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Movie manager software can be a very practical thing. The right software can easily let you catalog all of your DVDs. If your collection should become damaged or lost in an unfortunate circumstance where you must make an insurance claim on your property, you have a ready -made list and can be compensated for your loss. Depending on the type of DVDs you prefer, your collection could represent a sizable investment. Just 10 DVDs can cost $200 or more, and you probably have many more than that. A list of your movies means just one less thing you have to think about during a difficult time.

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And good movie manager software can help you keep track of loaned movies, so you'll never again forget whether you loaned your favorite horror movies to Bob, or was it Bertha? And you won't have to wonder why you can't find Shoot-Em Ups 4 after you've looked everywhere-you loaned that out 6 month ago.

These are practical reasons for buying movie collection management software. But don't forget how enjoyable it can be!

More than Just the Titles

Good movie collection manager software lets you do so much more than make a boring list. It creates a database of your movies, of course, but it does so in a dynamic and eye-pleasing way. And it's easy! The best software makes the process so fast, you can have most of your collection catalogued before you even figure out how to use other software of that type.

Type in the title, a word or two from the title, or even a keyword, and you'll be presented with a list of movies. Choose the one you want, and then add it! What happened to the numerous steps you're used to with most software? Good movie manager software eliminates them, creating a truly user-friendly way to catalog your movies.

And more than a plain old database, the DVD covers are included. You can even take screen captures from movies and add them. Though the software is designed to be user-friendly and do everything for you, good movie management software gives you several options so that you can customize your movie database and make it your own.

Do it Your Way

Customization is key when it comes to your collections, so you might as well get movie manager program that lets you customize, too. You don't buy DVDs you don't want-your collection is your customized movie theater. So why you should use software that doesn't contain the things you want or is bloated down with things you couldn't care less about? Good movie manager software gives you all the details of your movie with a few clicks, then you can add anything you want-comments, notes, extra information, pictures from the movie, even labels. Label your movies and sort them to your heart's desire.

Your movie collection manager software should be fun and easy to use, and you should be able to customize it just as you have your DVD collection.

All My Movies is a good movie collection management software. Download your copy now!

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All My Movies - I love it!
"I have a fairly large collection of movies (around 600), and I needed some way of organizing them. Your product WELL exceeded my expectations. I love the way it is user friendly, and it addresses every facet of making a well rounded library. The outcome looks very impressive and professional. I like that I can put in my own movie number, and as I have number stickers to put on to each movie after I add it to the database. I had checked out other products, and not only were they much more expensive; they are not NEAR the quality that you get with your software. Thanks again for such a fine product!!!"
- Rating: 4.9 -