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Bolide Software Releases Image Comparer To Help Photographers, Photo Collectors & Users Find Duplicate Or Similar Pictures On PC

Bolide Software offers computer users a new version of its similar image finder that relies on the CBIR technology to compare images and find similar or duplicate pictures and photographs.

February 03, 2009 - Bolide Software today announces Image Comparer, a similar image finder that lets users find similar or duplicate images automatically and delete redundant files. Until now, most people used to browse through computer folders manually to find dupes and similar photos. Image Comparer puts this process on autopilot. Using a content-based image retrieval technology (CBIR) for image comparison, the program is able to find dupes and similar pictures, regardless of their file name, format, image size, bit depth and orientation of the object.

Taking photos or downloading images from the Web is part of our daily life. Over the years, people collect thousands of them in the computer - photos made with the camera, wallpapers, clipart, images and artwork, the list goes on and on. Unfortunately all these images are hardly ever kept organized. People save them to different folders in different formats and then re-save their copies to other folders and sub folders. Duplicates take space on the hard disk, slow browsing through the collection and cause confusion as too many times we wind up not remembering where we put that particular photo we need now. Browsing through folders to compare images can be very daunting and would take ages, so many users don't do this, planning to sort out pictures later. And never do this.

Fortunately with Image Comparer from Bolide Software, finding duplicate or similar images can be pretty much a snap. Running Image Comparer displays an easy to follow wizard that asks where the user wants to search - within one photo folder or compare images in two different folders. The next step is to choose the folder(s) to scan, select whether to search for duplicates or similar images and set the folder for the output results. That's pretty much it. Clicking the Process button starts the search, which is incredibly quick.

The strength of Image Comparer lies in its content-based image comparison. The program analyses and recognizes images by their content. It means Image Comparer can identify even rotated or flipped images or those that have different shooting conditions. The level of visual similarity can be customized to meet individual preferences.

Image Comparer is an incredibly useful tool for photographers, designers and anyone else who often deals with pictures. The $34.95 download version will save users untold hours that can be invested into more enjoyable things.

Image Comparer runs on Windows 7/8/10/11. For more information about the product, technical details of image comparison or to download a free 30-day trial, visit

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About Bolide Software Team

Bolide Software team is a small group of developers specializing in multimedia applications, system tools and useful utilities for Windows. Despite being a small company, the team has strong programming skills, solid development experience and the desire to create products that their customers will truly enjoy.


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Image Comparer - Love it!

"Hi! Yeah, the program appeals to me really, though I doubted at first it could do what it promised... I just tried, and it did perfectly well, to my surprise. You know so many programs today promise much, but fail to fulfill even minor promises. Well, it was pleasant to confess that Image Comparer is not one of them, because for me it turned out to be just a god send really)) Thanks!!!"
- Rating: 4.5 -

A must-have tool for every photographer.