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Quick start - Galleries

The program allows you to select images which will be compared: among a single group of images (gallery) or between two groups of images. The gallery means group of images. A single gallery can hold multiple images even if they are located on different hard drives.

Let's consider two comparison results:

Among image group. In this case the program will browse through all images in this gallery and look for similar images in the same group. That is each image in the gallery will be compared with every other image in the same gallery.

Between two image groups. In this case the program will look for similar images between two galleries instead of a single gallery. Thus, it will look for similar images in the first group by browsing through all images in the second one. The program will not try to find similar images within each group. Each image from the first gallery will be compared with each image in the second gallery.

Technically, a "gallery" is represented by a file with ICG extension containing a database. This database holds links to the image files, some image parameters and precalculated hash which is used to compare images.

Attention! Increasing the number of files in groups increases the time required to find similar images.


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