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Have you ever played a picture compare game you found in a newspaper or magazine? Two pictures that, at a glance, look like exact duplicates are quickly found to have some minor differences, and you have to compare them and find all 12, 15 or 27 discrepancies. Usually the differences are pretty obvious once you start looking-someone's eyes will be a different color, a house will be missing a window or a table is missing a leg. The puzzle can be fun but frustrating if those last two or three differences elude you.

But once you look at the answer key to find those differences, you want to smack your forehead and wonder why you couldn't see them when they're so obvious. The boy's shirt has an extra red stripe in that shot, or the rubber ducky has no eye in that one! Those are digitally manufactured differences, and if you glance back forth long enough you can usually spot most of them easily.

Now look at your digital photographs. When you've taken several shots at the same angle, in the same light, with the same subject, it's usually because you wanted to make sure you get at least a good shot or two out of the bunch. And maybe you did. But you've got several photos that aren't very good that are amazingly similar. Unlike the picture compare games where the differences are obvious, even if very small, your similar photos are probably so similar, you might have to blow them up and examine pixels to see the differences in some of them.

If you did go through your entire collection in a picture compare mindset, you'd probably emerge with hunched shoulders, squinty eyes, and a collection of digital shots that still aren't sorted. Because you'd likely give up while he job was still unfinished and decide it was just too tedious. This is where picture compare software can save your back and your vision, and clear a bunch of space off your hard drive, too.

You set the software's sensitivity. If you want it to only find exact duplicates first, you can do that. Then you can set it to find very similar pictures, or loosen the restrictions and have it find photographs that wouldn't fool someone playing a picture compare game, but are obviously only slightly different from several other shots you've kept. You can compare two pictures at a time, of be presented with several to look at and compare.

When it flags duplicates, you can then decide whether you want to move them somewhere else or delete them. Going through your collection can take some time if you have many gigabytes of photos, but the software does the grunt work, not you. And once you've gone through your entire collection, you can prevent duplicates from building up again. When you download new shots, use the picture compare software immediately just to get rid of the obviously similar shots, before you look through them and choose the best.

The program we are writing about is named Image Comparer.

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