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If you are into movies, you probably have your favorite actors and actresses. You may want to look and see exactly what movies they are in, and exactly what movies they might be in. If you own an incredibly large movie collection, you will undoubtedly realize that it is hard to look through your entire collection. Wouldn't it be great if you could simply see every movie that you have, and find out who is in every movie?

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Many people wish that they could have the cast of the movie listed in an incredibly easy manner. Those people would even want to have a listing of all of the casts of the movies that they have. Some people wouldn't understand why this could be so beneficial. If you think about it, however, knowing the cast of the movie for every movie that you have can be helpful in more way than one. Memorizing the entire cast list isn't going to happen. If you are someone who is looking for their favorite actors, the only way to really have that is to have a list of the cast. Do you know all of the different movies that you have that feature that particular actor? If you don't have easy access to the cast of the movie, you really won't know.

The cast of movie can show you all the different people who were in the movie, and not just those who are incredibly famous. Want to know the name of the small part that you just saw? Think that someone in a smaller role looks familiar? The only way to have that information in an incredibly quick way is to have the cast of Movie available in a convenient way. But how can you have all of that information in a convenient, single location without flipping through all for the DVDS that you have?

All My Movies is the solution to this issue. If you are looking for the cast of the movie, you can use our website, once you have put together your own personal movie database. We allow you to have a database of all of your movies in one place, so that you can have a comprehensive catalog of all of the movies that you own. It will allow you to find all of the movie casts of all of the movies that you have in a quick and easy fashion.

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All My Movies - Great program
"Wow, I'm really impressed with All My Movies! All my DVD/Bluray discs are ripped onto my HTPC hard drive. I went to Tools and chose Scan Drive For Movies and all 129 movies were cataloged. It wasn't long before I figured out how to gather covers and all the info about all my movies; all done with the click of a mouse. This is a very visual pleasing, mouse friendly, program. I downloaded several programs, both free and not. This is heads and shoulders above the rest. One of the best things about All My Movies is that by double clicking on the picture of the movie it automatically launches the default media player and plays it. Everything else seemed pretty intuitive."
- Rating: 4.6 -