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All My Books Version History

(installation file for Windows Vista/7/8/10)

version 4.9 build 1235

- added new truly personal rating for books
- added menu item "Tools - Batch update book details" for mass update book details either from file or online
- added the option for moving articles to the end of titles. Check "Preferences", "Expert options" tab
- added the ability to export Unread and Wishlist field values to CSV, Excel, simple HTML table
- improved "Append from..." function: you can sort books in the list by date added or date modified with the right mouse button, duplicate books are not selected by default (matched by URL field only!), added "select all" and "deselect all" buttons, the dialog is resizeable now
- improved quick search by title. When you type anything in the main program window, the program will try to jump to the book title that starts with what you typing.
- fixed: delete book in a "group by..." mode deletes the book from the tree too
- fixed several issues related to "Display Original Title" option usage
- fixed getting book details from bol.com, litres.ru
- fixed working of Add by ISBN button on the toolbar
- fixed several issues with the Friends directory
- fixed restoring "group by" mode after AMB restart

version 4.8 build 1233

- bigger buttons on the toolbar, new toolbar panels added for a quick sort/group the collection and more
- Illustrator field is named as Narrator for audiobooks
- improved parsing of EPUB files (cover image, some calibre fields)
- added a chart by file type in Statistics (press F5 to open)
- added the ability to use Contents (TOC) field in print and PDF reports
- added the ability to display local path and file type in the book details HTML templates
- added import of Subjects from Amazon
- fixed drag-and-drop of unicode book file names to AMB form
- fixed Last 10 book files for Unicode file names
- fixed getting book details from bol.com (cover image), Ozon.ru (search)
- fixed several minor issues

version 4.7 build 1232

- added the ability to transfer book files to Kindle and other devices with no drive letter assigned. Use menu item "Tools - Transfer to device..."
- added generic parser for unknown URLs
- added temporary option in mobile device export function to avoid crash of iOS apps
- batch add by ISBN now can accept comma-delimited ISBNs
- AMB now takes the title from the folder name when add audiobook that consists of several files
- added import of Illustrator, Translator, Editor fields for German, French, Spanish and Italian Amazon
- now narrator for audiobooks is imported from Amazon too, if available
- fixed getting book details from Ozon.ru
- a lot of minor issues were fixed

version 4.6 build 1230

- added the ability to scan Kindle and other similar devices with no drive letter assigned. Menu item "Book - Scan drive/device for books..."
- added an ability to get book details from Amazon.in
- batch book rename feature now can create folders
- fixed getting book details from bol.com, powells.com, litres.ru
- fixed a lot of minor issues

version 4.5 build 1229

- added search by Location, Editor, Translator, Illustrator field values in Book Search dialog (press F3 to activate)
- added dropdown lists with the possible values for almost any field in the "Book Search" dialog
- added a button to paste image from Clipboard as Illustration ("Illustrations" tab in the book card)
- now you can select to divide the groups with an empty spaces or not during export to PDF or printing the collection when it is grouped by some field
- fixed filling lists of the available values for the custom fields in the book card
- fixed search by ISBN on bol.com
- fixed getting book details from bol.de
- a dozen of minor issues were addressed

version 4.4 build 1227

- added "Illustrations" tab to the book card, where you can manage the book images - add/delete/change the order
- improved navigation with the keys in "group by" modes (tree view mode). Use cursor keys, Home, End, PageUp, PageDn, Space to navigate
- added "Set up marks" menu item to "Quick filter - Personal marks", "Clear personal marks" and "Set personal marks" menus
- fixed export to mobile devices (in some cases the device cannot import the exported file)
- fixed getting books details from barnesandnoble.com, books.google.com
- fixed sort direction save/restore
- fixed export functions for group by date added and date read modes

version 4.3 build 1225

- added dropdown lists with the possible values for the most of the fields in the book card. Press "arrow down" key in field to activate.
- now you can resize book card window and "scan drive for books" dialog
- https links support
- added a button to open the folder with the backup copies in the Preferences
- added the ability to set Dropbox folder as a backup destination in a single click
- added the ability to edit custom fields in the book card dialog
- fixed getting book details from bol.com
- a lot of minor improvements and fixes

version 4.2 build 1224

- added new db field for Illustrators
- faster upload to web server during export to the mobile device
- you can use logical AND and OR operations when search by Subject in Advanced book search (F3 hotkey)
- optimized search by any field function
- added ability to group by Translator, Editor, Illustrator using menu item "View-Group books by..."
- added ability to sort by Year, Pages, Date read using menu item "View-Sort books by..."
- easier installation process (less steps)
- fixed getting book details from barnesandnoble.com, bol.com
- a lot of minor issues were fixed

version 4.1 build 1222

- added ability to set new sequentail numbers for every book in the database with the special button in "Expert options" tab
- added: click on the statusbar scrolls to the last book, click on empty space over the book list scrolls to the first book
- added: ability to search the substring in any field using "Search book" function (F3)
- added: ability to search for books that doesn't contain the given substring, just enter it as !substring in the "Book Search" dialog
- added: new background for the virtual shelf named "Carbon". Switch with "View-Virtual shelf" menu item
- fixed group editing of custom fields
- fixes in export to mobile device function
- fixed Cancel button in batch book file rename function
- fixed saving view mode with custom sort settings
- fixed restoring "group by" modes after restart
- fixed getting book details from ozon.ru

version 4.0 build 1220

- added batch book edit feature. Select several books and click on Edit toolbar button to change almost any field in the selected books
- added batch book file rename function using editable templates. Check Tools menu.
- added new collection view mode - Cover Thumbnails. Check View menu.
- added new collection view mode - Cover Flow. Good for Windows Tablets.
- added a button to clear the search field and to cancel a filter (if set)
- added a hint with numeric rating value (both in the book card and book details area)
- fixed parsing some EPUB files (cover image and synopsis)

version 3.9 build 1215

- added getting metadata and cover images (using the first page) for PDF files
- added chart statistics for custom fields (press F5 to check)
- added checking for write permissions for the database folder when opening the collection
- added an ability to search books by local path, so you can filter books placed in some folder or e-books of the some file type. Check menu Tools-Book Search or press F3
- added an ability to search books by Series name (menu item Tools-Book search)
- added "do not import book number" option to the "Append from..." dialog
- the quick search field above the list now search by author too
- added unicode file name support
- improved function for parsing .mobi, .prc, .pdb, .azw ebook files
- fixed getting book details from Ozon.ru
- fixed a lot of minor issues

version 3.8 build 1214

- added statistics by custom fields and personal marks (separate tab in the statistics dialog)
- added "Chart" tab to the Statistics. Press F5 to open
- added an ability to restore the database using amb.zip file or online copy that was made with "Export to mobile device" function
- added an option for high quality images for PDF export function
- fixed getting book details from Ozon.ru, Bol.com
- fixed search by ISBN on Ozon.ru
- fixed several minor bugs as well

version 3.7 build 1213

- now All My Books can store the correct order for authors, editors and translators
- Main subject is the really "Main" now, it will be first in the subjects list
- the book details in the online search results are displayed in several strings
- added support for M4A and M4B audiobooks (reading metadata from the files)
- when use Book Search (F3) function, the search substring now highlighted in the book details area
- added menu item "Transfer books to device..." to the popup menu as well (with "transfer selected only" option preselected)
- fixed minor issues with transfer books to device function
- fixed book details import from ozon.ru, barnesandnoble.com, bol.com

version 3.6 build 1211

- added Audible AA and AAX audio book formats support (experimental)
- the program is adapted for usage on the systems with the larger system font
- added new function for copying the book files to your reader/player device. Check menu item "Tools-Transfer books to device..."
- added filter inverse for menu "Quick filter-Personal marks" when holding Shift key
- added menu item "View - Sort books by - Price"
- fixed a bug with editing directories when book card dialog is open
- fixed getting book details from ozon.ru, b&n
- several bugs were fixed as well

version 3.5 build 1208

- now the number of folders is displayed in the statusbar for all "group by..." modes
- now you can print and export to PDF grouped book list too after using menu "View-Group books by..."
- now the program remembers the book you closed it on and starts with that book selected
- now you can set ranges for year and book number when using menu item "Tools-Book search". For example, 1997-2003
- fixed getting book details from books.google.com and ozon.ru
- fixed export to different formats when books are grouped by some field

version 3.4 build 1207

- added the buttons to the book card for quick editing of subject, binding type and location directories
- added checking for the new update available before writing to the support team
- better hint handling in virtual shelf mode
- now you can drag&drop the book file(s) to All My Books window to add it or to link it with the current book
- added functions for import the colleciton made with MyHomeLib and Booknizer
- added: now the program displays the book titles in the delete confirmation dialog
- fixes in getting cover from Bing function
- fixed getting book details from Ozon.ru, Powells.com, b&n, bol.com
- fixed advanced filters in virtual shelf view mode

version 3.3 build 1205

- added new Export to mobile device feature and new app for iPhone and iPod Touch! Check menu item Tools-Export to-Export to mobile device or just press CTRL-M in the program
- added gif loader during downloading the books details
- new way of empty cover image displaying
- new "Standard" template for the person details are. Check menu item "Directories-Names" and then "View-HTML template"
- added new HTML template for the book details, named "Rusty Art"
- new book HTML templates were improved a bit according to your feedback
- improved the way "Your books" are displayed in the "Names" directory
- restored functionality: single click in the Loan, Unread, Wishlish columns changes their value
- better navigation with the cursor keys in the virtual shelf
- fixed book operations in "group-by" modes (tree-view)
- fixed getting book details from bol.com, ozon.ru

version 3.2 build 1204

- added ability to group books by Add Date and Read Date divided by years and months. Check "View-Group books by" menu item
- added new book card templates - Art, Flower Sketch and Standard. Check menu "View-HTML template"
- fixed Cover image download from Bing (new API)
- fixed search by ISBN on Ozon.ru website
- fixed sorting in Friends directory
- several GUI fixes

version 3.1 build 1203

- added popup hint for the cells with longer text than cell size ("Title list" view mode)
- added an ability to get book details in Italian from Amazon.it
- added new print templates - Covers, Covers Only, Covers Small. Check menu item "Book-Print collection..."
- added an ability to override system default reader applications for the given book types. Check "Expert options" tab in the Preferences
- CTRL-A now works for text fields in the book card to select entire field's content
- added an option to Preferences to select between "First name Last name" and "Last name, First name" view mode for Author's name in the book list
- fixed multiselect bug in Virtual shelf view mode
- fixed Loan/Return bug in Virtual shelf view mode
- fixed a lot of issues intruduced in v3.0

version 3.0 build 1200

- new visual control is used now for the book list (fixed scrolling related problems)
- added an ability to sort book list by Author
- added an ability to sort exported books by Author
- added an ability to add Subject field as an additional column to the book list
- added new "Compact2" template for printing the collection or export to PDF
- Subjects and Binding types are available now in Directories menu instead of Preferences
- fixed getting book details from Ozon.ru, b&n, Powells, bol.com
- fixed lookup by ISBN on Amazon when "Remove hyphens from ISBN" option is turned off
- new logo and icons :)

version 2.9 build 1137

- added AZW and AZW2 (amazon) ebook format support
- added getting book details from Amazon.es (Spanish)
- added support for AAC, M4A, MP4 audio book files
- "delete linked book files" option now uses Recycle bin
- added menu item "Quick filters-Show Read"
- added an ability to create a custom playlist for the audiobooks with multiple linked files
- added an ability to get cover image from EPUB ebooks
- fixed "Out of memory" error when switching to keep images outside the database for the large database files
- fixed wrong charset for Author field imported from some EPUB ebook files
- fixed getting book details from Bol.com, books.google.com

version 2.8 build 1135

- added an ability to cancel batch book add process after scanning the drive
- added an ability to scan in the background for the new book files on program start. The option is available in "Scan drive for books" function
- added a button for finding the books with deleted files to the "Scan drive for books" dialog
- added Serbian translation
- fixed a bug with "Delete linked files" option when more than 1 book deleted at the same time. Some files weren't deleted
- fixed getting book details from bol.com, bol.de, b&n

version 2.7 build 1134

- added "Date read" field to help you to track the books you've read
- added "Play time" field for the audio books playing time
- added an ability to turn off the book details and display cover images in full screen. Check "View" menu
- added an ability to read ebook details from FBD files, including zipped FBD files
- "use relative path" option is used separately for the each database now
- "remove existing" button in the "Scan drive for books" dialog now works correctly with the relative paths as well
- http links are clickable now if they are in "Comments" or "Synopsis" fields
- fixed getting book details from ozon.ru, powells.com, books.google.com

version 2.6 build 1133

- added an option to delete linked book files upon deletion the book from the collection. Turned off by default, of course
- added "Reset dialog" button to the Book Search dialog
- added: "hide toolbar" option to the "Display area" tab in the Preferences
- added an ability to quickly reopen the last 10 books with the special button near the "Open book" button on the toolbar
- added calculating playing time for audio books
- fixed total file size calculation for the books that consists of several files
- fixed the cover image issue with batch ebook/audiobook adding in "Scan drive for books" function
- fixed getting book details from Ozon.ru, bol.com

version 2.5 build 1131

- added menu item "Book-Download cover (F2)" for quick search cover image on Bing. Also click on empty cover area will start the cover image lookup automatically
- added CTRL-TAB and CTRL-SHIFT-TAB hot keys for tab switching all dialogs with tabs
- added "Overdue debtors" filter in the "Friends" directory
- added optional overdue debtor reminder on the program start. Turned off by default
- "Group books by" view mode improved (tree updates)
- "Loan history" dialog has been improved a bit
- added an ability to add entire folder as one book in the "Scan drive for books" function
- fixed getting book details from b&n and powells.com
- fixed sorting issue when books are groupped by author's last name
- fixed several minor issues as well

version 2.4 build 1129

- added cover image previews to the online search results dialog. Now it is much easier to select the correct book
- new HTML export templates including amazing "online book list" one
- added the link to All My Books page on Facebook to the Help menu
- added an ability to delete transferred books from the source database in the "Database-Append from..." menu function
- added an ability to add multifile audio book or ebook by selecting several files in Add dialog
- fixes and improvements for several linked files per book record support
- getting book details from ozon.ru improved
- fixed plugin for getting books details from books.google.com

version 2.3 build 1127

- added "total number of pages" to the database statistics
- added ability to change the sort column by double click on the column's header in the statistics
- added support for unlimited files linked to the book record. Useful for audio books that consists of several files
- added subject field as a search criteria to the "book search" function (invoked with F3 key)
- added "Advanced Filters" feature. Now you can create your own filter for the database in the Book Search function and then access it quickly from the Quick Filters menu
- added: unread, wishlist and personal marks criterias to the Book Search (F3) function
- added: Hungarian and Danish interface translations
- added: ability to copy the reference string for the selected books - CTRL-Q hotkey or popup menu item
- added: Russian help file
- fixed getting book details from ozon.ru
- fixed bug related to personal marks in "Book search" function

version 2.2 build 1124

- added: 4 new HTML templates for the book details area. Switch them with "View-HTML template" menu
- added: ability to include "Personal marks" to the print templates
- added: ability to edit custom field names in Preferences with double click
- added: ability to sort person's books by title or by year in Directories-Persons
- added: an option to starting fb2 reader app for zipped fb2 files in the Preferences ("Expert options" tab)
- added: import collection from Sony Ebook Library program
- minor fixes in lookup by ISBN feature
- fixed: getting book details from bol.com, powells.com, ozon.ru
- fixed: sudden hangs in Virtual bookshelf mode

version 2.1 build 1122

- added RB (RocketBook) ebook format support
- added database import function from Alfa Ebooks Manager
- added Paste button to the batch adding by ISBN dialog
- added "Death year" field for the persons
- added fields for Library of Congress (LoC) and Dewey Decimal classifications
- fixed getting book details from barnesandnoble.com
- fixed database import from Book Collector
- fixed getting books details from ozon.ru

version 2.0 build 1120

- added: ability to print collection with editable templates (menu item Book-Print Collection)
- added: ability to export collection to PDF format
- added: network mode. You can use one shared database file from several computers at once
- added: ability to set password for database changes. If the password set, the database opened in read-only mode by default
- added: displaying book titles that hasn't cover images in the virtual bookshelf mode
- added: when you press Enter key in the fast book search field they are filtered by title
- added: Up and Down keys moves to previous/next match while cursor is in quick book search field
- added: "Volume" field to the list of additional columns

version 1.9 build 1116

- added: multilevel automatic backup feature
- added: PDB and PRC ebook formats support
- added: group books by Author's Last Name mode to View menu
- added: "Show New" option to "Quick Filter" menu
- fixed: book details import from barnesandnoble.com (English)
- fixed: book details import from bol.com (Dutch)
- fixed: book details import from bol.de (German)
- fixed: plugin for book details import from Google

version 1.8 build 1115

- added: Loan history browser, access from Tools menu
- added: ability to sort books by price (click on the price to select this option)
- added: ability to extract an image from MP3 tags (cover image for audiobooks)
- fixed: import book details from Amazon sites
- fixed: cover image download from Barnes&Noble
- fixed: quick filtering by personal mark in book shelf view mode
- fixed: book search (F3) function in book shelf view mode
- fixed: available values filling for the custom fields in the book card
- fixed: some FB2 files parsing bug

version 1.7 build 1113

- added: new visual style named Water Color
- added: price import from Amazon
- added: total library value, unread and wishlist books amount to the statistics
- added: support for relative paths for ebook and audiobook files. Look at "Expert oprions"
- fixed: import publishing year for ebooks
- fixed: filtering library by subject in virtual bookshelf view mode
- fixed: several minor bugs in Virtual bookshelf view mode

version 1.6 build 1111

- added: Virtual bookshelf view mode. You can switch view modes in the View menu
- added: Korean translation
- fixed: grouping books by publisher
- fixed: several minor issues

version 1.5 build 1109

- added: Clear book card button
- added: Editor, Translator, Volume number, File size (for ebook and audio books) fields
- added: LIT E-book format support
- added: MOBI E-book format support
- added: sort persons by their last names in the Person Directory
- fixed: book details import from google plugin
- fixed: a bug in "scan folder for books" function

version 1.4 build 1108

- added: LRF (Sony Book Reader) and ePub E-Book formats support
- added: Audio books (MP3, WMA, OGG) support, book card autofilling from the file tags. Use menu item "Book-Add Audiobook" for this new feature
- added: scan drive (or folder) for books feature. Use menu item "Tools-Scan drive for books"
- added: Italian translation
- added: an ability to disable hyphens removing from ISBN. The option can be found in Preferences dialog, Expert options tab
- added: Author picture is clickable now (in Author Directory)
- added: column titles corresponding to "sort by" fields are in bold font now
- fixed: user-defined fields import from MS Excel and CSV formats
- fixed: book details import from bol.de (German)
- fixed: book details import from powells.com (English)
- fixed: book details import from barnesandnoble.com (English)
- fixed: book details import from bol.com (Dutch)

version 1.3 build 1106

- added: zipped FB2 E-books support
- added: English help file
- added: Authors directory. Menu item "Directories-Authors"
- added: a popup with extended details about author if they are available in Authors directory
- added: ability to set or clear "wishlist" and "unread" marks for the selected books. The feature is available in a popup menu
- added: Portuguese interface translation
- improved: rating selection visual component
- added: new item to the popup menu shown when you click on the Author's name for quick locate in Author directory
- fixed: store images outside the database option
- fixed: Group by binding type, Group by year
- fixed: quick search book by title improved

version 1.2 build 1103

- added: plugin for book details search at Google
- added: Author field to the list of available additional columns
- added: "Add E-Book" menu item to the "Book" main menu
- added: FB2 e-book format parsing and book details auto-filling
- added: import book details from Amazon.ca (French)
- added: "Add using ISBN" menu item to the "Book" main menu. Batch book details by their ISBN is implemented
- added: ability to group books by custom field values
- added: Dutch, French, Romanian translations
- added: an option to auto check for updates weekly. Enabled by default
- fixed: import book details from ozon.ru
- fixed: Add Cover, Add Illustration functions (many graphic file formats support)
- fixed: wrong charset was assigned for the book details area for some languages
- fixed: "Share with friend" feature now uses zipped CHM file to avoid attachment blocking
- fixed: some search by ISBN issues
- changed: "Group books by" popup menu item was moved to "View" main menu item and divided to "Sort books by" and "Group books by"

version 1.1 build 1102

- added: German, Czech, Bulgarian, Spanish, Ukrainian, Slovak and Turkish translations
- added: import book details from Amazon.de
- added: book details import from amazon.co.uk
- added: book details import from amazon.fr
- fixed: book details import from Amazon.com
- fixed: file filter for linking book record to a file (for audiobooks and e-books)
- fixed: selected HTML template save/restore
- fixed: auto set book number feature
- fixed: "Append from" function
- fixed: group by subject feature

version 1.0 build 1100

- first public release


Our customer say

All My Books - EXTREMELY easy
"We downloaded this software after reviewing a myriad of other application on this subject. My wife and I are ( and have been ) avid readers and collectors over the years and both amassed quite a large collection of books. We recently built a library in our living room and wanted something to record what we actually HAVE in our collection. After just half an hour of downloading the demo of this software, we immediately purchased it. The interface is VERY user friendly, the ISBN input makes recording your book EXTREMELY easy, fast, and utterly complete (including a synopsis of what the book is actually about)."
Kel & Sue Lambright - Rating: 4.8 -

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· FREE technical support
· FREE minor version updates
· No time limits
· No nag screens
· No feature limits


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