI-file, the video and audio codecs are stored in the main database
* Minor user interface changes
* some bugs are fixed now


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