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Do you feel frustrated when trying to decide what to watch in the evening? That must be the result of the terrible disorder in your video library. And if you ever tried to do all the organizing work manually, you know that it's a waste of time... So, if you desperately need to bring your movies to perfect order, your best bet is to use the video archive software which automatically picks up movie details from online movie databases and can organize your movies easily and fast.

Video Archive

Using such DVD archive software like All My Movies, you organize your collection of movies in a clever way. That means you won't waste a single minute of your time.

One of the most time-consuming steps is adding movies to your digital database, especially when there are hundreds of them! But with All My Movies it's going to be really effortless, since you can add movies in many possible ways - by bar code, from file, using title, etc. so, if you own a bar code scanner, the whole thing will take even less time than you think. At that the movie cover and all the necessary info is added automatically.

Movie Archive Software

When you've added movies to the library, you are welcome to adjust the library to your needs - for example, choose the view, the template, add your personal marks and flags and just try it out yourself. You will discover almost unlimited possibilities of the movie archive software! You can add as many screenshots as you need, choose any language you like, you can specify the local path and you can start your movies right from the program. It's very convenient if your movie collection is rather mixed.

For really "heavy" collections, smart searching, grouping and sorting options available in video archive software are really essential. You can search for a movie by any criterion or a set of criteria you may think of. Or filter your collection in seconds - all these options are at your service. Any time you can also update the movie info for the whole library in seconds - no effort, just a lot of fun! :)

Using the video archive software you can print the whole collection or separate cards and be able to look through the movies you own in a nice movie album and choose which one to watch tonight. If you often lend movies to your friends, you will appreciate the loan manager which is sure to remind you where your movie is and when it's due to be back.

DVD Archive Software

All My Movies has nice directories like Names, Genres, Friends, Countries and others which store all the corresponding info. For example, the Names directory keeps the detailed info about all the persons in your movie library - the actors, directors, scenario writers. So, the Names directory contains all the photos, biography, filmography - and again you can update all the info in one click and any moment get fresh news about your favourites.

Try this video archive software out right now - it's really worth it! ;)


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All My Movies - It is fun
"I've heard about these organizing programs a lot, but didn't really believe that any of them could organize elephantic collections of movies. All My Movies has exceeded all my expectations! And I was most delighted by the easiness of using the program, even a small child would be able to. Your program is the NUMBER-ONE! I highly recommend everyone having large collections of movies to try it! It's a great help and even more fun!!!"
- Rating: 4.8 -

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