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These days everyone has lots of movies in their video libraries. In the digital age it's no wonder really, like no wonder that movie collections are often in a complete chaos today. All types of media and video formats require a lot of efforts from the owner to put it all to order. However, the problem has disappeared for those who started using video management software. It is a genuine gift for real movie buffs.

Video Management

Such programs are very easy-to-use and usually great fun. Let's take All My Movies for example. The interface is extremely user-friendly and even a kid will be able to use it at the very first minute of opening the program.

The impressing view of the video management software is what its users particularly love. It's up to you, which view mode to choose - Virtual shelf or Cover thumbnails or movie list mode. Various templates, personal flags and marks - all these things make the program really adjustable and very comfortable for every user.

Adding movie to the movie library is another trouble if you are a happy owner of a 2000+ movie collection. Doing it manually would take several days, if not weeks... But with the video management software it is so much easier that you will love the process! It's a lot of fun! You see you can add movies to the library in many possible ways - from your hard drive, from your DVD drive, entering the title or using a barcode scanner. The program will get the movie details like the actors, directors, scenario writers, genres, the studio, etc.

At that for all persons in your library you can also add the detailed biography info and just in a mouse click update it from TMDB. The video management software has instant access to most popular online movie databases in many languages. The program does not only search for movies very fast, but also masterly handles huge libraries due to sorting and grouping options. Just click on the director and in a second you'll see all the films by that director. Thinking about which thriller to watch tonight - just click on the genre and you'll see all thrillers in your collection. As simple as that!

Want to make a movie album - the video management software will help you to print both movie cards and the whole movie collection. All My Movies also allows you to start the films just by clicking on the movie card - so, you don't have to look for the movie on your hard drive any more - All My Movies will do all the "dirty" work for you, leaving for you nothing but enjoy your movies.

So, if you want to stop wasting time and start enjoying your movies, just go ahead and give All My Movies a try right now! For 30 days it's yours free of charge.

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All My Movies - Very good program
"I use All My Movies and Books. Very good programs. Very good to organize your collections. Very helpful when browsing bookstores or videostores, to eliminate duplicate purchases."
- Rating: 4.8 -

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