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Image Comparer Is Getting Smarter in Assisting Photographers with Photo Duplicates Detection

Bolide Software announces version 3.7 of Image Comparer, its groundbreaking image comparison software. This new version of Image Comparer offers even greater opportunities in terms of accuracy, functionality, speed.

Since the moment of the first release Image Comparer has become mature and sophisticated. Plenty of great features have been introduced and have significantly added to its performance and quality.

Thanks to multicore CPU optimization added, Image Comparer is getting much faster and efficient. The ability to mark images with lower quality automatically in addition to automarking images with higher quality accelerates operating with the files found. The whole process now takes up even less time than before, whereas the quality gets even higher.

What makes Image Comparer different from most of its competitors is that it uses the breakthrough content-based comparison approach, the mechanism implying that the search will analyze and recognize the actual content of the image - shapes, colors, textures. So, the program analyzes image content, not metadata such as captions or keywords. This mechanism makes it possible to search for resized, rotated and even flipped images.

The entire process is automatical - the only thing required from the user is to specify the location of images and set the level of similarity adequate to personal needs. That's it. All the rest is done automatically by the program. Searching having been finished, comparison starts, but it takes less time and results appear just several seconds later. Two display modes of image galleries are available - either in the form of thumbnails or table, as well as two display modes of results - in the form of table or a tree. Image Comparer groups pictures that look alike (taking into account similarity threshold being set). So, one can view them in pairs or work with top ten similar images and choose the best one! The program supports image file formats like RAW, JPEG, J2K, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF, TGA and others.

This software is going to be extremely useful for professional photographers, designers and webmasters having sites with lots of images to manage. The program is really productive, efficient and very helpful - as soon as Image Comparer defines the number of duplicates stored on the hard drive, there will be information available about the disk space that is going to be saved by deleting duplicates. All the clones can be removed with one click, at the same time multi-stage confirmation mechanism being extremely useful when handling extensive image collections. Any other actions can be made as well - thus a user can mark image which are to be deleted, moved to another location or copied for some purposes.

Pricing and Availability

Image Comparer runs on Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7. The price of a single Home License is 34.95 US dollars, Business License being available for 59.95 US dollars. For more information about the product, technical details of picture comparison or to download a free 30-day trial, visit

About Bolide Software

Bolide Software is a provider of multimedia products and software for those keen on collecting movies, books, images, audio. Founded in 2003 by Max Smirnoff, Bolide Software has launched several best-selling projects, including All My Movies, All My Books and Audio Comparer. For more information visit Bolide Software official site.

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Image Comparer - Thank you!

"I have been a happy user of Image Comparer for several months already and like it a LOT!!!! You see earlier I used to spend hours comparing photographs and choosing the best! And when I tried Image Comparer, I was thrilled with the speed!!! It's awesome!!! Thank you!"
- Rating: 4.5 -

A must-have tool for every photographer.