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Quick start - Comparison wizard

When the program runs for the first time, the "Comparison wizard" window will appear. This wizard will help you to get yourself acquainted with the program and easily find similar images. The first window is "Short introduction". Here you will see a short description of how to use the program. If you don't want this information to be displayed at each wizard startup, mark the "Skip this step for the next time" option. Now, press the "Next" button to proceed to the next window.

Description of wizard steps.

Step 1. Select items to be compared.

In this window, you should choose the way you want to compare images: among one image group or between two image groups. To view the detailed description of these two comparison methods, click here.

Step 2. Addition items to galleries.

At this step, specify names for the galleries and choose files, which belong to these galleries. To do this, click the add folder button (Add folder to gallery). Then, a dialog window will appear prompting you to select a folder with images. Select the folder, and press the "Ok" button. Repeat this operation as needed. To delete a folder from the gallery, choose it in the list and press the delete button (Delete folder from gallery).

If you selected "Between two image groups" at the previous step, you should add folders to both galleries. In this case, the galleries must have different names.

Step 3. Select search parameters.

If you select the "Similar images" item, then during the search process the program will select only those images, which have at least 95% similarity ratio. If you choose the "Exact duplicates" item, the program will show only absolutely identical images, which have absolutely identical parameters (size, resolution, compression level etc.)

Step 4. Save results.

In this window, you should specify the filename and folder to store results.

Then, press the "Process" button to start the image analysis process. The program will create database for image galleries first, then compare the images and display results.

If you made a mistake or want to edit data in previous windows, press the "Previous" button. To shutdown Comparison wizard press "Cancel". You can also unmark the "Always run comparison wizard" item and in this case this window will not appear at subsequent program startup. You can always return this option by launching Comparison wizard from the program menu and marking the option again.

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