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Image Comparer screenshots

(installation file for Windows Vista/7/8/10)

Take a look at some Image Comparer ™ (great duplicate photo finder tool) screenshots (click to enlarge)


Image Comparer main window screenshot thumbnail

Comparison results - image pairs (table mode)
Image Comparer tree view thumbnail

Comparison results - tree mode
Image Comparer Comparison Wizard screenshot thumbnail

Comparison wizard
Image Comparer gallery screenshot thumbnail

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Our customer say

Image Comparer - Highly recommended

"I'm a lensman for several years already. I work for a well-known magazine and love my work a lot!!! I enjoy taking photos of nature, animals, and what not... Yeah, it's true photos are often very similar to each other and need a lot of hard daily work... Some time ago I even thought of an assistant, but you know what a headache it is to find a qualified one! But now I have it it's Image Comparer!!! Many thanks for the developers!!! Highly recommend it to all people professionally dealing with lots of images!"
Curt Fisher - Rating: 4.9 -

Paid Version Benefits:
· FREE technical support
· FREE minor version updates
· No time limits
· No nag screens
· No feature limits


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