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Here we tried to present some advice that will help you get most out of Image Comparer.

The Similarity threshold value in the program settings is very important. If the similarity ratio between two images is higher than this value, these images are considered similar and inserted into the result table. Based on our experience, most really similar images have the similarity value of 95 and higher, so this is the value we recommend. Increasing this value will speed up the program because fewer pairs will be inserted into the result table. You will also spend less time processing the results. If this value is too high, some really similar images may be missed. If you want to find absolutely identical images, make sure to set this value to 100 - this will significantly speed up the comparison process.

The Look for image modifications (rotated and mirrored images) option increases the time required to process images, so these options should be enabled only in case they are really needed.

If the program displays the gallery preview too slowly, you can use the alternative display mode. In the program settings, decrease the number of images in the gallery displayed as preview images. The alternative mode will display the gallery images as a table of filenames and the currently selected image will be displayed as preview.

It is not recommended to use the program to compare black-and-white or grayscale images because the results may be not what you want. We work at this issue and hope to overcome it in one of the future versions.

The program works fastest with JPEG images and slowest with the RAW format

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