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Movie List

When the New York Times published their "The Best 1000 Movies Ever Made" they smugly considered it the ultimate and definitive movie list.

Boy were they wrong! For a start they soon discovered that many movie collectors have a movie list exceeding 1000 and whilst it was a large movie list, merely listing movies is not the same as actually having them in your collection to watch over again!

It makes for a great reference work, and it's an interesting list, for like movie collecting itself it brings out what was considered normal or groundbreaking at the time. Not only are many of the movies old (the list spans 70 years) but the reviews are equally dated, making for some hilarious reading in places.

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It's one thing to point to a 20 year old movie with a 20 year old review, quite another to actually dust it off and actually watch the movie again through modern day eyes on your home cinema system. Trivia and information only go so far but for the ultimate movie list, you need the actual movies!

Your Home Movie List

A dry and ultimately empty "movie list" is obviously unsatisfying but there's a flip side to having a great collection of actual movies too. You don't have a list - or perhaps you do but it's scribbled on the side of some cardboard box or into some little notebook that's easily lost.

Now you can enjoy both an impressive movie collection and your own fantastic movie list, with your own ratings (thank you very much) and all the detail you could wish for, neatly stored on your PC and always easy to copy, transfer or back-up.

No we're not talking Microsoft spreadsheets but powerful software for your own computer that creates truly the ultimate movie list - your own!

Movie List Software?

Don't be intimidated by words such as database or software, as it's a very simple program to use and created specially for movie lovers. You want to store every little detail? No problem. Want to add to the details later, skipping some bits for now? You can, without the program demanding input or blowing a fuse. You can add your own ratings and even change them later, with not only every possible category of data stored and searchable but room for more as you learn more about that movie.

Basically its movie list software for people who hate using other movie list software!

It's not the only such program but it's the only one built by movie collectors for movie collectors who want to list their movies properly. Collecting movies is just incomplete until you have your very own definitive movie list and All My Movies makes that easier than you can imagine. In fact stop imagining and download your free demo right now. You don't need to be a computer guru to use its powerful features; you just need to love movies!

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