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All My Books 3.7 screenshot Catalog your printed books, e-books, and audio books automatically with All My Books program.

  • Have you forgotten to whom you lent your favorite Harry Potter book?
  • Do you want to know how many Stephen King books you have?
  • Do you want to print a list of your books or upload it to iPhone or iPad?
  • It is easier to locate a book in the digital personal book catalog than to rummage through your book shelves.

We are living in a digital age. Keep pace with the times and create your electronic book catalog with our book organizer software!

Your Personal Book Catalog

(installation file for Windows XP/Vista/7/8)

Electronic book collection - is it long and tedious?

No, it's fast and fun! You won't have to enter information about the book yourself; All My Books™ will load all information from online sources in a matter of seconds. All you have to type to get complete information about a book is to fill one of the fields - book title, author name or ISBN. Select the necessary book from the search results and all the information is before your eyes, including the book cover! This way you can add hundreds of books per hour! Then, all the advantages of the electronic book organizer become available - quick search, grouping and sorting by various fields, automatic calculation of statistical data and others. Read more about the features of the best book inventory software named All My Books™.

Main features of All My Books™

book inventory software
  • Fast downloading of book related information from internet book databases, including plot synopsis, reviews and book cover
  • Export book collection to iPhone and iPad with the special apps
  • Support for e-books - you can store a link to the file in the book card and open it directly from All My Books™. The program is able to automatically fill the book card for the following e-book formats: PDF, DjVu, FB2, FB2.ZIP, LRF (Sony Reader), LIT, MOBI (Kindle), PRC, PDB, EPUB, RB (RocketBook), AZW, AZW2. More about Ebook collection support.
  • Support for Audiobooks - you can start playback from the program in just one click. The book card is filled automatically for MP3, WMA, M4A, M4B, Audible(AA, AAX), OGG formats. Organize your audio book collection as well.
  • Ability to scan the hard drive for the book files. Add them all or only the new ones in a batch mode.
  • Batch book file renaming using the templates
  • Visual appearance of a library using various skins (editable HTML templates are used)
  • Large number of standard fields in the book card (author, title, ISBN, genre, publishing house, binding, number of pages, number of copies, location, rating and others)
  • Support for user defined fields - an unlimited number of additional text and boolean fields
  • Extended functionality and new online book data import sources using third-party plugins
  • Statistical information about the book collection (statistics for genres, binding, authors etc.)
  • Browse your book collection as a table (select the columns to display), cover thumbnails, virtual shelf, and coverflow view modes
  • Export of the digital library into many formats - text, HTML, CHM, PDF, XLS (Microsoft Excel)
  • Import of the existing book list in text or MS Excel format
  • Fast search for book using specified criteria. The search is conducted in all standard and user defined fields
  • Protection of the book database by password
  • Easy to use book sharing manager - you'll never forget whom and when you gave that book
  • Storage for an unlimited amount of additional graphic information for each of the books in the database
  • Network mode, so, you can share your database in your home network and access it from several computers simultaneously.
  • Ability to print collection using any existing report. Or you can create your own report with the built-in report editor.
  • Ability to store details about authors, editors and translators, including their photo

You can try All My Books™ with just two feature limits in the free, 30 day trial version. The feature limits for this version are:

  • You cannot create new book database but you can do what you want with the sample database. Please note that the sample collection will be rewritten each time you reinstall All My Books™
  • Limited HTML export

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System Requirements for All My Books

Book collection manager All My Books™ requires a PC with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 to run. It has no additional requirements.


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User reviews
All My Books - Awesome!

"After a 30 minute good tryout of the free version... I had to buy it. WOW!!! this software blows Calibre our of the water. I get everything I need here. Awesome book mamagement and transfer to other devices and easy as pie. The interface is so attractive. Thank you!"
Eneida Paulo - Rating: 5.0

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