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Does that sound like quite a claim? Buy book manager software, and you'll get to read more books? It does sound pretty out there, but it's true. Look at other aspects of your life. You get more done in the areas where you're more highly organized. If your kitchen is set up where you can reach all the tools and ingredients you need, and everything's clean and ready for you to use, you're more likely to cook more often. If all your sewing supplies are organized and easy to find, sewing goes from chore to enjoyable hobby.

"Book manager" software can do the same thing for your library. And unlike sorting through a box of bobbins or washing a few loads of dishes, setting it up should be fun, and pretty easy. You just type in a title, author or ISBN and let it search for your book. It adds tons of information, even an image of the book cover. Then you can add extras, including an author photo, extra information, more images, notes, and whatever you want.

Adding all your books including your ebooks and audio books, if you choose the right book manager program, is fast and easy. How does that let you read more books?

Sometimes book lovers' eyes are bigger than their stomachs-we buy more books than we have time to read, and before we've read those, we buy even more. Book manager lets you mark the books you haven't read yet, making it easy to single out your next book to read.

Have a book in your purse, messenger bag or briefcase for when you're on the go and you have to wait a while for something, another in your desk at work, another in your desk at home, maybe even one in your car, just in case? You can make yourself a note in your book manager program about where you've left off in each. Even when you last read one, and where each one is, in case you want to take the book in your desk with you and read it instead of the one in your bag. Send your list to your mobile device and have that information at your fingertips.

Keep track of the books you've loaned out-even keep track of books that you don't have but you've read from the library or have borrowed from others. Create a special label for them to show that you don't own them but have read them, and keep form buying a book that you don't want.

Why not make a separate label for books you want to buy and keep track of them that way? Send it to your mobile, then next time you're in a bookstore you'll know exactly which aisles to hit. There's no limit to how you can use great book management software because it lets you customize everything as much as you want, quickly and easily . . . leaving you more time to read books!

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"Out of everything that I dreamed my book database should be able to do, there is only one thing that All My Books doesn't do, but it does do so much more than I ever imagined that I don't care!You have made it so incredibly easy to do this, and it is much less time consuming than I ever thought it would be, which is a tremendous help. The instructions you give about how to use All My Books in the Help section is very clear and made it very easy to get started. Your user interface is extremely logical and intuitive to use, which too many programs don't manage to do very well. Thank you so much for creating this incredible, wonderful program!"
- Rating: 4.5 -
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