All My Movies HD app for iPad

The app is useful for All My Movies for Windows® users only!

All My Movies has been hit software for so many years that it's time to go mobile! Not so long ago All My Movies application for iPhone saw the light and hundreds of happy users got round-the-clock access to the movie catalogs. We decided to make iPad owners happy as well!

So, if you own an iPad and can't imagine a day without All My Movies, meet All My Movies app for iPad! Using it, your movie catalog on iPad is always with you anywhere anytime! Have a glance at how cool your movie catalog looks on iPad:

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The Advantages of Using All My Movies HD for iPad:

With All My Movies HD for iPad You Will Be Able to:

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Synchronize Your Mobile Movie Database with All My Movies for Windows®

You may transfer your movie database to a mobile device using two different approaches. The first one involves using the Internet and it is the easiest way to synchronize. Your movie collection will be uploaded to Bolide Software server. After that you download it to your mobile device using our mobile app. The second approach is mostly used in case of troubles but can also be used to sync your collection. In order to synchronize, you need to use a local file. Your collection can be exported to a separate file, which is later transferred to your device. All My Movies HD for iPad app can import it then.

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Requires iOS 5.1 or higher
All My Movies for Windows®
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