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"Image Comparer" Has an Inbuilt Comparison Algorithm to Find and Remove Unnecessary Copies of JPEG and BMP Files

Bolide Software Announces Version 2.2 of "Image Comparer"

Bolide Software today announces the release of version 2.2 of Image Comparer, a precision-engineered utility for detecting copies of images. Designed for the Windows platform, this application will tell you precisely, which images are identical and which are not. The software will be of great use for professional photographers, designers, webmasters, and all those people who work with digital images.

Unlike other programs of the kind, "Image Comparer" works with graphic files, using the unique image comparison algorithm. This algorithm lets you compare images and expose duplicates with much accuracy. From this time onward, you can compare images of various formats, sizes and resolutions. "Image Comparer" analyses and determines the precise percentage of identity. Thus, 100% means the two images are identical, 95% means that one of the images was probably altered, etc.

The program demonstrates high image processing performance and ease of use. You need just several clicks and viola! You will see how many duplicate images are stored on your hard drive and how much disk space will be saved by removing the duplicates. The duplicates can then be removed all at once with one button click. Alternatively, you can specify which images should be deleted, moved or copied. What's more, the utility can compare entire folders of images and sort them by quality. The newest version has an additional check option, which will be of special use when comparing small images like icons.

"I've been using "Image Comparer" for a couple of years now. Most of my experience has been with V2.0 (beta)," says Tom, one of the customers. "I recently updated to V2.2. As far as the mainline functionality of the product goes, I'm really pleased. I haven't found any other products that do what it does´┐Ż"

Image Comparer 2.2 Key Features
- An unique image comparison algorithm.
- You can compare images of various formats, sizes and resolutions.
- You can sort compared images by quality, move or delete them.
- A simple easy-to-use skinnable interface.

Availability and Pricing
Image Comparer 2.2 runs under Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP and costs $19.95 (USD). You can download an unregistered version of the program with the evaluation period of 30 days for free. The trial version identifies duplicates but does not allow butch moving, deleting or copying them. The free unregistered version of Image Comparer 2.2 is available here.

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Our customer say

Image Comparer - Good job!

"The program is tip-top! I'm sure you don't even need to invest money into advertising it. It's fantastic!!! The program found the photos which I never hoped to find))) and revived touchy memories... Thank you! Good job!"
- Rating: 4.9 -

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