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Using the menu - Compare

Among gallery

In this case the program will browse through all images in the opened gallery and look for similar images in the same group. Quick launch: F2.

With another gallery...

If you selected this menu item, the program will prompt you to select another gallery to compare it with the first (the opened one). Thus, the program will look for similar images in the first group by browsing through all images in the second one. Each image in the first gallery will be compared with each image from the second gallery. Within each group the images are not compared. After you have selected the second gallery, the program will analyze the images and display comparison results. Quick launch: F3.

Save results as...

This menu item is used to store current results under the specified name. In the dialog that will appear, select a filename for the results file. In future, you will be able to open this file and the program will display comparison results without actually doing the calculations. Quick launch: "Ctrl" + "S".

Open results

This menu item is used to open previously saved comparison results. In the window that will appear, select a file with stored results. The program will open this file without doing any calculations. Quick launch: "Ctrl" +"Alt" + "O".


In the nested menu up to 10 recently opened/created results are stored. This menu item is used to conveniently access recently stored results.

Delete results

This menu item is used to delete the currently opened (active) results file.

Refresh results

This option works in the following way: the program checks whether the image files used in the active comparison results still exist. If the file was not detected, all information about this file is removed from the database. If the program does not display preview for some image or the result table has empty filenames, use this function to fix this. Empty filenames in the result table can be caused by the image files being physically deleted in another program or Windows explorer. Quick launch: "Ctrl" +"Alt" + "R".

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