Use a Video Organizer to Declutter

Some people aren't born organizers, so a video organizer might seem like something that won't help. It doesn't actually organize your movies on the shelf, after all, or find the ones in various places throughout that teenager's room. But it can be a good starting point for someone trying to turn things around at home and go from a little messy to organized and neat.

Video Organizer

Those of us who somehow missed out on that organization gene and were born without that keep-it-tidy chromosome have to work very hard to keep our lives from becoming a giant pile of stuff that threatens fall on us avalanche style and bury us underneath books, papers, DVDs, and maybe a paper plate or two. There are even many of us with less than organized homes who love to make lists and inventories-books lists, DVD lists, to-lists. We have the list-making down, but the rest is a bit difficult.

Video organizing software won't clean your house or organize your shelves, of course, but it can be a great starting point toward both of those objectives.

List-Making Made Easy

For messy list-makers, the list becomes the goal. Many happy hours can be spent writing lists on paper or creating spreadsheets, databases or files in collection organizing software to keep track of the various things that are scattered around, cluttering things up. The desire to straighten and keep track of those collections is what drives most list-makers to their task.

Good video organizer program takes the list-making and makes it fun and simple. After you type in a few words and find your movie on a list, you simply click it and add it, and it's in. For those with collections throughout the house, working from memory first is a fun way to get started. Then you'll actually want to go and gather the DVDs to keep adding them, because you probably can't remember every one. The act of gathering them actually helps tidy the house, and makes it easy then to put them all on shelf or wherever your movies are stored.

When the video organizer is fun to use-and the good software is, with the DVD covers, all the info you could possible want about the movie, and the ability to customize and categorize as much as you want-you'll find yourself eager to use it.

The Power of Success

Right now you might be thinking that the idea of using a video organizer to start down the road to home organization is a bit of a stretch. But the psychology behind it is sound. Once you make that movie catalog on your computer, and you see the results-a wonderful database of your favorite movies that's attractive and easy to navigate-a sense of pride results. It was fun to do, but it was practical, too.

That success motivates a person to organize and spills over to the next project. Good video organizer software can really be just one more tool in your housekeeping arsenal.

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