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Keeping Track of the Books Has Never Been More Fun!

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Keep Track of the Books

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Are you a book lover? Is your book collection growing day by day and managing it has become really tough? Then keeping track of the books you've read must be really unmanageable for you and you desperately need professional help. There is one extremely competent helper - All My Books! It's the software that doesn't only help you keep track of all your books but also makes you feel so good!

Installation File for Windows Vista/7/8/10

(Official Download. No Toolbars, No Ads, No Third-Party Bundles. Easy to Uninstall.)

A single program for all book types

So, what makes it so powerful, let's see. The first thing to mention is its fitness for virtually all your books :) - traditional paper books, audiobooks, e-books of all formats and what not! Using it, you'll be able to keep track of all different kinds of books and manage all them effortlessly. All My Books gets quickly and easily adjusted to all new books formats. Audiobooks are so popular today, so the program allows you to avoid searching the books and start the book right from the program. Just in a flash!

Not a book lost!

Do you often lend books to your friends? I bet you've lost some of them. Yeah, you know we often lend and borrow books and then in the fuss of the day can't remember where it is and when it's due home… Sadly, it's often the case with books. But All My Books helps you to solve this problem in such ways. First, in the program there a loan manager which greatly keeps track of your books and makes it impossible to forget about a single one lent - just specify the name of your friend and when it must be back. The program acts like a quickie reminder until the book is back home again. By the way, All My Books has got an option which allows you to share book collection with friends.

Customize your book catalogue

All My Books is a really personal book library. It's not just a standard program which keeps track of your books. At every step of working with the program you make a choice. Apart from choosing an online database pick up info from, it's up to you to decide which skin to choose, which template to use for the interface, whether to view the list of books or this amazing virtual shelf, etc. You also can customize the program by adding more columns with the fields you need and adding coloured custom flags for any case. The program also leaves it up to you to choose which info to include when printing the whole book collection - whether you want it brief or detailed, again different templates here being available. Keeping track of the books you've read has never been easier and more fun!

Keep track of your books with ease

Yeah, it sounds really tasty and tempting :). So, don't hesitate and surrender to the temptation. Give All My Books a free try right now! 30-day trial version of the program will allow you to experience what you've just read about.

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Our customer say

All My Books - Wonderful program

"Out of everything that I dreamed my book database should be able to do, there is only one thing that All My Books doesn't do, but it does do so much more than I ever imagined that I don't care!You have made it so incredibly easy to do this, and it is much less time consuming than I ever thought it would be, which is a tremendous help. The instructions you give about how to use All My Books in the Help section is very clear and made it very easy to get started. Your user interface is extremely logical and intuitive to use, which too many programs don't manage to do very well. Thank you so much for creating this incredible, wonderful program!"
- Rating: 4.8 -
Looking for the software for keeping tracks of your books? We got one for you.
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· No time limits
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