Why Bother with Video Library Software?

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You know which movies you own and which you don't, for the most part, so why bother with movie library software? Isn't it just an unnecessary expense? And couldn't you get a program for free to do the same thing?

It is an expense, but only about the same as a couple of DVDs (not even 2 Blu-Rays or HD, most likely). Speaking of which, if you choose the right video library program, you can add your Blu-Ray and your HD movies (come on, you probably have some of the format you didn't choose because you had to try it for yourself and see which had the best picture quality) right along with your standard DVDs.

Because one day, that might matter. If you have The Dark Knight on regular DVD for instance, and you want it on Blu-Ray, but your mind is full of other things at the moment when they're having that awesome Blu-Ray sale at the store, will you remember? If you somehow happen to have your list of movies with you, from some sort of movie organizing software that doesn't distinguish, will you know for sure that it was that movie you needed on Blu-Ray and not Ghandi?

You don't know if you'll remember these tidbits of info right when you need them. You won't have to remember if you use the best video library software. It lets you categorize however you want, so even if it wasn't set up for HD or Blu-Ray you could easily label those movies as such and not have to remember. But guess what, you don't even have to do that because the best video library software is set up for all the standard movie formats.

That's probably because it was created by people who love movies, who thought really hard about what a movie lover would want in video library software. And then they made it and decided to share it with you.

Aside from the practical reasons, like keeping track of your movies so you'll know which you own and not pass up a good bargain because you know you saw it but can't remember if you have it, video library program is just fun to play with. It's like a great adult toy. We spend so much of our time on the computer doing things like writing emails or making spreadsheets and documents, that something entertaining could be a nice treat.

And since you love movies, movie library software is the logical choice. For many of us movies are the most fun and affordable entertainment we engage in on a regular basis. Action movies, romances, thrillers and dramas: these make up much of our play time. We enjoy every part of the movies from the previews to the popcorn (or the privacy, if watching on DVD!).

Organizing and browsing our own movie collection with video library program can help bring back a little of that fun as we're reminded of the movies we love, and feel just a little of what we felt when watching them.

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All My Movies - Highly recommended
"ALL MY MOVIES is a excellent, easy to use program, which I used to input 485 movies in my collection. All aspects of the program worked well, and the resultant information was easy to retreive, and looked very nice."
- Rating: 4.8 -

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