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Organizing the ever-growing collection of DVD and Blu-ray disks is the biggest challenge for any movie collector. Those users who often find themselves frustrated not being able to recall where they put the disk, might want to consider installing movie collector software like All My Movies, which is now coming in a major upgrade.

September 01, 2008: Bolide Software today announces All My Movies 5.0, the major version of its award-winning product for movie collectors. The program allows the user to organize and catalog a collection of DVD, CD, VHS, or movies on the hard drive into a computer database, which makes it incredibly quick to find a film.

All My Movies can help movie collectors in putting together a detailed movie database with little efforts. To add a new movie, the user needs to put a disk into the computer drive, and the program will look it over automatically, match up the disk with one of the online sources and download all the information, including the cover art, summary of the movie, director, actors and many other details. Currently, All My Movies can search in 15 online sources, including Internet Movie Database, TMDb, and DVD Empire.

With the same simplicity the movie can be inventoried by typing in its barcode or loading the movie into the database from file on the hard disk drive. If the user has time and access to all information about the movie, he may as well fill in the blanks manually, without barcode or disk scans.

Once added to the database, movies can be viewed on the main screen. Each movie entry may contain a large amount of details - title, front cover, genre, cast names, crew, studio, release year, plot, genre, rating, screen ratios, subtitles, audio tracks, and that's just the beginning - All My Movies has it all. Movies can be given additional tags for further identification: "Wishlist", "Unseen", "Loans", "Overdue", etc.

It's a pleasure to immediately find the information on a movie by using several convenient methods. The movie collector can simply browse the list in the main window, or use quick filters to sort the database, search on a movie title, director, actor or other parameters. The user can also find a movie quickly using the quick movie finder that displays the movie you're looking for as you type the first letters in the search box.

The program helps the movie collector to keep track of movies lent to friends so they are never forgotten.

With just two clicks, the database can be exported to a variety of formats, including plain text, HTML, CHM, Microsoft Excel or a mobile device (PDA or smartphone). The user can also print the movie collection.

What's new in All My Movies 5.0?

New to version 5.0 is an ability to print a collection of movies using the editable templates. The user will be able to create templates and edit them with ease. The new version can also print jewel case inserts for DVD boxes.

Available now, All My Movies 5.0 costs $39.95. A free 30-day trial is available.

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Bolide Software is a provider of multimedia products and software for collectors and hobbyists. Founded in 2003 by Max Smirnov, Bolide Software has launched several successful projects, including All My Movies, All My Books, Image Comparer, and Hide Photos. For more information, please visit https://www.bolidesoft.com


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"I have collected over three thousand dvd and blu-ray movies in my lifetime. My collection was a mess. I did not know where or even what some of my movies were untill I got All My Movies. The software helped me organize and set my collection back on track. And with the Bar code scan, it was even easier for me to enter these movies into my system. One of the best, if not the best piece of software out on the market for home cataloging home movies."
- Rating: 4.5 -

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