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April , 2008

How many times have you lent someone one of your books only to forget about it until you needed it? With All My Books 1.0 from Bolide Software, you can lend out books and get reminded whom you lent them and when they are due back. And that's just the beginning of what a very useful books organizer All My Books could make for you!

Bolide Software today announces All My Books v1.0, the new software tool to catalog books from the home library. The product builds on the engine and technologies of the award-winning movies manager from Bolide Software - All My Movies.

"It used to be that in the past when you wanted to find a book, you spent a good half hour rummaging through the book shelves until you could lay your hands on it," says Max Smirnoff, CEO of Bolide Software. "Today everything has gone pretty much digital. Of course, many people still use that manual search method, but if you're really serious about book cataloging and have a pretty large library with hundreds of books and many more to come, you should consider a computer books manager that will help you organize your ever growing collection."

All My Books literally puts all your books collection in front of you. The main window displays a list of the books on the left and a book description on the right. To view any book card, simply click on a title from the list shown on the left and the corresponding card opens on the right. If the database is very large, you can locate a book via the book finder field on top of the main window. Key in the first letters of the book, and the program will instantly display the title. It doesn't get much easier. You can also browse your books database ordered the way you want. Group your books and sort data by various fields just in two clicks.

Adding a new book to All My Books is a breeze to do. Just click on the Add button and key in the information about the book, such as author, title, ISBN, genre, publishing house, binding, number of pages, number of copies, location, rating, etc. Or, you can have this information downloaded by All My Books from the internet. Simply type in the book's title, author or ISBN and the program will search various internet book databases - all in a few seconds! You'll then select the book from the search results and download all its data, including plot synapsis, reviews and book cover. Currently there is no other book organizer that supports such a large number of online sources to load books data from. The list of supported sources is updated regularly thanks to the additional third-party plug-ins.

If you used to catalog books in another book organizer, All My Books makes it easy to import the collected database in the XML or CSV format. The software can also export its own database to other formats, including CHM, HTML (with support for editable templates), XLS (MS Excel) and text. Export to mobile devices is also supported.

Among many other useful features, All My Books offers a built-in loan manager that will keep track of who borrowed your books and remind you when they are due back, so you will never again lose sight of the book that is so dear to your heart.

Catalog books without the hassle of having to search through the entire collection!

Pricing & Availability

All My Books v1.0 runs on Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista and available immediately as a free evaluation version from www.bolidesoft.com. The product starts at $34.95 (US). A 25% discount is available to anyone who switches to All My Books from any other competing book organizer. Registration entitles the user to free minor version updates and priority technical support for the life of the product.

About Bolide Software

Bolide Software was founded in 2003 by Max Smirnov. Mr. Smirnov is an independent software engineer and a member of SWRUS. Bolide Software specializes in developing multimedia software and system utilities. Its premier products are All My Movies, Image Comparer, and Hide Photos. For more information, visit https://www.bolidesoft.com

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Book cataloging is a everlasting hobby for all ages." - Max Smirnoff, Bolide Software CEO

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"I was just thrilled by how easy it is to use this serious program - everything is very clear from the very first moments of using. I discovered All My Books not so long ago, but love it beyond any measure!!! Great interface! Nice templates, so frequent updates - developers' constant work over the project is obvious! Awesome possum! Thanks so much!!!"
- Rating: 4.5 -

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