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When your free time is filled with passports and ancient ruins, you might have a lot of pictures as a result. Taking pictures when traveling helps you commemorate special moments as well as help you to relive these moments from the comfort of your living room. But if you tend to fly or drive thousands of miles each year, you may have noticed you have many more photos than you can organize on your own. You need help - and that means you need an image organizer to help you 'unpack' your memories and put them away neatly.

Taking More Pictures is a Good Idea

Of course, your first reaction to your plethora of pictures might be to take fewer pictures. After all, if you're not adding massive amounts of pictures, this means you aren't going to have as many to organize, right? But the truth is that you don't want to have to think about how many pictures you're taking. You should just be focusing on taking pictures that appeal to you and that will come home with you as special mementos. In fact, with the invention of digital cameras, you have all the more reason to take more pictures. You should take as many as possible, but it's when you get home that the image organizer can help you pare things down.

Getting Rid of the Doubles

In the times of 35mm photography, it was common to order doubles of your pictures. However, when you did this, you never knew what you might get in that envelope because you couldn't see the pictures ahead of the printing time. With a digital camera, you know exactly what picture you've taken and you can download the files to your computer. Once these files are on your computer, you can make the decision whether or not to print the picture, or even to save it. But when you're traveling to many places, you might not remember all of the pictures you've taken - and whether there are doubles. With an image organizer, it will help to find doubles and then you get to make the choice whether to keep the files or to delete them.

Showcase Only the Best

Since you might be the travelers in your family, an image organizer will help you to not only get rid of duplicates but also to help you share only the best photos of your collection. This way, your family doesn't have to sit through hundreds of the same pictures when you send a slideshow or when you have a picture sharing night. Everyone will be grateful for that.

With an image organizer software program, you can begin to take control of your travels and your memories. While you might want to hang onto all of the files you can, realize that the more room you make on your computer by removing extraneous files, the more room you have for the pictures from the trips you have yet to take.

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