Hide Photos: Do NOT keep your photos in clouds!

Hide Digital Pictures from the Curious Eye

Every digital photographer has pictures not intended for public view. Hide for-your-eyes-only photos in a password-protected secure container with Hide Photos desktop software product! The best private photo album software.

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Easy to use

Just drag and drop your private pictures to Hide Photos, and it will keep them secure.

Works with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11

Back in the film ages there were virtually no privacy for an amateur photographer. Once a film was shot, it was usually taken to a photo lab for development and for making prints. Needless to say there was little to no privacy for any of your shots as every frame was checked by a lab worker.

Digital photo finishing removed the need to take the film to a lab. Digital allows you to take, develop and print private home photos at home without the embarrassment of lab technicians peeking on your images. It has become easy to snap and print pictures, but how about storing them properly in the long run?

Digital Safe for Your Private Photos

Digital photos don't require a safe box to hide them away from the curious eye. All you need is an ordinary PC and a very special software tool. You require a tool that hides your private pictures from anyone but you and makes them impossible to access without knowing the right password.

Nice Layout

Hide Photo Main Screen

Hide Photos keeps the digital pictures you want to protect in a securely locked container. Exactly how secure is the protection? Hide Photos employs the newest industry-standard AES encryption with 256-bit keys. There's hardly anything in the world to better protect your digital photos!

There are other aspects of digital photo security than just the length of the encryption key. If you use an encrypted ZIP or RAR archive, no matter how securely the pictures are inside the archive, they are still exposed every time you access a picture. Once you extract a digital image from the archive, it is stored temporarily on your hard disk, leaving the image file unencrypted and unprotected. It is totally possible that the picture remains in the temporary folder after you are done with it, making it an unpleasant surprise when somebody stumbles upon your private photo when browsing the temp files.

Protect your privacy!

Hide Photos is the only way to keep your private pictures private.

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Hide Photos never extracts anything onto the hard disk, and leaves absolutely no traces while you're busy with the image and after you finish.

There's a downside to security. If you forget your password, no one, but no one will be able to help you recover your protected pictures. Hide Photos is well aware of the issue, and allows you to specify a password hint to give you and only you the idea about the password. Just make sure not to use a hint too trivial to protect your passwords from easy guessing!

Better Than ZIP Security

How is it better than a password-protected ZIP or RAR archive? Hide Photos is so much more convenient, fast and secure than any packer that there's really no comparison! Hide Photos stores protected images in an encrypted secure container that is easily accessible with an Explorer-like interface. It displays full-color thumbnail previews of the protected pictures, and conveniently organizes your collection with tags and comments for quick search.

Better Than Anything

Hide Photos is convenient and secure, so what about the ease of use? It's shines in this department, too! You can add or extract pictures by dragging and dropping single images or entire folders from Windows Explorer, or select pictures to protect from within the Explorer-like interface.

Protect your digital pictures against the curious eye and make them impossible to access without your authorization with Hide Photos! Download the free evaluation version now and protect your digital albums immediately!