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Movie Collector Alternative

Movie Collector

Looking for Movie Collector alternative? Or trying to migrate from any other movie organizer? You've got to the right place! To track and organize your growing movie library, we recommend All My Movies. Just not to make a mere assertion, let's consider our users' opinions about the program.

Installation File for Windows Vista/7/8/10

(Official Download. No Toolbars, No Ads, No Third-Party Bundles. Easy to Uninstall.)

Import your Movie Collector data to All My Movies

Yes, it is possible to import your movie collection created with Movie Collector to All My Movies quickly and easily. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions listed below:

  1. Start Movie Collector with your database
  2. Use menu item "File-Export to-XML" to save your database in XML file
  3. Close Movie Collector and start All My Movies
  4. Use menu item "Database - Open Movie Collector database" to transfer your entire collection to All My Movies.

Note: All My Movies will open your last saved XML automatically. If you want to select XML file yourself, please hold Shift key pressed while clicking on menu item "Database-Open Movie Collector Database"

Movie Collector Migrants Special Offer

If you already have a Movie Collector license you do not need to order All My Movies at full price. We offer a great discount for migrants from Movie Collector. Proceed to our special offer page to save some money.

Movie Collector vs. All My Movies

Below the advantages of All My Movies over Movie Collector are listed, which were provided by the users themselves who migrated to All My Movies from Movie Collector software and who are very glad to have done this:

  • "play movies directly from the database"
  • "easy look up on the net, adding a trailer feature"
  • "lookup of actors and being able to add screenshots and quite a few other features"
  • "I've been using Movie Collector Pro for a while and my father, who also collects DVDs, told me about your product. Your interface seems better and the quality of the downloaded images is far better."
  • "Your software was able to import my existing collection with ease. The competitor product struggled. Once the data was loaded, performance was the most important aspect, and your product did searches, with custom fields, quickly and easily. Your product also did a much better job in searching data off of internet sources. "
  • "I love the ease of use that this program has over Collectorz."
  • "Looking for new one since Movie Collector no longer interfaces to IMDB."
  • "Your software does a better job of managing the movie stars and I can download their information from IMDB"
  • "I want an easy to use database that showcase the cover art in a more pleasing way such as All My Movies. I also love the feature to connect the actual movie to an easily accessible link, that is fantastic and simple to setup."
  • "I changed from "Collectorz.com Movie Collector" to AllMyMovies because of one major reason. It's available in my native language, Norwegian."
  • "Ability to play video clips, Cleaner GUI, Plug in support"
  • "All My Movies has a much easier to use interface for bulk adding movies off my hard drive and automatically filling in the technical details of the files."
  • "Better support of TV shows."
  • "I like the look and feel of your application. I also like that your product allows me to launch the movies I have saved on my hard drive directly from the info page."
  • "Because of the decision of using just the Collectorz database as a source for searching the movies information."
  • "I like the way the TV series episodes are presented"

Your best choice is All My Movies ™

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Our customer say

All My Movies - Lifesaver
"I have a Collection of over 2700 movies and All My Movies has been a lifesaver keeping track of my collection and very easy software to use."
- Rating: 4.8 -
Today we're discussing movie collecting software presented in today's software market. So, how to make a right choice in a variety of competing programs which bring in order and organize your vast collections of movies? First of all, we need to confess that such programs have done really much with respect to organizing and ordering movie collections. However, more detailed examination of all the software proved All My Movies to be really the best movie collector.


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