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The idea of book tracking has been in the air for a very long time, because so many book collectors did lose lots of favourite books of theirs, tenderly collected for years, having just forgotten whom they gave the book before... Well, the most inventive and resourceful of them kept a list of their 'debtors', thoroughly managed it and kept tracking of the whole book library masterly. Others tried to rely completely on their brain and memory and therefore successfully forgot everything when a couple of months passed... What a pickle! It is not hard to understand what it means to lose even one book from collection of an inveterate book-lover... It involves lots of problems, including headache and sometimes material expenses by making you buy the book you lost once again.

So, as can be seen, book tracking software has always been in need and in great demand, but the concept in modern understanding appeared not so long ago when progressive book collectors appeared. We could hardly believe several years ago that book tracking could be so soon such an easy thing to do!

Actually no special skills are needed to master this art! All you have to do to make your book collection just perfect and to be able to handle it easily is to use the modern book tracking program. But be very attentive when choosing and make sure you use the right software like All My Books!

Keeping Track of Finished Books

This program for book tracking has been one of the leading market players for quite a while already and during that period of time it has not only become more mature, on the one hand, and even easier to work with than it could seem, on the other.

All My Books is the best in class book tracking program, and therefore it does really deserve your attention. Its easy-to-use and highly effective loan manager capable to keep in mind hundreds of names, books and dates will undoubtedly be appreciated by genuine book collectors. In the loan manager you may specify the name of the person you gave book to and the number of days left before returning the book. Complete loan-related information by books and by friends is always available in 'Loan History' section. So whereas you can forget about a book loaned, All My Books - NEVER! The program is sure to remind you when it's time for the book to be back :)

No matter how large your collection is, adding books from a number of authoritative sources is extremely fast and easy with this book tracking software. No typing is needed here just except entering the book title - everything happens automatically. A great number of fields stipulated in the program are filled in within seconds, the information being picked up from multilingual online databases most loved by users.

A lot of users do appreciate the visual appearance of the library including virtual bookshelf mode, numerous opportunities for filtering, grouping and sorting books, a number of book card templates available, some of them being editable.

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Our customer say

All My Books - Very good program

"I am a new user of All My Books, I have only been using it for a few months but the things I like about it are

1. The ease with which I was able to take my MS Access database and export the data to Excel in order to import into All My Books

2. The ease in adding new books through the online services

3. The visual appeal of the virtual shelf (although I would like to be able to use it in conjunction with my custom flags)

4. Now I do not have to manually add authors and the other relevant data"
- Rating: 4.6 -

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