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DVD Profiler Alternative

DVD Profiler

If you are unsatisfied with DVD Profiler for some reason and are looking for an alternative to DVD Profiler, we suggest you try All My Movies. We've tried to make your migration fast and easy.

In short, All My Movies is a movie organizer solution similar to DVD Profiler but with several benefits. With our program you are able to download movie details automatically from dozens of movie sites including IMDb. You are able to export your collection to many formats including PDF, HTML, CHM, MS Excel and other. You are able to get every actor details with single click from the online databases including actor photo, biography and extended details. Your movie collection will really be perfect with All My Movies!

Installation File for Windows Vista/7/8/10

(Official Download. No Toolbars, No Ads, No Third-Party Bundles. Easy to Uninstall.)

How to import your existing DVD Profiler collection to All My Movies

Yes, it is possible to import your movie collection created with DVD Profiler to All My Movies quickly and easily. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions listed below:

  1. Start DVD Profiler with your database
  2. Use menu item "File-Export Profile database" to save the collection to XML file
  3. Close DVD Profiler and start All My Movies
  4. Use menu item "Database - Open DVD Profiler database" to move your entire collection to All My Movies.

DVD Profiler Migrants Special Offer

If you already have a DVD Profiler license you do not need to order All My Movies at full price. We offer a great discount for migrants from DVD Profiler. Proceed to our special offer page to save some money.

All My Movies™ Benefits. DVD Profiler vs. All My Movies

Below the advantages of All My Movies over Invelos DVD Profiler are listed, which were provided by the users themselves who migrated to All My Movies from DVD Profiler software and who are very glad to have done this:

  • "DVD Profiler relies to much on UPC code and pictures are not as crisp as what I see on your program."
  • "from the testing version of All My Movies I found it much easier to add - plus I love the barcode ability it works wonderfully with my scanner!"
  • "want to change from dvd profiler because I can not make a list by actor"
  • "I tried the demo of allmymovies, and your product is easier to use and obtains more information due to the databases used. As you probably know, DVDProfiler is a user generated database, and is therefore lacking when it comes to obscure movies."
  • "I just want AllMyMovies because of the HTML export function that DVD-Profiler does not provide."
  • "I found DVD Profiler to be messy and unorganized. All My Movies is simple, and not complicated at all. Easy to navigate and doesn't overload you with pages of information about the movie. I lend a lot of movies out and I like the loan system as well."
  • "The ability to add my own screen shots. Nice GUI.Easy to use"
  • "because is user friendly,has screenshots and the most important plays avi files directly from the program"
  • "It is easier to organize my movies converted to avi files and easier interface to deal with."
  • "DVD Profiler lacks the ability to enter movies on formats other than DVD"
  • "Interface with IMDB"

Your best choice is All My Movies ™

You can download All My Movies™ and evaluate it completely free of charge!

Download Your Copy Now

Our customer say

All My Movies - Amazing product!
"I have over 350 DVDs and I first realized I had a problem when I purchased a movie I already had in my collection. In addition, I kept forgetting who I lent my movies to an indeed lost some. I got All My Movies and all problems solved."
- Rating: 4.7 -
Scott Van Leeuwen said:
I have used DVD Profiler for over 10 years now and about a week ago I saw "All MY Movies" on the internet and used the trial version. Within 30 minutes, I was hooked. It has so many more features than DVD Profiler, who by the way seem to have stopped investing in upgrading its software). So all you people who are considering All MY Movies, buy it as you are not spending money, you are investing your money.



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