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In addition to All My Books, Bolide Software is the author of many other computer utilities for keeping a personal collection of movies, images and software data in the digital form. See the titles below.

All My Movies is a Blu-ray & DVD collection software for creating and managing a personal database of movies. You can use it to catalog your personal collection of DVDs, CDs, VHS tapes and movie files stored on the hard drive. The specialty of the program lies in its ability to download the detailed information about the movie automatically from the online movie databases.

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Image Comparer is a duplicate image remover. The program analyzes your digital images and automatically selects the best shot out of the many duplicates on your system, allowing you to move or delete duplicate images in a couple of mouse clicks. Image Comparer ™ uses a content-based image search also known as content based image retrieval (CBIR). This allows the program to search images by visual similarity. You can search for rotated and flipped images as well.

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Hide Photos is a personal photo album with strong encryption. The program keeps the digital pictures you want to protect in a securely locked container. To protect your photos, Hide Photos employs the newest industry-standard AES encryption with 256-bit keys. Hide Photos never extracts anything onto the hard disk, and leaves absolutely no traces of its presence on the computer.

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All My Software is a home software inventory for creating and managing a database with software registration information. The program will help you to keep serial numbers, passwords, contact information of the developer and other registration information in one place, rather than scattered all over the hard disk drive or scribbled on bits of paper. The main features include auto-scan for installed software, backup reminder, password encryption, export to Microsoft Excel and easy to use search options.

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