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Aug, 2004 -- Got "twin" images? Image Comparer will find them!


Sep, 2004 -- Comparing Images Fast! by David Oshiro, Hawaiian Hard Drive, Managing Editor


Sep, 2005 -- "Image Comparer" Has an Inbuilt Comparison Algorithm to Find and Remove Unnecessary Copies of JPEG and BMP Files




Feb, 2009 -- Bolide Software Releases Image Comparer To Help Photographers, Photo Collectors & Users Find Duplicate Or Similar Pictures On PC


October, 2009 -- Image Comparer Is Getting Smarter in Assisting Photographers with Photo Duplicates Detection



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"Just want to thank you for the great program!!! It knows beans really! It's really awe-inspiring! Really cool! You know I am really keen on taking photos and have thousands of them on my PC. I was even afraid to try to organize them manually... Yecch!! But Image Comparer did it nicely and very quickly indeed - it managed to find all even slightly similar photos! Fantastic! I would never do myself! Not on my life! So, thank you and keep it up!"
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