The list of top 50 Animation movies

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So, here is the actual list. These are the best full-length animation movies with the highest rating.

Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi / Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi (2001)

125 min

1. Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi (2001)

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Fantasy, Family
Director: Hayao Miyazaki
Actors: Rumi Hiiragi (Chihiro Ogino - Sen), Miyu Irino (Haku), Mari Natsuki (Yubaba - Zeniba), Takashi Naito (Akio Ogino), Yasuko Sawaguchi (Yuko Ogino), Tatsuya Gashuin (Aogaeru), Ryunosuke Kamiki (Bo), Yumi Tamai (Rin), Yo Oizumi (Bandai-gaeru), Koba Hayashi (Kawa no Kami), Tsunehiko Kamijo (Chichiyaku), Takehiko Ono (Aniyaku), Bunta Sugawara (Kamaji), Shigeru Wakita, Shiro Saito

Chihiro and her parents are moving to a small Japanese town in the countryside. much to Chihiro's dismay. On the way to their new home, Chihiro's father makes a wrong turn and drives down a lonely one-lane road which dead-ends in front of a tunnel. Her parents decide to stop the car and explore the area. They go through the tunnel and find an abandoned amusement park on the other side, with its own little town. When her parents see a restaurant with great-smelling food but no staff, they decide to eat and pay later. However, Chihiro refuses to eat and decides to explore the theme park a bit more. She meets a boy named Haku who tells her that Chihiro and her parents are in danger, and they must leave immediately She runs to the restaurant and finds that her parents have turned into pigs. In addition, the theme park turns out to be a town inhabited by demons, spirits, and evil gods. At the center of the town is a bathhouse where these creatures go to relax. The owner of the bathhouse is...

The Lion King / The Lion King (1994)

89 min | 73 min (workprint)

2. The Lion King (1994)

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Drama, Musical, Family
Director: Roger Allers, Rob Minkoff
Actors: Matthew Broderick (Adult Simba), Jonathan Taylor Thomas (Young Simba), James Earl Jones (Mufasa), Jim Cummings (Ed), Jeremy Irons (Scar), Moira Kelly (Adult Nala), Niketa Calame (Young Nala), Ernie Sabella (Pumbaa), Nathan Lane (Timon), Robert Guillaume (Rafiki), Rowan Atkinson (Zazu), Madge Sinclair (Sarabi), Whoopi Goldberg (Shenzi), Cheech Marin (Banzai), Jason Weaver (Young Simba)

A young lion Prince is cast out of his pride by his cruel uncle, who claims he killed his father. While the uncle rules with an iron fist, the prince grows up beyond the savannah, living by a philosophy: No worries for the rest of your days. But when his past comes to haunt him, the young Prince must decide his fate: will he remain an outcast, or face his demons and become what he needs to be?

Mononoke-hime / Mononoke-hime (1997)

134 min

3. Mononoke-hime (1997)

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Fantasy
Director: Hayao Miyazaki
Actors: Billy Crudup (Ashitaka), Billy Bob Thornton (Jigo), Minnie Driver (Lady Eboshi), John DiMaggio (Gonza), Claire Danes (San), John DeMita (Kohroku), Jada Pinkett Smith (Toki), Gillian Anderson (Moro), Keith David (Okkoto - Narrator), Corey Burton (Additional voices), Tara Strong (Kaya - Additional voices), Sherry Lynn (Woman in Iron Town - Emishi Village Girl - Additional voices), Matt K. Miller (Additional voices), Marnie Mosiman (Additional voices), Julia Fletcher (Additional voices)

While protecting his village from rampaging boar-god/demon, a confident young warrior, Ashitaka, is stricken by a deadly curse. To save his life, he must journey to the forests of the west. Once there, he's embroiled in a fierce campaign that humans were waging on the forest. The ambitious Lady Eboshi and her loyal clan use their guns against the gods of the forest and a brave young woman, Princess Mononoke, who was raised by a wolf-god. Ashitaka sees the good in both sides and tries to stem the flood of blood. This is met be animosity by both sides as they each see him as supporting the enemy.

Toy Story 3 / Toy Story 3 (2010)

103 min

4. Toy Story 3 (2010)

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Family
Director: Lee Unkrich
Actors: Tom Hanks (Woody), Tim Allen (Buzz Lightyear), Joan Cusack (Jessie), Ned Beatty (Lotso), Don Rickles (Mr. Potato Head), Michael Keaton (Ken), Wallace Shawn (Rex), John Ratzenberger (Hamm), Estelle Harris (Mrs. Potato Head), John Morris (Andy), Jodi Benson (Barbie), Emily Hahn (Bonnie), Laurie Metcalf (Andy's Mom), Blake Clark (Slinky Dog), Teddy Newton (Chatter Telephone)

Woody, Buzz and the whole gang are back. As their owner Andy prepares to depart for college, his loyal toys find themselves in daycare where untamed tots with their sticky little fingers do not play nice. So, it's all for one and one for all as they join Barbie's counterpart Ken, a thespian hedgehog named Mr. Pricklepants and a pink, strawberry-scented teddy bear called Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear to plan their great escape.

WALL�E / WALL�E (2008)

98 min

5. WALL�E (2008)

Genre: Animation, Sci-fi, Adventure, Family
Director: Andrew Stanton
Actors: Ben Burtt (WALL�E - M-O - Robots), Elissa Knight (EVE), Jeff Garlin (Captain), Fred Willard (Shelby Forthright), MacInTalk (AUTO), John Ratzenberger (John), Kathy Najimy (Mary), Sigourney Weaver (Ship's Computer), Teddy Newton (Steward Bots), Bob Bergen (Forthright's Advisor), John Cygan (Axiom Passenger #3), Pete Docter (Lifeguard Bot), Paul Eiding (Axiom Passenger #12), Donald Fullilove (Axiom Passenger #7), Teresa Ganzel

In a distant, but not so unrealistic, future where mankind has abandoned earth because it has become covered with trash from products sold by the powerful multi-national Buy N Large corporation, WALL-E, a garbage collecting robot has been left to clean up the mess. Mesmerized with trinkets of Earth's history and show tunes, WALL-E is alone on Earth except for a sprightly pet cockroach. One day, EVE, a sleek (and dangerous) reconnaissance robot, is sent to Earth to find proof that life is once again sustainable. WALL-E falls in love with EVE. WALL-E rescues EVE from a dust storm and shows her a living plant he found amongst the rubble. Consistent with her "directive", EVE takes the plant and automatically enters a deactivated state except for a blinking green beacon. WALL-E, doesn't understand what has happened to his new friend, but, true to his love, he protects her from wind, rain, and lightning, even as she is unresponsive. One day a massive ship comes to reclaim EVE, but WALL-E, ...

Inside Out / Inside Out (2015)

95 min

6. Inside Out (2015)

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Family
Director: Pete Docter, Ronnie Del Carmen
Actors: Amy Poehler (Joy), Phyllis Smith (Sadness), Richard Kind (Bing Bong), Bill Hader (Fear), Lewis Black (Anger), Mindy Kaling (Disgust), Kaitlyn Dias (Riley), Diane Lane (Mom), Kyle MacLachlan (Dad), Paula Poundstone (Forgetter Paula), Bobby Moynihan (Forgetter Bobby), Paula Pell (Dream Director - Mom's Anger - Additional Voices), Dave Goelz (Subconscious Guard Frank), Frank Oz (Subconscious Guard Dave), Josh Cooley (Jangles)

Growing up can be a bumpy road, and it's no exception for Riley, who is uprooted from her Midwest life when her father starts a new job in San Francisco. Like all of us, Riley is guided by her emotions - Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness. The emotions live in Headquarters, the control center inside Riley's mind, where they help advise her through everyday life. As Riley and her emotions struggle to adjust to a new life in San Francisco, turmoil ensues in Headquarters. Although Joy, Riley's main and most important emotion, tries to keep things positive, the emotions conflict on how best to navigate a new city, house and school.

Tonari no Totoro / Tonari no Totoro (1988)

86 min

7. Tonari no Totoro (1988)

Genre: Animation, Fantasy, Family
Director: Hayao Miyazaki
Actors: Chika Sakamoto (Mei), Hitoshi Takagi (Totoro), Noriko Hidaka (Satsuki), Shigesato Itoi (Tatsuo Kusakabe), Tanie Kitabayashi (Granny), Toshiyuki Amagasa (Kanta), Naoki Tatsuta (Cat Bus - Additional Voices), Frank Welker (Totoro - Catbus), Lea Salonga (Mrs. Kusakabe), Pat Carroll (Nanny), Tim Daly (Professor Kusakabe), Paul Butcher (Kanta), Cheryl Chase (Mei), Shigeru Chiba (Kusakari-Otoko), Lara Cody (Farm Girl)

Two young girls, Satsuki and her younger sister Mei, move into a house in the country with their father to be closer to their hospitalized mother. Satsuki and Mei discover that the nearby forest is inhabited by magical creatures called Totoros (pronounced toe-toe-ro). They soon befriend these Totoros, and have several magical adventures.

Toy Story / Toy Story (1995)

81 min | 74 min (TV)

8. Toy Story (1995)

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Family
Director: John Lasseter
Actors: Tom Hanks (Woody), Tim Allen (Buzz Lightyear), Don Rickles (Mr. Potato Head), Jim Varney (Slinky Dog), Wallace Shawn (Rex), John Ratzenberger (Hamm), Annie Potts (Bo Peep), John Morris (Andy), Erik von Detten (Sid), Laurie Metcalf (Mrs. Davis), R. Lee Ermey (Sergeant), Sarah Freeman (Hannah), Penn Jillette (TV Announcer), Jack Angel (Shark), Spencer Aste (Wounded Soldier)

A little boy named Andy loves to be in his room, playing with his toys, especially his doll named "Woody". But, what do the toys do when Andy is not with them, they come to life. Woody believes that he has life (as a toy) good. However, he must worry about Andy's family moving, and what Woody does not know is about Andy's birthday party. Woody does not realize that Andy's mother gave him an action figure known as Buzz Lightyear, who does not believe that he is a toy, and quickly becomes Andy's new favorite toy. Woody, who is now consumed with jealousy, tries to get rid of Buzz. Then, both Woody and Buzz are now lost. They must find a way to get back to Andy before he moves without them, but they will have to pass through a ruthless toy killer, Sid Phillips.

Up / Up (2009)

96 min

9. Up (2009)

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family
Director: Pete Docter, Bob Peterson
Actors: Edward Asner (Carl Fredricksen), Christopher Plummer (Charles Muntz), Jordan Nagai (Russell), Bob Peterson (Dug - Alpha), Delroy Lindo (Beta), Jerome Ranft (Gamma), John Ratzenberger (Construction Foreman Tom), David Kaye (Newsreel Announcer), Elie Docter (Young Ellie), Jeremy Leary (Young Carl), Mickie McGowan (Police Officer Edith), Danny Mann (Construction Worker Steve), Donald Fullilove (Nurse George), Jess Harnell (Nurse AJ), Josh Cooley (Omega)

A young Carl Fredrickson meets a young adventure-spirited girl named Ellie. They both dream of going to a lost land in South America. 70 years later, Ellie has died. Carl remembers the promise he made to her. Then, when he inadvertently hits a construction worker, he is forced to go to a retirement home. But before they can take him, he and his house fly away. However, he has a stowaway aboard: an 8-year-old boy named Russell, who's trying to get an Assisting the Elderly badge. Together, they embark on an adventure, where they encounter talking dogs, an evil villain and a rare bird named Kevin.

Hauru no ugoku shiro / Hauru no ugoku shiro (2004)

119 min

10. Hauru no ugoku shiro (2004)

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Fantasy, Family
Director: Hayao Miyazaki
Actors: Chieko Baisho (Sofi), Takuya Kimura (Hauru), Akihiro Miwa (Arechi no Majo), Tatsuya Gashuin (Karushifa), Ryunosuke Kamiki (Marukuru), Mitsunori Isaki (Kosho), Yo Oizumi (Kakashi no Kabu), Akio Otsuka (Kokuo), Daijiro Harada (Hin), Haruko Kato (Sariman), Jean Simmons (Grandma Sophie), Christian Bale (Howl), Lauren Bacall (Witch of the Waste), Blythe Danner (Madame Suliman), Emily Mortimer (Young Sophie)

A love story between an 18-year-old girl named Sophie, cursed by a witch into an old woman's body, and a magician named Howl. Under the curse, Sophie sets out to seek her fortune, which takes her to Howl's strange moving castle. In the castle, Sophie meets Howl's fire demon, named Karishifa. Seeing that she is under a curse, the demon makes a deal with Sophie--if she breaks the contract he is under with Howl, then Karushifa will lift the curse that Sophie is under, and she will return to her 18-year-old shape.

How to Train Your Dragon / How to Train Your Dragon (2010)

98 min

11. How to Train Your Dragon (2010)

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Fantasy, Family
Director: Dean DeBlois, Chris Sanders
Actors: Jay Baruchel (Hiccup), Gerard Butler (Stoick), Craig Ferguson (Gobber), America Ferrera (Astrid), Jonah Hill (Snotlout), Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Fishlegs), T.J. Miller (Tuffnut), Kristen Wiig (Ruffnut), Robin Atkin Downes (Ack), Philip McGrade (Starkard), Kieron Elliott (Hoark the Haggard), Ashley Jensen (Phlegma the Fierce), David Tennant (Spitelout)

Long ago up North on the Island of Berk, the young Viking, Hiccup, wants to join his town's fight against the dragons that continually raid their town. However, his macho father and village leader, Stoik the Vast, will not allow his small, clumsy, but inventive son to do so. Regardless, Hiccup ventures out into battle and downs a mysterious Night Fury dragon with his invention, but can't bring himself to kill it. Instead, Hiccup and the dragon, whom he dubs Toothless, begin a friendship that would open up both their worlds as the observant boy learns that his people have misjudged the species. But even as the two each take flight in their own way, they find that they must fight the destructive ignorance plaguing their world.

Finding Nemo / Finding Nemo (2003)

100 min

12. Finding Nemo (2003)

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family
Director: Andrew Stanton, Lee Unkrich
Actors: Albert Brooks (Marlin), Ellen DeGeneres (Dory), Alexander Gould (Nemo), Willem Dafoe (Gill), Brad Garrett (Bloat), Allison Janney (Peach), Austin Pendleton (Gurgle), Stephen Root (Bubbles), Vicki Lewis (Deb - Flo), Joe Ranft (Jacques), Geoffrey Rush (Nigel), Andrew Stanton (Crush), Elizabeth Perkins (Coral), Nicholas Bird (Squirt), Bob Peterson (Mr. Ray)

A clown fish named Marlin lives in the Great Barrier Reef loses his son, Nemo. After he ventures into the open sea, despite his father's constant warnings about many of the ocean's dangers. Nemo is abducted by a boat and netted up and sent to a dentist's office in Sydney. So, while Marlin ventures off to try to retrieve Nemo, Marlin meets a fish named Dory, a blue tang suffering from short-term memory loss. The companions travel a great distance, encountering various dangerous sea creatures such as sharks, anglerfish and jellyfish, in order to rescue Nemo from the dentist's office, which is situated by Sydney Harbor. While the two are doing this, Nemo and the other sea animals in the dentist's fish tank plot a way to return to Sydney Harbor to live their lives free again.

Monsters, Inc. / Monsters, Inc. (2001)

92 min

13. Monsters, Inc. (2001)

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Family
Director: Pete Docter, David Silverman
Actors: John Goodman (James P. "Sulley" Sullivan), Billy Crystal (Mike Wazowski), Mary Gibbs (Boo), Steve Buscemi (Randall Boggs), James Coburn (Henry J. Waternoose), Jennifer Tilly (Celia), Bob Peterson (Roz), John Ratzenberger (The Abominable Snowman), Frank Oz (Fungus), Daniel Gerson (Needleman - Smitty), Steve Susskind (Floor Manager), Bonnie Hunt (Flint), Jeff Pidgeon (Bile), Samuel Lord Black (George Sanderson), Jack Angel

A city of monsters with no humans called Monstropolis centers around the city's power company, Monsters, Inc. The lovable, confident, tough, furry blue behemoth-like giant monster named James P. Sullivan (better known as Sulley) and his wisecracking best friend, short, green cyclops monster Mike Wazowski, discover what happens when the real world interacts with theirs in the form of a 2-year-old baby girl dubbed "Boo," who accidentally sneaks into the monster world with Sulley one night. And now it's up to Sulley and Mike to send Boo back in her door before anybody finds out, especially two evil villains such as Sulley's main rival as a scarer, chameleon-like Randall (a monster that Boo is very afraid of), who possesses the ability to change the color of his skin, and Mike and Sulley's boss Mr. Waternoose, the chairman and chief executive officer of Monsters, Inc.

Aladdin / Aladdin (1992)

90 min

14. Aladdin (1992)

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Musical, Romance, Family
Director: Ron Clements, John Musker
Actors: Scott Weinger (Aladdin), Robin Williams (Genie - Peddler), Linda Larkin (Jasmine), Jonathan Freeman (Jafar), Frank Welker (Abu - Cave of Wonders - Rajah), Gilbert Gottfried (Iago), Douglas Seale (Sultan), Charles Adler (Gazeem - Melon Merchant - Nut Merchant), Jack Angel (Additional Voices), Corey Burton (Prince Achmed - Necklace Merchant), Philip L. Clarke (Additional Voices), Jim Cummings (Razoul - Farouk), Jennifer Darling (Additional Voices), Debi Derryberry (Harem Girl), Bruce Gooch (Additional Voices)

Aladdin is a street-urchin who lives in a large and busy town long ago with his faithful monkey friend Abu. When Princess Jasmine gets tired of being forced to remain in the palace that overlooks the city, she sneaks out to the marketplace, where she accidentally meets Aladdin. Under the orders of the evil Jafar (the sultan's advisor), Aladdin is thrown in jail and becomes caught up in Jafar's plot to rule the land with the aid of a mysterious lamp. Legend has it that only a person who is a "diamond in the rough" can retrieve the lamp from the Cave of Wonders. Aladdin might fit that description, but that's not enough to marry the princess, who must (by law) marry a prince.

Beauty and the Beast / Beauty and the Beast (1991)

84 min | 91 min (special edition)

15. Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Genre: Animation, Fantasy, Musical, Romance, Family
Director: Gary Trousdale, Kirk Wise
Actors: Robby Benson (Beast), Jesse Corti (Lefou), Rex Everhart (Maurice), Angela Lansbury (Mrs. Potts), Paige O'Hara (Belle), Jerry Orbach (Lumiere), Bradley Pierce (Chip), David Ogden Stiers (Cogsworth - Narrator), Richard White (Gaston), Jo Anne Worley (Wardrobe), Mary Kay Bergman (Bimbette), Brian Cummings (Stove), Alvin Epstein (Bookseller), Tony Jay (Monsieur D'Arque), Alec Murphy (Baker)

Belle is a girl who is dissatisfied with life in a small provincial French town, constantly trying to fend off the misplaced "affections" of conceited Gaston. The Beast is a prince who was placed under a spell because he could not love. A wrong turn taken by Maurice, Belle's father, causes the two to meet.

Ratatouille / Ratatouille (2007)

111 min

16. Ratatouille (2007)

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Fantasy, Family
Director: Brad Bird, Jan Pinkava
Actors: Patton Oswalt (Remy), Ian Holm (Skinner), Lou Romano (Linguini), Brian Dennehy (Django), Peter Sohn (Emile), Peter O'Toole (Anton Ego), Brad Garrett (Gusteau), Janeane Garofalo (Colette), Will Arnett (Horst), Julius Callahan (Lalo - Francois), James Remar (Larousse), John Ratzenberger (Mustafa), Teddy Newton (Lawyer), Tony Fucile (Pompidou - Health Inspector), Jake Steinfeld (Git)

A rat named Remy dreams of becoming a great French chef despite his family's wishes and the obvious problem of being a rat in a decidedly rodent-phobic profession. When fate places Remy in the sewers of Paris, he finds himself ideally situated beneath a restaurant made famous by his culinary hero, Auguste Gusteau. Despite the apparent dangers of being an unlikely - and certainly unwanted - visitor in the kitchen of a fine French restaurant, Remy's passion for cooking soon sets into motion a hilarious and exciting rat race that turns the culinary world of Paris upside down.

The Incredibles / The Incredibles (2004)

115 min

17. The Incredibles (2004)

Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure, Family
Director: Brad Bird
Actors: Craig T. Nelson (Bob Parr - Mr. Incredible), Holly Hunter (Helen Parr - Elastigirl), Samuel L. Jackson (Lucius Best - Frozone), Jason Lee (Buddy Pine - Syndrome), Dominique Louis (Bomb Voyage), Teddy Newton (Newsreel Narrator), Jean Sincere (Mrs. Hogenson), Eli Fucile (Jack Jack Parr), Maeve Andrews (Jack Jack Parr), Wallace Shawn (Gilbert Huph), Spencer Fox (Dashiell 'Dash' Parr), Lou Romano (Bernie Kropp), Wayne Canney (Principal), Sarah Vowell (Violet Parr), Michael Bird (Tony Rydinger)

Bob Parr (A.K.A. Mr. Incredible), and his wife Helen (A.K.A. Elastigirl), are the world's greatest famous crime-fighting superheroes in Metroville. Always saving lives and battling evil on a daily basis. But fifteen years later, they have been forced to adopt civilian identities and retreat to the suburbs where they have no choice but to retire as superheroes to live a "normal life" with their three children Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack (who were secretly born with superpowers). Itching to get back into action, Bob gets his chance when a mysterious communication summons him to a remote island for a top secret assignment. He soon discovers that it will take a super family effort to rescue the world from total destruction.

The Nightmare Before Christmas / The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

76 min

18. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

Genre: Animation, Fantasy, Musical, Family
Director: Henry Selick
Actors: Danny Elfman (Jack Skellington - Singing Voice - Barrel - Clown with the Tear Away Face), Chris Sarandon (Jack Skellington), Catherine O'Hara (Sally - Shock), William Hickey (Evil Scientist), Glenn Shadix (Mayor), Paul Reubens (Lock), Ken Page (Oogie Boogie), Edward Ivory (Santa), Susan McBride (Big Witch - WWD.), Debi Durst (Corpse Kid - Corpse Mom - Small Witch), Greg Proops (Harlequin Demon - Devil - Sax Player), Kerry Katz (Man Under Stairs - Vampire - Corpse Dad), Randy Crenshaw (Mr. Hyde - Behemoth - Vampire Corpse Dad), Sherwood Ball (Mummy - Vampire), Carmen Twillie (Undersea Gal - Man Under the Stairs)

Jack Skellington, the pumpkin king of Halloween Town, is bored with doing the same thing every year for Halloween. One day he stumbles into Christmas Town, and is so taken with the idea of Christmas that he tries to get the resident bats, ghouls, and goblins of Halloween town to help him put on Christmas instead of Halloween -- but alas, they can't get it quite right.

Big Hero 6 / Big Hero 6 (2014)

102 min

19. Big Hero 6 (2014)

Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Sci-fi
Director: Don Hall, Chris Williams
Actors: Scott Adsit (Baymax), Ryan Potter (Hiro), Daniel Henney (Tadashi), T.J. Miller (Fred), Jamie Chung (Go Go), Damon Wayans Jr. (Wasabi), Genesis Rodriguez (Honey Lemon), James Cromwell (Robert Callaghan), Alan Tudyk (Alistair Krei), Maya Rudolph (Cass), Abraham Benrubi (General), Katie Lowes (Abigail), Billy Bush (Newscaster), Daniel Gerson (Desk Sergeant), Paul Briggs (Yama)

From Walt Disney Animation Studios, the team behind "Frozen" and "Wreck-It Ralph," comes "Big Hero 6," an action-packed comedy-adventure about the special bond that develops between Baymax, a plus-sized inflatable robot, and prodigy Hiro Hamada. When a devastating event befalls the city of San Fransokyo and catapults Hiro into the midst of danger, he turns to Baymax and his close friends adrenaline junkie Go Go Tomago, neatnik Wasabi, chemistry whiz Honey Lemon and fanboy Fred. Determined to uncover the mystery, Hiro transforms his friends into a band of high-tech heroes called "Big Hero 6."

How to Train Your Dragon 2 / How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014)

102 min

20. How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014)

Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Family
Director: Dean DeBlois
Actors: Jay Baruchel (Hiccup), Cate Blanchett (Valka), Gerard Butler (Stoick), Craig Ferguson (Gobber), America Ferrera (Astrid), Jonah Hill (Snotlout), Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Fishlegs), T.J. Miller (Tuffnut), Kristen Wiig (Ruffnut), Djimon Hounsou (Drago), Kit Harington (Eret), Kieron Elliott (Hoark the Haggard), Philip McGrade (Starkard), Andrew Ableson (Ug), Gideon Emery (Teeny)

It's been five years since Hiccup and Toothless successfully united dragons and vikings on the island of Berk. While Astrid, Snotlout and the rest of the gang are challenging each other to dragon races (the island's new favorite contact sport), the now inseparable pair journey through the skies, charting unmapped territories and exploring new worlds. When one of their adventures leads to the discovery of a secret ice cave that is home to hundreds of new wild dragons and the mysterious Dragon Rider, the two friends find themselves at the center of a battle to protect the peace. Now, Hiccup and Toothless must unite to stand up for what they believe while recognizing that only together do they have the power to change the future of both men and dragons.

Shrek / Shrek (2001)

90 min

21. Shrek (2001)

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Family
Director: Andrew Adamson, Vicky Jenson
Actors: Mike Myers (Shrek), Eddie Murphy (Donkey), Cameron Diaz (Princess Fiona), John Lithgow (Lord Farquaad), Vincent Cassel (Monsieur Hood), Peter Dennis (Ogre Hunter), Clive Pearse (Ogre Hunter), Jim Cummings (Captain of Guards), Bobby Block (Baby Bear), Chris Miller (Geppetto - Magic Mirror), Cody Cameron (Pinocchio - Three Pigs), Kathleen Freeman (Old Woman), Michael Galasso (Peter Pan), Christopher Knights (Blind Mouse - Thelonious), Simon J. Smith (Blind Mouse)

When a green ogre named Shrek discovers his swamp has been 'swamped' with all sorts of fairytale creatures by the scheming Lord Farquaad, Shrek sets out with a very loud donkey by his side to 'persuade' Farquaad to give Shrek his swamp back. Instead, a deal is made. Farquaad, who wants to become the King, sends Shrek to rescue Princess Fiona, who is awaiting her true love in a tower guarded by a fire-breathing dragon. But once they head back with Fiona, it starts to become apparent that not only does Shrek, an ugly ogre, begin to fall in love with the lovely princess, but Fiona is also hiding a huge secret.

Toy Story 2 / Toy Story 2 (1999)

92 min | 82 min (TV)

22. Toy Story 2 (1999)

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Family
Director: John Lasseter, Ash Brannon
Actors: Tom Hanks (Woody), Tim Allen (Buzz Lightyear), Joan Cusack (Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl), Kelsey Grammer (Stinky Pete the Prospector), Don Rickles (Mr. Potato Head), Jim Varney (Slinky Dog), Wallace Shawn (Rex the Green Dinosaur), John Ratzenberger (Hamm the Piggy Bank), Annie Potts (Bo Peep), Wayne Knight (Al the Toy Collector), John Morris (Andy), Laurie Metcalf (Andy's Mom), Estelle Harris (Mrs. Potato Head), R. Lee Ermey (Army Sarge), Jodi Benson (Tour Guide Barbie - Barbie on Backpack)

While Andy is away at summer camp Woody has been toynapped by Al McWiggin, a greedy collector and proprietor of "Al's Toy Barn"! In this all-out rescue mission, Buzz and his friends Mr. Potato Head, Slinky Dog, Rex and Hamm springs into action to rescue Woody from winding up as a museum piece. They must find a way to save him before he gets sold in Japan forever and they'll never see him again!

South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut / South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut (1999)

81 min

23. South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut (1999)

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Musical
Director: Trey Parker
Actors: Trey Parker (Stan Marsh - Eric Cartman - Satan - Mr. Herbert Garrison - Phillip Niles Argyle - Randy Marsh - Tom ), Matt Stone (Kyle Broflovski - Kenny McCormick - Saddam Hussein - Terrance Henry Stoot - Ticket Taker - Jimbo Kea), Mary Kay Bergman (Liane Cartman - Sheila Broflovski - Sharon Marsh - Wendy Testeberger - Clitoris - Additional Voices), Isaac Hayes (Chef), Jesse Brant Howell (Ike Broflovski), Anthony Cross-Thomas (Ike Broflovski), Franchesca Clifford (Ike Broflovski), Bruce Howell (Man In Theatre), Deb Adair (Woman In Theatre), Jennifer Howell (Bebe Stevens), George Clooney (Dr. Gouache), Brent Spiner (Conan O'Brien), Minnie Driver (Brooke Shields), Dave Foley (The Baldwin Brothers), Eric Idle (Dr. Vosknocker)

When four boys in South Park Stan Marsh, Kyle and his stepbrother Ike Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick sees an R-rated movie featuring Canadians "Terrance & Phillip: Asses of Fire", they are pronounced "corrupted", and Kyle's mom Sheila with the rest of the parents pressure the United States to wage war against Canada for World War 3! It's all up to Stan, Kyle and Cartman to save Terrence and Phillip before Satan and his lover Saddam Hussein from Hell rules the world and it'll be the end of the whole world.

Tangled / Tangled (2010)

1h 40min

24. Tangled (2010)

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Musical, Romance, Family
Director: Nathan Greno, Byron Howard
Actors: Mandy Moore (Rapunzel), Zachary Levi (Flynn Rider), Donna Murphy (Mother Gothel), Ron Perlman (Stabbington Brother), M.C. Gainey (Captain of the Guard), Jeffrey Tambor (Big Nose Thug), Brad Garrett (Hook Hand Thug), Paul F. Tompkins (Short Thug), Richard Kiel (Vlad), Delaney Rose Stein (Young Rapunzel - Little Girl), Nathan Greno (Guard 1 - Thug 1), Byron Howard (Guard 2 - Thug 2), Tim Mertens (Guard 3), Michael Bell (Additional Voices), Bob Bergen (Additional Voices)

After receiving the healing powers from a magical flower, the baby Princess Rapunzel is kidnapped from the palace in the middle of the night by Mother Gothel. Mother Gothel knows that the flower's magical powers are now growing within the golden hair of Rapunzel, and to stay young, she must lock Rapunzel in her hidden tower. Rapunzel is now a teenager and her hair has grown to a length of 70-feet. The beautiful Rapunzel has been in the tower her entire life, and she is curious of the outside world. One day, the bandit Flynn Ryder scales the tower and is taken captive by Rapunzel. Rapunzel strikes a deal with the charming thief to act as her guide to travel to the place where the floating lights come from that she has seen every year on her birthday. Rapunzel is about to have the most exciting and magnificent journey of her life.

The Lego Movie / The Lego Movie (2014)

100 min

25. The Lego Movie (2014)

Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Family
Director: Phil Lord, Christopher Miller
Actors: Will Arnett (Batman - Bruce Wayne), Elizabeth Banks (Wyldstyle - Lucy), Craig Berry (Blake - Additional Voices), Alison Brie (Unikitty), David Burrows (Octan Robot - Additional Voices), Anthony Daniels (C-3PO), Charlie Day (Benny), Amanda Farinos (Mom), Keith Ferguson (Han Solo), Will Ferrell (Lord Business), Will Forte (Abraham Lincoln), Dave Franco (Wally), Morgan Freeman (Vitruvius), Todd Hansen (Gandalf - Additional Voices), Jonah Hill (Green Lantern)

The LEGO Movie is a 3D animated film which follows lead character, Emmet a completely ordinary LEGO mini-figure who is identified as the most "extraordinary person" and the key to saving the Lego universe. Emmet and his friends go on an epic journey to stop the evil tyrant, Lord Business.

Wreck-It Ralph / Wreck-It Ralph (2012)

101 min

26. Wreck-It Ralph (2012)

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family
Director: Rich Moore
Actors: John C. Reilly (Ralph), Sarah Silverman (Vanellope), Jack McBrayer (Felix), Jane Lynch (Calhoun), Alan Tudyk (King Candy), Mindy Kaling (Taffyta Muttonfudge), Joe Lo Truglio (Markowski), Ed O'Neill (Mr. Litwak), Dennis Haysbert (General Hologram), Edie McClurg (Mary), Raymond S. Persi (Gene - Zombie), Jess Harnell (Don), Rachael Harris (Deanna), Skylar Astin (Roy), Adam Carolla (Wynnchel)

Wreck-It Ralph longs to be as beloved as his game's perfect Good Guy, Fix-It Felix. Problem is, nobody loves a Bad Guy. But they do love heroes... so when a modern, first-person shooter game arrives featuring tough-as-nails Sergeant Calhoun, Ralph sees it as his ticket to heroism and happiness. He sneaks into the game with a simple plan -- win a medal -- but soon wrecks everything, and accidentally unleashes a deadly enemy that threatens every game in the arcade. Ralph's only hope? Vanellope von Schweetz, a young troublemaking "glitch" from a candy-coated cart racing game who might just be the one to teach Ralph what it means to be a Good Guy. But will he realize he is good enough to become a hero before it's "Game Over" for the entire arcade?

Despicable Me / Despicable Me (2010)

95 min | 87 min (ABC Family print) (TV)

27. Despicable Me (2010)

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family
Director: Pierre Coffin, Chris Renaud
Actors: Steve Carell (Gru), Jason Segel (Vector), Russell Brand (Dr. Nefario), Julie Andrews (Gru's Mom), Will Arnett (Mr. Perkins), Kristen Wiig (Miss Hattie), Miranda Cosgrove (Margo), Dana Gaier (Edith), Elsie Fisher (Agnes), Pierre Coffin (Tim the Minion - Bob the Minion - Mark the Minion - Phil the Minion - Stuart the Minion), Chris Renaud (Dave the Minion), Jemaine Clement (Jerry the Minion), Jack McBrayer (Carnival Barker - Tourist Dad), Danny McBride (Fred McDade), Mindy Kaling (Tourist Mom)

In a happy suburban neighborhood surrounded by white picket fences with flowering rose bushes, sits a black house with a dead lawn. Unbeknownst to the neighbors, hidden beneath this home is a vast secret hideout. Surrounded by a small army of minions, we discover Gru, planning the biggest heist in the history of the world. He is going to steal the moon. (Yes, the moon!) Gru delights in all things wicked. Armed with his arsenal of shrink rays, freeze rays, and battle-ready vehicles for land and air, he vanquishes all who stand in his way. Until the day he encounters the immense will of three little orphaned girls who look at him and see something that no one else has ever seen: a potential Dad. The world's greatest villain has just met his greatest challenge: three little girls named Margo, Edith and Agnes.

Frozen / Frozen (2013)

102 min

28. Frozen (2013)

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Musical, Family
Director: Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee
Actors: Kristen Bell (Anna), Idina Menzel (Elsa), Jonathan Groff (Kristoff), Josh Gad (Olaf), Santino Fontana (Hans), Alan Tudyk (Duke), Ciaran Hinds (Pabbie - Grandpa), Chris Williams (Oaken), Stephen J. Anderson (Kai), Maia Wilson (Bulda), Edie McClurg (Gerda), Robert Pine (Bishop), Maurice LaMarche (King), Livvy Stubenrauch (Young Anna), Eva Bella (Young Elsa)

Anna, a fearless optimist, sets off on an epic journey - teaming up with rugged mountain man Kristoff and his loyal reindeer Sven - to find her sister Elsa, whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom of Arendelle in eternal winter. Encountering Everest-like conditions, mystical trolls and a hilarious snowman named Olaf, Anna and Kristoff battle the elements in a race to save the kingdom. From the outside Anna's sister, Elsa looks poised, regal and reserved, but in reality, she lives in fear as she wrestles with a mighty secret-she was born with the power to create ice and snow. It's a beautiful ability, but also extremely dangerous. Haunted by the moment her magic nearly killed her younger sister Anna, Elsa has isolated herself, spending every waking minute trying to suppress her growing powers. Her mounting emotions trigger the magic, accidentally setting off an eternal winter that she can't stop. She fears she's becoming a monster and that no one, not even her sister, can help her.

Ice Age / Ice Age (2002)

81 min | 103 min (Extended Cut)

29. Ice Age (2002)

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family
Director: Chris Wedge, Carlos Saldanha
Actors: Ray Romano (Manfred), John Leguizamo (Sid), Denis Leary (Diego), Goran Visnjic (Soto), Jack Black (Zeke), Cedric the Entertainer (Carl), Stephen Root (Frank - Start), Diedrich Bader (Saber-Toothed Tiger), Alan Tudyk (Lenny - Oscar - Dab), Lorri Bagley (Jennifer), Jane Krakowski (Rachel), Peter Ackerman (Dodo - Macrauchenia), P.J. Benjamin (Dodo), Josh Hamilton (Dodo - Aardvark), Chris Wedge (Dodo - Scrat)

Back when the Earth was being overrun by glaciers, and animals were scurrying to save themselves from the upcoming Ice Age, a sloth named Sid, a woolly mammoth named Manny, and a saber-toothed tiger named Diego are forced to become unlikely heroes. The three reluctantly come together when they have to return a human child to its father while braving the deadly elements of the impending Ice Age.

Kung Fu Panda / Kung Fu Panda (2008)

92 min

30. Kung Fu Panda (2008)

Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Family
Director: Mark Osborne, John Stevenson
Actors: Jack Black (Po), Dustin Hoffman (Shifu), Angelina Jolie (Tigress), Ian McShane (Tai Lung), Jackie Chan (Monkey), Seth Rogen (Mantis), Lucy Liu (Viper), David Cross (Crane), Randall Duk Kim (Oogway), James Hong (Mr. Ping), Dan Fogler (Zeng), Michael Clarke Duncan (Commander Vachir), Wayne Knight (Gang Boss), Kyle Gass (KG Shaw), JR Reed (JR Shaw)

It's the story about a lazy, irreverent slacker panda, named Po, who is the biggest fan of Kung Fu around...which doesn't exactly come in handy while working every day in his family's noodle shop. Unexpectedly chosen to fulfill an ancient prophecy, Po's dreams become reality when he joins the world of Kung Fu and studies alongside his idols, the legendary Furious Five -- Tigress, Crane, Mantis, Viper and Monkey -- under the leadership of their guru, Master Shifu. But before they know it, the vengeful and treacherous snow leopard Tai Lung is headed their way, and it's up to Po to defend everyone from the oncoming threat. Can he turn his dreams of becoming a Kung Fu master into reality? Po puts his heart - and his girth - into the task, and the unlikely hero ultimately finds that his greatest weaknesses turn out to be his greatest strengths.

The Little Mermaid / The Little Mermaid (1989)

83 min

31. The Little Mermaid (1989)

Genre: Animation, Fantasy, Musical, Romance, Family
Director: Ron Clements, John Musker
Actors: Rene Auberjonois (Louis), Christopher Daniel Barnes (Eric), Jodi Benson (Ariel), Pat Carroll (Ursula), Paddi Edwards (Flotsam & Jetsam), Buddy Hackett (Scuttle), Jason Marin (Flounder), Kenneth Mars (Triton), Edie McClurg (Carlotta), Will Ryan (Seahorse), Ben Wright (Grimsby), Samuel E. Wright (Sebastian), Hamilton Camp (Additional Voices), Debbie Shapiro Gravitte (Additional Voices), Robert Weil (Additional Voices)

Loosely based upon the story by Hans Christian Andersen. Ariel, youngest daughter of King Triton, is dissatisfied with life in the sea. She longs to be with the humans above the surface, and is often caught in arguments with her father over those "barbaric fish-eaters". She goes to meet Ursula, the Sea Witch, to strike a deal, but Ursula has bigger plans for this mermaid and her father.

Despicable Me 2 / Despicable Me 2 (2013)

98 min

32. Despicable Me 2 (2013)

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family
Director: Pierre Coffin, Chris Renaud
Actors: Steve Carell (Gru), Kristen Wiig (Lucy), Benjamin Bratt (Eduardo - El Macho), Miranda Cosgrove (Margo), Russell Brand (Dr. Nefario), Ken Jeong (Floyd), Steve Coogan (Silas), Elsie Fisher (Agnes), Dana Gaier (Edith), Moises Arias (Antonio), Nasim Pedrad (Jillian), Kristen Schaal (Shannon), Pierre Coffin (Kevin the Minion - Bob the Minion - Stuart the Minion - Additional Minions - Evil Minions), Chris Renaud (Additional Minions - Evil Minions - Italian Waiter), Nickolai Stoilov (Arctic Lab Guards)

While Gru, the ex-supervillain is adjusting to family life and an attempted honest living in the jam business, a secret Arctic laboratory is stolen. The Anti-Villain League decides it needs an insider's help and recruits Gru in the investigation. Together with the eccentric AVL agent, Lucy Wilde, Gru concludes that his prime suspect is the presumed dead supervillain, El Macho, whose his teenage son is also making the moves on his eldest daughter, Margo. Seemingly blinded by his overprotectiveness of his children and his growing mutual attraction to Lucy, Gru seems on the wrong track even as his minions are being quietly kidnapped en masse for some malevolent purpose.

Mulan / Mulan (1998)

88 min

33. Mulan (1998)

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Musical, Family, War
Director: Tony Bancroft, Barry Cook
Actors: Ming-Na Wen (Mulan), Lea Salonga (Mulan), June Foray (Grandmother Fa), Soon-Tek Oh (Fa Zhou), Freda Foh Shen (Fa Li), James Hong (Chi Fu), BD Wong (Shang), Donny Osmond (Shang), Pat Morita (The Emperor), Harvey Fierstein (Yao), Eddie Murphy (Mushu), Marni Nixon (Grandmother Fa), George Takei (First Ancestor), Jerry Tondo (Chien-Po), Gedde Watanabe (Ling)

This retelling of the old Chinese folktale is about the story of a young Chinese maiden who learns that her weakened and lame father is to be called up into the army in order to fight the invading Huns. Knowing that he would never survive the rigours of war in his state, she decides to disguise herself and join in his place. Unknown to her, her ancestors are aware of this and to prevent it, they order a tiny disgraced dragon, Mushu to join her in order to force her to abandon her plan. He agrees, but when he meets Mulan, he learns that she cannot be dissuaded and so decides to help her in the perilous times ahead.

Corpse Bride / Corpse Bride (2005)

77 min

34. Corpse Bride (2005)

Genre: Animation, Fantasy, Musical, Romance
Director: Tim Burton, Mike Johnson
Actors: Johnny Depp (Victor Van Dort), Helena Bonham Carter (Corpse Bride), Emily Watson (Victoria Everglot), Tracey Ullman (Nell Van Dort - Hildegarde), Paul Whitehouse (William Van Dort - Mayhew - Paul The Head Waiter), Joanna Lumley (Maudeline Everglot), Albert Finney (Finis Everglot), Richard E. Grant (Barkis Bittern), Christopher Lee (Pastor Galswells), Michael Gough (Elder Gutknecht), Jane Horrocks (Black Widow Spider - Mrs. Plum), Enn Reitel (Maggot - Town Crier), Deep Roy (General Bonesapart), Danny Elfman (Bonejangles), Stephen Ballantyne (Emil)

Set back in the late 1800s in a Victorian village, a man and woman by the names of Victor Van Dort and Victoria Everglot are betrothed because the Everglots need the money or else they'll be living on the streets and the Van Dorts want to be high in society. But when things go wrong at the wedding rehearsal, Victor goes into the woods to practice his vows. Just as soon as he gets them right, he finds himself married to Emily, the corpse bride. While Victoria waits on the other side, there's a rich newcomer that may take Victor's place. So two brides, one groom, who will Victor pick?

Monsters University / Monsters University (2013)

104 min

35. Monsters University (2013)

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Family
Director: Dan Scanlon
Actors: Billy Crystal (Mike), John Goodman (Sullivan), Steve Buscemi (Randy), Helen Mirren (Dean Hardscrabble), Peter Sohn (Squishy), Joel Murray (Don), Sean Hayes (Terri), Dave Foley (Terry), Charlie Day (Art), Alfred Molina (Professor Knight), Tyler Labine (Greek Council VP), Nathan Fillion (Johnny), Aubrey Plaza (Greek Council President), Bobby Moynihan (Chet), Noah Johnston (Young Mike)

Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan are an inseparable pair, but that wasn't always the case. From the moment these two mismatched monsters met they couldn't stand each other. "Monsters University" unlocks the door to how Mike and Sulley overcame their differences and became the best of friends.

The Adventures of Tintin / The Adventures of Tintin (2011)

107 min

36. The Adventures of Tintin (2011)

Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure, Family, Mystery
Director: Steven Spielberg
Actors: Jamie Bell (Tintin), Andy Serkis (Captain Haddock - Sir Francis Haddock), Daniel Craig (Sakharine - Red Rackham), Nick Frost (Thomson), Simon Pegg (Thompson), Daniel Mays (Allan - Pirate Flunky #1), Gad Elmaleh (Ben Salaad), Toby Jones (Silk), Joe Starr (Barnaby), Enn Reitel (Nestor - Mr. Crabtree), Mackenzie Crook (Tom - Pirate Flunky #2), Tony Curran (Lieutenant Delcourt), Sonje Fortag (Mrs. Finch), Cary Elwes (Pilot), Phillip Rhys (Co-Pilot - French Medic)

Having bought a model ship, the Unicorn, for a pound off a market stall Tintin is initially puzzled that the sinister Mr. Sakharine should be so eager to buy it from him, resorting to murder and kidnapping Tintin - accompanied by his marvellous dog Snowy - to join him and his gang as they sail to Morocco on an old cargo ship. Sakharine has bribed the crew to revolt against the ship's master, drunken Captain Haddock, but Tintin, Snowy and Haddock escape, arriving in Morocco at the court of a sheikh, who also has a model of the Unicorn. Haddock tells Tintin that over three hundred years earlier his ancestor Sir Francis Haddock was forced to scuttle the original Unicorn when attacked by a piratical forebear of Sakharine but he managed to save his treasure and provide clues to its location in three separate scrolls, all of which were secreted in models of the Unicorn. Tintin and Sakharine have one each and the villain intends to use the glass-shattering top Cs of operatic soprano the ...

The Simpsons Movie / The Simpsons Movie (2007)

87 min

37. The Simpsons Movie (2007)

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Director: David Silverman
Actors: Dan Castellaneta (Homer Simpson - Itchy - Barney - Grampa - Stage Manager - Krusty the Clown - Mayor Quimby - Mayor's ), Julie Kavner (Marge Simpson - Selma - Patty), Nancy Cartwright (Bart Simpson - Maggie Simpson - Ralph Wiggum - Nelson Muntz - Todd Flanders - TV Daughter - Woman on), Yeardley Smith (Lisa Simpson), Hank Azaria (Professor Frink - Comic Book Guy - Moe Szyslak - Chief Wiggum - Lou - Carl - Cletus - Bumblebee Man ), Harry Shearer (Scratchy - Mr. Burns - Rev. Lovejoy - Ned Flanders - Lenny - Skull - President Arnold Schwarzenegger), Pamela Hayden (Milhouse Van Houten - Rod Flanders), Tress MacNeille (Sweet Old Lady - Colin - Agnes Skinner - Nelson's Mother - Pig - Crazy Cat Lady - Female EPA Worker ), Albert Brooks (Russ Cargill), Karl Wiedergott (Man - EPA Driver), Marcia Wallace (Mrs. Krabappel), Russi Taylor (Martin Prince), Maggie Roswell (Helen Lovejoy), Philip Rosenthal (TV Dad), Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day)

Homer adopts a pig who's run away from Krusty Burger after Krusty tried to have him slaughtered, naming the pig "Spider Pig." At the same time, the lake is protected after the audience sink the barge Green Day are on with garbage after they mention the environment. Meanwhile, Spider Pig's waste has filled up a silo in just 2 days, apparently with Homer's help. Homer can't get to the dump quickly so dumps the silo in the lake, polluting it. Russ Cargill, the villainous boss of the EPA, gives Arnold Schwarzenegger 5 options, forcing him to choose 4 (which is, unfortunately, to destroy Springfield) and putting a dome over Springfield to prevent evacuation. Homer, however, has escaped, along with his family. Can he stop the evil Cargill from annihilating his home town, and his family, who have been forced to return to Springfield?

Kung Fu Panda 2 / Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011)

91 min

38. Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011)

Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Family
Director: Jennifer Yuh
Actors: Jack Black (Po), Angelina Jolie (Tigress), Dustin Hoffman (Shifu), Gary Oldman (Shen), Jackie Chan (Monkey), Seth Rogen (Mantis), Lucy Liu (Viper), David Cross (Crane), James Hong (Mr. Ping), Michelle Yeoh (Soothsayer), Danny McBride (Wolf Boss), Dennis Haysbert (Master Ox), Jean-Claude Van Damme (Master Croc), Victor Garber (Master Rhino), Mike Bell (Gorilla Guard 1)

In the Valley of Peace, Po Ping is revelling in his fulfilled dreams as he serves as the fabled Dragon Warrior protecting his home with his heroes now his closest friends. However, Po and company learn that the murderous Lord Shen of Gongman City is threatening the land with a fearsome new weapon that could mean the end of kung fu. They attempt to stop him, but the panda is burdened with crippling memory flashbacks linked to this villain. Now with China in the balance, Po must learn about his past and find true inner peace against all opposition.

Megamind / Megamind (2010)

95 min

39. Megamind (2010)

Genre: Animation, Action, Comedy, Family, Sci-fi
Director: Tom McGrath
Actors: Will Ferrell (Megamind), Brad Pitt (Metro Man), Tina Fey (Roxanne Ritchie), Jonah Hill (Tighten), David Cross (Minion), Ben Stiller (Bernard), Justin Theroux (Megamind's Father), Jessica Schulte (Megamind's Mother), Tom McGrath (Lord Scott - Prison Guard), Emily Nordwind (Lady Scott), J.K. Simmons (Warden), Ella Olivia Stiller (Schoolchild), Quinn Dempsey Stiller (Schoolchild), Brian Hopkins (Prisoner), Christopher Knights (Prison Guard)

After super-villain Megamind (Ferrell) kills his good-guy nemesis, Metro Man (Pitt), he becomes bored since there is no one left to fight. He creates a new foe, Titan (Hill), who, instead of using his powers for good, sets out to destroy the world, positioning Megamind to save the day for the first time in his life.

A Bug's Life / A Bug's Life (1998)

95 min

40. A Bug's Life (1998)

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family
Director: John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton
Actors: Dave Foley (Flik), Kevin Spacey (Hopper), Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Atta), Hayden Panettiere (Dot), Phyllis Diller (Queen), Richard Kind (Molt), David Hyde Pierce (Slim), Joe Ranft (Heimlich), Denis Leary (Francis), Jonathan Harris (Manny), Madeline Kahn (Gypsy Moth), Bonnie Hunt (Rosie), Michael McShane (Tuck - Roll), John Ratzenberger (P.T. Flea), Brad Garrett (Dim)

Every year, a bunch of grasshoppers come to the anthill and eat what the ants have gathered for them. The "offering", as the ants call the ritual, is a part of their fate. One day in spring, when the offering's preparation has just been finished, Flik, unliked inventor ant, accidentally drops the whole offered seeds into the river. The grasshoppers come and give the ants a second chance to collect food until fall. Flik sets off to find bugs that are willing to fight the grasshoppers (nobody expects him to succeed anyway) and, due to a double misinterpretation, returns with a circus crew, giving everybody new hope. When the misunderstanding finally gets cleared out, there is only little time left for a new plan, which has to work, or else...

Brave / Brave (2012)

93 min

41. Brave (2012)

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Family
Director: Mark Andrews, Brenda Chapman
Actors: Kelly Macdonald (Merida), Billy Connolly (Fergus), Emma Thompson (Elinor), Julie Walters (The Witch), Robbie Coltrane (Lord Dingwall), Kevin McKidd (Lord MacGuffin - Young MacGuffin), Craig Ferguson (Lord Macintosh), Sally Kinghorn (Maudie), Eilidh Fraser (Maudie), Peigi Barker (Young Merida), Steven Cree (Young Macintosh), Steve Purcell (The Crow), Callum O'Neill (Wee Dingwall), Patrick Doyle (Martin), John Ratzenberger (Gordon)

Set in Scotland in a rugged and mythical time, "Brave" features Merida, an aspiring archer and impetuous daughter of royalty. Merida makes a reckless choice that unleashes unintended peril and forces her to spring into action to set things right.

Cars / Cars (2006)

117 min

42. Cars (2006)

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Sport
Director: John Lasseter, Joe Ranft
Actors: Owen Wilson (Lightning McQueen), Paul Newman (Doc Hudson), Bonnie Hunt (Sally Carrera), Larry the Cable Guy (Mater), Cheech Marin (Ramone), Tony Shalhoub (Luigi), Guido Quaroni (Guido), Jenifer Lewis (Flo), Paul Dooley (Sarge), Michael Wallis (Sheriff), George Carlin (Fillmore), Katherine Helmond (Lizzie), John Ratzenberger (Mack - Hamm Truck - Abominable Snow Plow - P.T. Flea Car), Joe Ranft (Red - Jerry Recycled Batteries - Peterbilt), Michael Keaton (Chick Hicks)

While traveling to California for the dispute of the final race of the Piston Cup against The King and Chick Hicks, the famous Lightning McQueen accidentally damages the road of the small town Radiator Springs and is sentenced to repair it. Lightning McQueen has to work hard and finds friendship and love in the simple locals, changing its values during his stay in the small town and becoming a true winner.

Rango / Rango (2011)

107 min

43. Rango (2011)

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Western, Family
Director: Gore Verbinski
Actors: Johnny Depp (Rango - Lars), Isla Fisher (Beans), Abigail Breslin (Priscilla), Ned Beatty (Mayor), Alfred Molina (Roadkill), Bill Nighy (Rattlesnake Jake), Stephen Root (Doc - Merrimack - Mr. Snuggles), Harry Dean Stanton (Balthazar), Timothy Olyphant (Spirit of the West), Ray Winstone (Bad Bill), Ian Abercrombie (Ambrose), Gil Birmingham (Wounded Bird), James Ward Byrkit (Waffles - Gordy - Papa Joad - Cousin Murt - Curlie - Knife Attacker - Rodent Kid), Claudia Black (Angelique), Blake Clark (Buford)

Rango is a pet chameleon always on the lookout for action and adventure, except the fake kind, where he directs it and acts in it. After a car accident, he winds up in an old western town called Dirt. What this town needs the most is water, but they also need a hero and a sheriff. The thirsty Rango instantly takes on the role of both and selfishly agrees to take on the case of their missing water.

Shrek 2 / Shrek 2 (2004)

93 min

44. Shrek 2 (2004)

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Family
Director: Andrew Adamson, Kelly Asbury
Actors: Mike Myers (Shrek), Eddie Murphy (Donkey), Cameron Diaz (Princess Fiona), Julie Andrews (Queen), Antonio Banderas (Puss In Boots), John Cleese (King), Rupert Everett (Prince Charming), Jennifer Saunders (Fairy Godmother), Aron Warner (Wolf), Kelly Asbury (Page - Elf - Nobleman - Nobleman's Son), Cody Cameron (Pinocchio - Three Pigs), Conrad Vernon (Gingerbread Man - Cedric - Announcer - Muffin Man - Mongo), Christopher Knights (Blind Mouse), David P. Smith (Herald - Man with Box), Mark Moseley (Mirror - Dresser)

Shrek has rescued Princess Fiona, got married, and now is time to meet the parents. Shrek, Fiona, and Donkey set off to Far, Far Away to meet Fiona's mother and father. But not everyone is happy. Shrek and the King find it hard to get along, and there's tension in the marriage. It's not just the family who are unhappy. Prince Charming returns from a failed attempt at rescuing Fiona, and works alongside his mother, the Fairy Godmother, to try and find a way to get Shrek away from Fiona.

Hotel Transylvania / Hotel Transylvania (2012)

91 min

45. Hotel Transylvania (2012)

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Fantasy, Family
Director: Genndy Tartakovsky
Actors: Adam Sandler (Dracula), Andy Samberg (Jonathan), Selena Gomez (Mavis), Kevin James (Frankenstein), Fran Drescher (Eunice), Steve Buscemi (Wayne), Molly Shannon (Wanda), David Spade (Griffin), CeeLo Green (Murray), Jon Lovitz (Quasimodo), Brian George (Suit of Armor), Luenell (Shrunken Heads), Brian Stack (Pilot), Chris Parnell (Fly), Jackie Sandler (Martha)

In 1895, Dracula builds a resort in Transylvania, hidden from the humans, to raise his beloved daughter Mavis in a safe environment. In the present, the place is the Hotel Transylvania, where monsters bring their families to vacation far from the frightening humans. Dracula invites his friends - Frankenstein and his wife Eunice; Wayne and Wanda, the werewolves; Griffin, the invisible man; Murray, the mummy; Bigfoot, among others - to celebrate the 118th birthday of Mavis. When the party is ready to start, the 21-year-old Jonathan is walking through the forest and stumbles upon the hotel. Dracula sees Jonathan and disguises him as a monster to hide Jonathan from the guests. But Mavis also sees Jonathan and Dracula forces him to pose as a monster. Soon Mavis believes that Jonathan is the "zing" of her life despite the advice of her father about humans.

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs / Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (2009)

94 min | 122 min (Extended Cut)

46. Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (2009)

Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Family
Director: Carlos Saldanha, Mike Thurmeier
Actors: Eunice Cho (Madison), Karen Disher (Scratte), Harrison Fahn (Glypto Boy), Maile Flanagan (Aardvark Mom), Jason Fricchione (Adult Molehog Male), Bill Hader (Gazelle), Kelly Keaton (Molehog Mom - Shovelmouth Mom), Joey King (Beaver Girl), Queen Latifah (Ellie), Denis Leary (Diego), Allegra Leguizamo (Aardvark Girl), John Leguizamo (Sid), Lucas Leguizamo (Aardvark Boy - Beaver Kid #2), Clea Lewis (Start Mom), Jane Lynch (Diatryma Mom)

After the events of "Ice Age: The Meltdown", life begins to change for Manny and his friends: Scrat is still on the hunt to hold onto his beloved acorn, while finding a possible romance in a female sabre-toothed squirrel named Scratte. Manny and Ellie, having since become an item, are expecting a baby, which leaves Manny anxious to ensure that everything is perfect for when his baby arrives. Diego is fed up with being treated like a house-cat and ponders the notion that he is becoming too laid-back. Sid begins to wish for a family of his own, and so steals some dinosaur eggs which leads to Sid ending up in a strange underground world where his herd must rescue him, while dodging dinosaurs and facing danger left and right, and meeting up with a one-eyed weasel known as Buck who hunts dinosaurs intently.

Rio / Rio (2011)

96 min

47. Rio (2011)

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Musical, Family
Director: Carlos Saldanha
Actors: Karen Disher (Mother Bird), Jason Fricchione (Truck Driver), Sofia Scarpa Saldanha (Young Linda), Leslie Mann (Linda), Kelly Keaton (Bookstore Customer - Lady Tourist), Jesse Eisenberg (Blu), Wanda Sykes (Chloe), Jane Lynch (Alice), Rodrigo Santoro (Tulio - Soccer Announcer), Gracinha Leporace (Dr. Barbosa), Jamie Foxx (Nico), (Pedro), Phil Miler (Aviary Intern - Waiter), Anne Hathaway (Jewel), Bernardo de Paula (Sylvio - Kipo)

In Rio de Janeiro, baby macaw, Blu, is captured by dealers and smuggled to the USA. While driving through Moose Lake, Minnesota, the truck that is transporting Blu accidentally drops Blu's box on the road. A girl, Linda, finds the bird and raises him with love. Fifteen years later, Blu is a domesticated and intelligent bird that does not fly and lives a comfortable life with bookshop owner Linda. Out of the blue, clumsy Brazilian ornithologist, Tulio, visits Linda and explains that Blu is the last male of his species, and he has a female called Jewel in Rio de Janeiro. He invites Linda to bring Blu to Rio so that he and Jewel can save their species. Linda travels with Blu and Tulio to Rio de Janeiro and they leave Blu and Jewel in a large cage in the institute where Tulio works. While they are having dinner, smugglers break into the institute and steal Blu and Jewel to sell them. Linda and Tulio look everywhere for Blu, who is chained to Jewel and hidden in a slum. Meanwhile, Jewel ...

Ice Age: The Meltdown / Ice Age: The Meltdown (2006)

91 min | 90 min (cut) | 115 min (Extended Cut)

48. Ice Age: The Meltdown (2006)

Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Family
Director: Carlos Saldanha
Actors: Ray Romano (Manny), John Leguizamo (Sid), Denis Leary (Diego), Seann William Scott (Crash), Josh Peck (Eddie), Queen Latifah (Ellie), Will Arnett (Lone Gunslinger Vulture), Jay Leno (Fast Tony), Chris Wedge (Scrat), Peter Ackerman (Dung Beetle Dad), Caitlin Rose Anderson (Glypto Boy Billy - Beaver Girl), Connor Anderson (Rhino Boy - Beaver Boy), Joseph Bologna (Mr. Start), Jack Crocicchia (Elk Boy), Peter DeSeve (Condor Chick)

Manny the woolly mammoth, Sid the sloth, Diego the saber-toothed tiger, and the hapless prehistoric squirrel/rat known as Scrat are still together and enjoying the perks of their now melting world. Manny may be ready to start a family, but nobody has seen another mammoth for a long time; Manny thinks he may be the last one. That is, until he miraculously finds Ellie, the only female mammoth left in the world. Their only problems: They can't stand each other--and Ellie somehow thinks she's a possum! Ellie comes with some excess baggage in the form of her two possum "brothers"-- Crash and Eddie, a couple of daredevil pranksters and cocky, loud-mouthed troublemakers. Manny, Sid and Diego quickly learn that the warming climate has one major drawback: A huge glacial dam holding off oceans of water is about to break, threatening the entire valley. The only chance of survival lies at the other end of the valley. So our three heroes, along with Ellie, Crash and Eddie, form the most unlikely ...

Madagascar / Madagascar (2005)

86 min

49. Madagascar (2005)

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family
Director: Eric Darnell, Tom McGrath
Actors: Ben Stiller (Alex), Chris Rock (Marty), David Schwimmer (Melman), Jada Pinkett Smith (Gloria), Sacha Baron Cohen (Julien), Cedric the Entertainer (Maurice), Andy Richter (Mort), Tom McGrath (Skipper - Fossa - Panicky Man on Subway), Christopher Knights (Private), Chris Miller (Kowalski), Conrad Vernon (Mason), Eric Darnell (Zoo Announcer - Lemur #1 - Fossa - Subway Car Announcer), David Cowgill (Police Horse), Stephen Apostolina (Police Officer), Elisa Gabrielli (Old Lady)

At New York's Central Park Zoo, a lion, a zebra, a giraffe, and a hippo are best friends and stars of the show. But when one of the animals goes missing from their cage, the other three break free to look for him, only to find themselves reunited ... on a ship en route to Africa. When their vessel is hijacked, however, the friends, who have all been raised in captivity, learn first-hand what life can be like in the wild.

Shrek the Third / Shrek the Third (2007)

93 min

50. Shrek the Third (2007)

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Family
Director: Chris Miller, Raman Hui
Actors: Mike Myers (Shrek), Eddie Murphy (Donkey), Cameron Diaz (Princess Fiona), Antonio Banderas (Puss in Boots), Julie Andrews (Queen), John Cleese (King), Rupert Everett (Prince Charming), Eric Idle (Merlin), Justin Timberlake (Artie), Susanne Blakeslee (Evil Queen), Cody Cameron (Pinocchio - Three Pigs), Larry King (Doris), Christopher Knights (Blind Mice - Heckler - Evil Tree #2 - Guard #2), John Krasinski (Lancelot), Ian McShane (Captain Hook)

When Fiona's father and King of Far Far Away passes away, the clumsy Shrek becomes the immediate successor of the throne. However, Shrek decides to find the legitimate heir Artie in a distant kingdom with his friends Donkey and Puss in Boots to be able return to his beloved house in the swamp with the pregnant Fiona. Meanwhile, the envious and ambitious Prince Charming joins the villains of the fairytales plotting a coup d'etat to become the new king.

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