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Using the menu - Tools


This will display the settings window. Quick launch: F10. Description of the settings window tabs:

  • General. At this tab you can specify the size of image previews, maximum number of images displayed as previews. You can also specify whether "Comparison Wizard" should be launched at program startup. Try not to make image previews too large because they will require more memory and slow down the program.
    To make galleries open faster and speed up the navigation process, the program can display the gallery as a list of filenames and one preview of the selected image. This mode is automatically activated when the number of images in the gallery exceeds the number specified at this tab.
  • Comparison. At this tab you can configure the process of looking for similar images: look for modifications (rotate at different angles, mirror horizontally or vertically), similarity threshold. Similarity threshold is one of the most important search parameters. The search will produce only those images, which have the similarity ratio higher than this value. If you want to find identical images, set this value to 100. Decreasing this parameter will increase the comparison time and produce more image pairs. If you enable search for rotated and mirrored images, this will also increase the comparison time.
  • Language. This tab is used to select interface language.

Comparison wizard

This invokes the comparison wizard. To learn more about this function, click here. Quick launch: F4.

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