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Using the menu - Gallery

Create gallery

When you select this menu item, a dialog will appear prompting you to select a folder with images to add them to the gallery. Then, the window will be displayed where you can specify the filename of the new gallery. Then, the program will add all images from the folder (including subfolders) to the gallery and display the window containing small images (previews). If the number of images is too high, the gallery will be displayed as a table of filenames and one preview for the selected file. The limit on the number of images is specified in settings. To quickly launch this function, press the "Ctrl" + "N" keys.

Open gallery

After you choose this option, a window will be displayed prompting you to select an existing gallery. Image Comparer will open the specified gallery file. Quick launch: "Ctrl" + "O".


In the list that will appear, you can choose from 10 recently opened or created galleries.

Delete gallery

Deletes the active gallery. Please note, if you have opened results associated with this gallery, they will be deleted too.


After you choose this option, the program will try to compress the file containing the currently opened gallery. This is a system function of the database, which deletes "junk" appearing as a result of using the gallery. This is used to decrease the gallery database size.


Update information in the currently opened gallery. The program will scan all files in the gallery and deletes files which cannot be found. Quick launch: "Ctrl" + "R".

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