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All My Movies - Personal Movie Organizer

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Create the catalog of your movie collection or track the movies you've watched with All My Movies program. It doesn't require much time, as you may think, because All My Movies will do almost anything for you. Automagically! Save your time, DOWNLOAD the movie organizer program now and create your first catalog in several minutes!

Download and Start Organizing
(installation file for Windows XP/Vista/7/8)

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With All My Movies you can

All My Movies main features are:

  • Easily import film details from internet movie databases available in various languages. Additional internet video databases are supported with the plugins for All My Movies
  • Ability to sync your collection with iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android devices
  • Extended cast details. Automatic lookup for actor photos, birthdays, filmography and biography.
  • TV Series support. Auto filling episode title and descriptions.
  • Ability to print collection using any existing report. Or you can create your own report with the built-in report editor.
  • Ability to add DVD/Blu-ray using UPC/EAN movie barcodes. Just enter (or scan with a special scanner) barcode numbers and All My Movies™ downloads all the rest of the information automatically. Cheap CueCat barcode scanners are fully supported.
  • Downloading large cover images and DVD/Blu-ray posters automatically from the databases like Amazon.com and DVDEmpire.com
  • Able to generate images with video details for several hardware media players like Tvix or Dune
  • Ability to play movies directly from the program. Can be used as a video playlist
  • Import DVD/Blu-ray catalog from other formats (CSV text format, MS Excel files and AMC (Ant Movie Catalog) files). Easy migrating.
  • Clear overview of your video inventory with nice collection statistics
  • Capture frames directly from DVDs or AVI files and add them to the movie database to help you remember the movie.
  • Fast collection search using any of the database fields - title, director, year, cast of movie, genre, description, movie synopsis, etc
  • Export your video collection to PDF, HTML (several templates are available or you can create your own) , plain text, CHM or Microsoft Excel format, so you can place it on your home web page or import into some other software
  • Password protection of your database file
  • Network mode, so, you can share your database in your home network and access it from several computers simultaneously.
  • MediaInfo.DLL support for auto-filling technical details from the video files
  • Multilevel automatic backup option - you will never lose your collection!
  • Easy to use loan manager

All My Movies™ is really a multilingual dvd organizer application. It now supports English, Russian, Greek, Dutch, French, Belorussian, Latvian, Polish, Serbian, Italian, Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish, Spanish, Korean, Danish, Chinese, Slovak and German languages.

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movie organizer software

You can try the program with just two feature limits in the free, 30 day trial version. The feature limits for trial version are:

  • You cannot create your own collection file but you can do what you want with the sample database.
  • Limited HTML export

System Requirements

All My Movies™ requires a PC with Windows XP/Vista/7/8 to run.



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All My Movies v8.0 Build 1431
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All My Movies for iPhone and iPod Touch
All My Movies for iPhone

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All My Movies HD for iPad
All My Movies HD for iPad
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User reviews
All My Movies - Nice job, guys!

"The program is really awesome! I've been using it for a year already and love it more and more!!! One of the most valuable things for me is that I can have my collection on my phone whenever I go to a movie shop: it allows me to avoid buying the movies I have already in my 600-movie collection.

It's a real must-have for any movie-lover!

Thanks to the developers!))"
Michael D. Briggs - Rating: 5.0


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