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All My Movies ™ Tips and Tricks

Below is a list of some tips and tricks you may need using All My Movies. We have formed them as questions and answers.

Q: How do I make a group of movies displays highlighted?

A: Imagine that you want to quickly locate a group of movies. Say, movies you would not give to anyone because they are valuable to you. You can mark them in the movie list with any color you want. Just create a user defined flag, set the color for it and mark the movies you want. User defined flags can be created in the Preferences dialogís "Custom fields" tab. You can also set the flag's color there. After the flag is created, you can set or reset it in the movie cardís "Custom fields" tab.

Q: How do I duplicate a movie card?

A: In some cases, you may need to make a movie card with slightly different title or other details. You can save your time by not having to enter all the details manually. Pressing the CTRL-D shortcut key in the movie list will create a duplicate of the current movie selected. Note that this trick does not work in the tree view mode when you use the "Group by" feature.

Q: I have two person records with slightly different names, but they are really the same person! How can I fix this?

A: Since v4.4 Build 1245, you can merge person, friend, media location, and country records. Open the corresponding directory from the "Directories" menu, select two or more items you want to merge, right click and select the "Merge" menu item. Then you'll be asked for the record you want to keep in the database. Select the record and click the "OK" button. Thatís all!

Q: How can I reverse sort mode or filter condition?

A: In most cases, you can reverse the sort mode and filter condition by holding the Shift key while you select the sort mode. For example, if you want to show seen movies only, you should hold the Shift key and select the "Quick filter-Show unseen" menu item. Another example, you may want to display recently added movies at the end of the movie list. To do this, you should hold the Shift key, right click over the movie list and select the "Group by - Date added" menu item.

Q: How do I print my movie collection?

A: You can print the movie card using menu item "Movie - Print". If you want to print several movies or entire collection at once, you should filter or mark the movies you need to be printed and export them either in HTML or MS Excel format. Then you are able to print your collection from your default web browser or MS Excel. Since All My Movies v5.0 or program has a built-in print manager, you can print your movie collection using menu item "Movie-Print collection".

Some hidden keyboard shortcuts you may find useful:

  • CTRL-D duplicates movie record as described in one of the Q&A above.
  • CTRL-F10 shows all movie records with empty URL field value. In other words, movies without additional details imported from the online movie database.
  • CTRL-F11 shows all movie records with empty Local Path field value.
  • ESC cancels any applied filter or to close any popup dialog box.
  • F9 plays the movie if this possible. Local path should contain a valid path to a video file and the file must exist there.
  • CTRL-Z switches movie view layout. Two layouts are available - vertical (movie list is on the left and the movie details are on the right of the main program window) and horizontal (movie list is on the top and the movie details are on the bottom of the main program window).
  • CTRL-ALT-C saves the movie cover with the default file name of [MovieID].jpg, where [MovieID] is the internal unique ID for the movie.
  • CTRL-ALT-S adds screenshots from file, which name is given in the "Local Path" field.

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