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Movie collection

As a serious movie collector, you probably have hundreds of movies in your collection. It's not always easy to organize your collection so that you always know whether you have a particular title, and, if you do, where exactly it's located.

There is a class of software products that offers to organize your entire collection for fast and easy reference. Typically, you must enter every detail about each movie by hand. You might be a movie fan, but is it really fun to enter the names of movies and actor's names, release dates, video formats, and even box covers by hand?

All My Movies delivers what other products just promise: a really convenient way to enter your collection into the system. Thanks to the availability of online movie databases, you no longer have to type in all the details. Instead, you just tell All My Movies the UPC barcode of your video or DVD, and it will retrieve all desired information automatically from the Internet. If you don't have a barcode, you can simply type the name of the movie, and All My Movies will find the best match.

Browsing and searching your collection with All My Movies is easy, quick and fun. When you first enter a movie into the system, All My Movies will automatically download the picture of the box cover. It will look just like the movie on your shelf.

If you ever forget what the movie is about, All My Movies offers a convenient way to remind you about what's in the box. Just insert a DVD into your computer, and All My Movies will automatically capture still images from the movie and store them in the database for your future reference.

What if you remember that you definitely had that DVD, but it is simply not there? Maybe someone borrowed the disk from you, but do you remember who it was?

All My Movies keeps track of all of your videos with a comprehensive loan manager. Not only will it allow you to record and look up who borrowed a particular disk, but it will remind you after a certain time about overdue loans. If you regularly loan movies from your collection to friends, you will definitely value the powerful loan tracking features of All My Movies. You will be able to see who has borrowed a particular movie and when it was borrowed, as well as what other movies from your collection that borrower has.

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All My Movies - Love it!
"I love All My Movies, I use it every day! We have hard copy and binders of movies everywhere and for the first time in my life I can find what i want to watch, you have created a dream program and the fast updates and improvements are unheard of in todays software world."
- Rating: 4.8 -

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