How to Make Image Collection Dupeless

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No duplicates!

When it comes to protecting your pictures and making each image dupeless, nothing is foolproof, but there are certain steps that make it much harder for people to copy your hard work and to preserve what you have done. Again, nothing is foolproof - someone who knows the working of the Internet well enough can change things so that they can use your image, but you can make it a lot more difficult to duplicate your pictures.

Use Javascript

If you are putting your images up on a webpage, you can add a piece of code to your Html that will stop them from right clicking on your menu and saving the image. This is really the best way to save your image, if you can do it. People who try to right click on your page to take the picture off of it will get an error message saying that it can't be done.

'Shrink wrap' your image

Another way to protect your image from being copied is to overlay it with something else. This can also be circumvented, but it makes things a lot harder for thieves. There are web pages out there that will help you to do this with a form, and even will provide you with an image to use to do it. But basically your image goes in the background with the 'false' image on top of it so that when the person who is trying to steal your image clicks on it, they get the blank image instead.

Put a watermark on your image

One of the most effective ways to keep people from stealing your image is to add a watermark to it. If you are using a program like Photoshop, adding watermarks is easy. You can do it with the security features. If you are using another program, search the web to see how to add one. But adding watermarks is usually a good deterrant because thieves are less likely to steal a picture that isn't perfect.

In conclusion, there is no foolproof way to make each image dupeless but you can make your pictures harder to duplicate so that thieves might just give up because it's way too hard to duplicate your pictures, or the picture isn't perfect because of a watermark. Unfortunately there are some people out there who use the Internet as their own private smorgasbord and think nothing of taking and using other people's hard work for their own gain. Until we can come up with a foolproof way to protect our stories and our pictures, there will always be people who are going to steal them.

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