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How to add a new book

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All My Books allows you to add a new book, without the need to enter the book details into the fields by hand. To add a new book, the program connects to a selected online database and downloads all the information automatically.

Currently, All My Books supports 10 source databases:,,,,,,,,,, plus

To add a new book, click on the toolbar or go Book > Add... (see the image below).

You'll see the Book card dialog below. Now, you can fill in the fields with the required information manually. However the easiest way is to download all information from the internet and get the card fields completed automatically. To do so, you need to enter the title, author, or ISBN of the book into the required field, select the online database and press Enter to start the search.

Please note:

1. The name of the database selected for search is displayed in the caption of the dialog.
2. The list of the online databases in the drop-down menu is divided by a line. The sources above the line are pre-installed into the program, the sources below the line are added after the installation of plug-ins. The plug-ins can be downloaded from the website.

To run the search by the book title:

1. Enter the book title into the OriginalTitle field.

2. Select the information source from the drop-down menu of the Lookup button.

3. Click the Lookup button to start the search.

Once the search has finished, you'll see the listing of all found items (see the screenshot below). If the search returns no results, you can select another information source and repeat the search. When you found the book you need, download it to All My Books.

4. Select the correct book records from the list.

5. Double-click the book.

The book information is automatically loaded into into the book card. The downloaded book information includes the original title, title, author, ISBN, publisher, year of publication, rating, synopsis, and the URL of the information source in the Metadata tab (see an example below).

You can as well add some extra information about the book. For example, you can set Rating, select the book genre (Subjects) and tick the Wishlist and Unread checkboxes. Adding these tags to a book will help you to find it when you sort and filter out the book records.

You can also add some more information in the Additional tab.

6. Click the Additional tab.

You will see the dialog below.

In the Additional tab, you can enter some inventory information about the book from your collection, such as binding type, series, language, pages,  circulation, dimensions, contents (TOC), and personal comments.

In the next tab - Metadata - you can add meta information about the book.

7. Click the Metadata tab.

You will see the dialog below.

Here you can set the number of the book in your collection manually or tick the Assign automatically checkbox to get it added to every new book by the program itself. You can also specify the date when the book has been added to the database (Date added), location of the book in the house (Location) or a local path to the e-book file (Local path), and price of the book (Price). The URL field is usually filled out and displays the URL address of the source information that was used for automatic extraction of the information about the book.

As you see adding a book to the database is easy and takes a little time.

8. Click OK to close the book card or click the Next book button to add a new book.

When the book is added to the database, you can see it listed in the Book Title List.

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