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The functional core of the program can be extended with the plug-ins. The plug-ins can be downloaded from the Bolide Software website.

To install a new plug-in:

1. Open Plugins.

2. Click Download more plug-ins.

The program will open a webpage with plug-ins in the default browser. Choose the plug-in you need and download it to your hard drive.

3. Unpack the archive to the Plugins folder of All My Books in Program Files.

4. Restart All My Books for the change to take effect.

Please note:

After the installation, the plug-ins are displayed in the Plug-ins menu on the toolbar. However the plug-ins that add support for the new databases for automatic extraction of the book information are displayed in the list of available sources in the Preferences dialog (Tools > Preferences > General tab) and in the drop-down menu of the Lookup button in the book card (See: Adding a new book automatically).

Download the latest All My Books installation file