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You probably don't need picture comparison software. You've got hundreds, maybe thousands, of digital photos on your computer and you know that some of them are duplicates that can go. Maybe some photos with red-eye got touched up and you never deleted the originals-saving the original is a good safe practice, so that while you're working with a photo you can't destroy the original image. You're careful, and you've saved every one. But then you didn't go back and delete the red-eye or too dark or slightly angled photograph once you'd played with the image and made it picture perfect.

But despite that, you just won't need picture comparison software to get all those duplicates off your machine. You relish the challenge of doing it yourself. You never take the easy way out. Why let a program do something for you in a short amount of time when you can spend weeks doing the same thing? You're a do-it-yourselfer. Who needs help?

If you want to avoid the pesky convenience of picture comparison software, here are a few ideas to help you out:

Don't delete the duplicates. This is the simple solution and the one you've been following for a while. All those duplicate pictures aren't hurting anything. If you don't count how they take up unnecessary space on your hard drive, slowing your machine. Or how, when you go to retrieve a picture, you'll always end up with the wrong version first and have to search for the "final" version. Life is full of little annoyances-you've gotten used to it. Why change now just because picture comparison software is available?

Print all your pictures and dive in. You won't mind the vast expense of all that photo paper and ink. Not to mention the wear and tear on your printer, which will probably have to crank out photos for a day straight, or more. Move all the furniture out of your living room and any other rooms necessary to lay all of them out flat. Then simply look for duplicates. You can even dust the corners of your rooms where you couldn't reach before with the furniture there. Picture comparison software can't do that!

But if that sounds daunting, you can invite people over to help you. Shuffle the photos like cards and deal a game of Go Fish to some family members. Then they can simply ask other people for duplicates by describing the photographs. What could be easier? Just be sure to provide lots of snacks and bathroom breaks, and you'll be done in a matter of weeks!

Pay a child to do it for you. Kids love to get paid for things and feel like they're helping out. And most of them love puzzles and pictures with hidden objects and the like. Pay several children, though. If you pick just one child, he or she will have to go away to college eventually, and you won't want the task left undone.

Who needs picture comparison software!

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