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Create a new database (see Creating a new database)

Open a database. When selected, the option opens the Open Book Database dialog. Use it to browse to the database file and load it to the program. The proprietary file type for All My Books is *.amb. (see Opening a database)

Re-opens the database already loaded into All My Books.

Appends selected book records from the other database (see Appending from another database).

Make a backup copy of the database to restore it in case the original database gets corrupted (see Making a backup).

Compresses the current database for smaller size. Before compression, a popup dialog tells you the current size of the database and its size after compression (see Compression).

Create a password to protect a database from unauthorized access. The dialog prompts you to type in a password and re-type it again to confirm it. The password is required to open the database (see Password Protection).

Generate an HTML page to share the database information with friends via the internet or email. When selected, the option starts a wizard that allows you to choose the template for a report, select database fields to be included into the report and set the destination folder. Clicking the "Go" button generates the report (see Sharing with friends)